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6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 | the Future of Digital

Digital marketing uses the use of the internet to reach customers in the most convenient and easy way.


The Digital Payment market is booming because of the introduction of the latest technologies that continuously converge with others and encourage the emergence of innovative payment methods and conseq

Content Writing Is Important For SEO

As we all know that digital marketing is not limited to it’s a great sector that we can`t imagine and not afford to overlook in any marketing type infarct in any type of business, yes SEO plays an i

Value of Web Portals

Online portals have changed the lives of a million students. They enable them to explore study options that fulfill their need plus help in achieving academic goals.

Internet Culture in Education

The Internet is one of the most mounting and expedient technologies that is being considered in day to day activities. Advancements in education are also being brought by the Internet. Students in the

How Is Social Media Negatively Impacting the Academic Lives of the Students?

According to recent researches, the usage of social media is greatly affecting the academic lives of the students in so many ways. Find out here the drastic aftermaths to it.

Smartphone Addiction

Can you imagine a life without a smartphone? An expected response must be a big no!!! This should be the answer because smartphones are now our basic need. However, almost every single individual chec