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The sites and the services could be modified, tailored, and restricted at any point of time by Writing Yard, to fulfil the requirements of the users. Moreover, the site is intended for users above 18, those who are less than 18, are not allowed to use the site and services. Additionally, by giving your consent to our terms of use, you accept all the modifications that we might do from time to time. You are requested to review the changes frequently that could be made by us in our sole discretion. Otherwise, we would send you notification of the revised version by emailing you.

Furthermore, the services communally stand for the site and Site Content that includes articles, blog posts, comments, images, videos, logos, sounds, graphics, all text, information created or posted by the user, or other materials appearing on the site. All of the elements are safeguarded by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Hence, you are not allowed to reuse, republish, transmit, sell, distribute, display, or reproduce any of the site content without asking legal permission from the authorities of the company.


The visitors to the site are not inquired to provide their personal information. However, the users have to create accounts where they are required to deliver certain information that lets them access our services successfully. If you choose to use our services without making an account here, you might be able to use a few services, not all of them. Therefore, all the visitors and users of the site are subject to the terms of use.

Moreover, at the time of signing up at Writing Yard, you are supposed to provide accurate and thorough information. Once you have created an account, you are responsible for maintaining your privacy by protecting your passcodes and account details. Likewise, for any activity occurring on your account, you are fully accountable for it. In case of any suspicious activity going on your account, you have to instantly inform us so that we could control it by taking safety measures. Therefore, you are advised to protect your username and passcode from being violated by any unauthorised source.

Additionally, if your account has been blocked or cancelled by the management of Writing Yard, then we apologise, you could not continue to use our services anymore. Likewise, if you wish to cancel your account, you could email our support. In this manner, we are not liable to maintain, return, or delete any of the information that you have posted on the site or sent to us, thus you are recommended to conduct the elimination process in accordance with the privacy policy rules.

Third-Party Content

The site might include links to other websites that are not, by any means, a part of our company. Therefore, we have no association with Third-Party Websites who render whichever testimonial, opinion, advice, service offers, or any kind of information on the site. Similarly, we are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of the content of the Third Party. Henceforth, it is the sole duty of the user to analyse the Third Party Content with keen eyes and active mind, in case of any transgression, the company would be unanswerable.

User Content

We are accountable to post articles, reviews, images, comments, and other materials from the users of the sites. However, since we are not the authors or owners of the User Content, we reserve the right to edit, improvise, change, or delete the user content, if we find any of them going contradictory to our post guidelines. The users are allowed to share and post content and materials that are not illegitimate and derogatory. Moreover, you also agree

  • To be responsible for any harm resulting from the User Content.
  • To grant us the permission of displaying, reproducing, modifying, transferring, and creating derivative works from the User Content.
  • That all your content would be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary.
  • Not to submit content that promotes advertisement and other such marketing methods.
  • To own the content your post and that the post should not violate any laws and do not address any controversial topics that could cause injury or hurt other people. Likewise, it should not as well invade the personal space of other users.
  • To believe the fact that the company holds the right to remove or edit any User Content if it tends to break the mentioned rules and regulations.

These terms of use form an agreement between the site and the users, thus you are requested to give your approval for any future amendments and revisions of the terms and conditions.

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