1. What is this company about?

Writing Yard is a UK-based writing company that owns a certified official address and recognised company number issued by company house UK. We offer the chance to writers, bloggers, and anyone who is interested in scribbling his ideas and thoughts to invent a spectacular and unique write-up. We accept and promote original content, thus if you want to connect with our writing agency to share your voice, you are welcome on board. For more details about our company, visit the About Us page.

2. What is the process of accepting guest posts?

Once you have submitted your blog, you have to wait 24 hours for the confirmation of the content. It takes our management team to scan, shortlist, and approve high-quality content, which is why we ask you to wait at least one whole day right after the post submission. Once your content gets approved, it would be sent to the QA support unit who then evaluates its overall quality, important components, writing style, and plagiarism. Afterward, you would get an email that carries the link of the published blog post.

Additionally, the contents that are 100% accurate in the structure, and have adhered to the provided post guidelines, have the highest chances to get published. Therefore, it is requested to make your content unique, detailed, and according to the briefs so that it publishes smoothly.

3. Why my content got deleted?

As we mentioned earlier, posts that have complied with our requirements have high tendencies of approval. On the contrary, if your post misses out one single guideline, it would be deleted as we have hundreds of good quality content to approve that have met writing standards. Therefore, you should read our post guidelines before posting here.

4. Why my content did not post within 48 hours of submission?

The maximum period of post approval is 48 hours of submission and a minimum of 24 hours. However, if your blog post is taking more than 48 hours, then you might not have followed the requisites properly or your content has some drawbacks which are making the whole process longer. Henceforth, check your content thoroughly before posting.

5. Why my content is posted without an image?

There must be a strong reason if your content is published without the image you attached. You might have not followed the image guidelines or the image you selected would be irrelevant. To review the image guidelines, please go to our Write For Us page.

6. Is your site free?

Yes, we are providing unpaid guest post service to the bloggers and writers across the UK.

7. Does this site offer any posting limit?

Not, actually. You are free to post as many posts as you like. There is no restriction in submitting countless blogs as long as they are relevant and according to the guidelines.

8. Do you offer private and public accounts?

Yes, after you have made your account, you could modify the settings as per your wishes. We offer both private and public accounts so it’s up to you what way you choose. In private account, your personal details wouldn’t be shared, however, if you select the public account, then your particulars would be visible to all.

9. Who can write about your company?

We are looking for thriving writers who could contribute relevant, informative, and positive guest posts in the shape of articles, blogs, stories, columns, etc. We welcome every individual heartily who is passionate to express his thoughts into beautiful content, therefore everyone could write for us. We have not set any margins in this area, thus you are free to share your content with us.

10. Does this site allow outgoing links?

We do not remove links unless they aim to ruin the entire message of the content. However, we allow outgoing links that are do-follow as long as they are educating the readers with something effective and legit. Therefore, you should know that we only allow one or two outgoing links within the content and beyond that, we reject the post.

11. What is the way of contacting us?

You can contact us via email _________________ and we assure you that we would get right back to you shortly. Therefore, you have to wait for our response that may take a few weeks.

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