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Topic Requirements

We cover a wide range of categories to write on. If you are willing to participate in our writing agency, then you should emphasise the quality and overall stance of the post. We appreciate your writing pieces on the following set categories:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Others

Who can Write for Us?

We love to listen from all the creative minds and aesthetic souls out there, which is why we have not specified a particular group of people. Anyone who’s thrilled to talk about any topic, tell an outstanding story, or wish to impart an insightful concept is heartily welcomed here. Anyhow, you should adhere to all the specifications mentioned. Additionally, Writing Yard is allowing bloggers to connect with the world through our free submission system. Yes, you read that right! This place is absolutely unpaid and the best medium to share your content.

Post Guidelines

• Unique content

We are quite picky about publishing the content. We have a set of writing standards that firstly states that the content needs to be original and unique. If your content is not detailed and relevant, then it would not be reckoned. Secondly, to ensure plagiarism within it, we run hundreds of plagiarism checks via advanced tools and software. In case, we detect chunks of falsified content, your post would be discarded instantly thus you should own your content fully. Thirdly, we highly acknowledge meatier posts that have been divided into different steps and points. Likewise, your content must sound exciting, intellectual, or captivating to the ears. In short, before contacting us, run your eyes over the write-up and polish it with genuine ideas.

• Post length and Limit

The guest posts we accept should have a word count of a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 3,000 words. If you are an avid writer, you would focus mainly on the quality and aim of the content. However, we would reject the posts having a great word count yet occupied with irrelevant, blurred, and broken data. Therefore, keep your post phenomenal and to the point. On the other hand, you are free to post daily, weekly, or monthly as many posts as you like. We have not set boundaries in the number of posts to be published by a single writer. Therefore, be it three or six posts a day, you should feel free to deliver your ideas just the way you want.

• Post requirements

We receive hundreds of guest posts on a daily basis yet not all of them go in the ultimate approval process. Some of them are thrown in the trash while some take time to process. There are a number of reasons why your post does not get approved straight away. You might have missed out on some aspect or forget to comply with the defined guidelines. Whatever the reason be, there is only one solution. And you all are aware of that, of course! To make your content approval process speedier, follow all the instructions closely. Certain important requisites related to the posts are discussed below.

First things first, keep the actual objective of the blog post dynamic and discernible. Secondly, make use of markers and signposts to indicate the direction of your thinking. The third element is clarity and a high engagement level within the content. Then comes the most significant element of all, posts that are free from grammatical errors, plagiarism, and typos. Additionally, your content should align with the theme of the category to meet the standards. Likewise, the structures should as well directly relate with your imagination and perspectives rather than drifting off. Last yet not the least; shape your document in a standard writing format along with proper Meta Title and Meta Description.

• Image requirements

We only allow one image with each post therefore, make sure you have selected an appropriate image that pairs with the theme of the blog post topic. Moreover, the standard size of the image is 1024x512 pixels. On top of every aspect, the image should also be unique and eye-catchy. If you want to insert header or captions with the image, make it relatable and concise. Hence, before submitting the post, evaluate your image watchfully.

• Instructions on linking

We have strict policies in the aspect of outgoing links within the content. We only allow a maximum of 2 links that refer either to the writer’s website or his social media handles. In case of spamming the text, your account would freeze and you would drop the chance of posting more content. Therefore, as long as the links are benefiting the readers and not violating the essence of the content, you are free to add link/s.

Submission Guidelines

• Accepted formats

Your article should flow in a proper format that starts with the introduction, main body, and conclusion. To make the text highly readable, break down your sentences into headings and sub-headings. Moreover, you are free to use bullet points, sequencing, and other general formats. Similarly, we accept Word docs and PDF documentation formats.

• Approval of the post

Generally, the time-frame of verifying the blog post is 24 hours, however; it may take 48 hours as well, depending on the post criteria followed within the post. Therefore, you need not panic if your blog post takes a couple of days to get live; we are jammed packed with the number of posts we encounter so the time could vary.

• Editing of the content

We hold the right to edit and revise your written content to improve the quality (If it needs modifications) and we would likewise notify you about the amendments. Additionally, once you have posted here, the article becomes our property and we reserve all the rights to tailor it. In case of any kind of changes in the rules, you would be informed shortly.

What types of posts we don’t accept?

  • Posts with spammy content
  • Posts with more than 2 links
  • Reused or republished content
  • Posts going against the policies
  • Posts with already covered topics and themes
  • Posts that are filled with cranky information just to get links
  • Posts having controversial and inappropriate topics
  • Posts with fragmented information or absence of image
  • If we like your blog post, we would contact you. However, do not expect us to respond to you immediately since we have loads of terrific posts to give our consent. Should you need to inquire anything regarding the post guidelines, email us at __________.

Note: I have the authority to delete, edit, or use your post for my personal websites [Update: 8 Feb 2022] 

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