Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction

Can you imagine a life without a smartphone? An expected response must be a big no!!! This should be the answer because smartphones are now our basic need. However, almost every single individual check mobile before going to bed or after getting up in the morning. We need it in our life as we need food, air, and water. According to surveys 90% adult own mobile phones and use it for no good reason. Most of the individuals confirmed that they check their cell phones even there would not any call or messages. Therefore, it first becomes a habit to live every moment with a cell phone after it turns into smartphone addiction, where your life is dull without a cell phone.

However, smartphone phone addiction doesn’t harm your body as any substance addiction does, but it has the power to destroy your peace of mind and impact your academic and professional career quite badly. Most importantly it makes you unproductive and consumes a lot of precious time. Moreover, an addict of a cell phone cannot sleep well because the brain doesn’t release melatonin that makes our body relax as per need. For that reason, over user of mobile phone suffer depression, insomnia and other serious health issues such as eyesight weakness, memory loss, and difficulty in recalling information. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some ways to get rid of your mobile phone addiction. For a deep understanding of mobile phone addiction, take an Expert Help at any time.

How to Eliminate a Smart Phone Addiction???

  • If you can’t stop yourself from texting, scrolling, checking apps, playing games on mobile phone, so take immediate action and engage yourself in any physical activity such as playing football, gardening, cooking, and what else that suits you.
  • You should note the total usage of smartphone per day then fix a time for it. Don’t allow yourself to break the limit that you set for controlling cell phone addiction. Go far away from all triggers that make you use a cell phone and keep yourself busy in your leisure time by doing some productive work like reading, exercising, and socialising etc.
  • Customise notification, so that your mobile won’t vibrate again and again.
  • Keep far away mobile device when you go to bad and use the traditional alarm system.
  • Delete unnecessary apps from your smartphone and install an app by which you may track your smartphone usage.
  • You may switch back to feature phone if you are helpless in beating smartphone addiction.
  • Try to involve in different social activities such as community gatherings, family dinner, hang out with friends and so on
  • Examine your progress day by day and give yourself a reward.
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