Know the 5 basic essentials for a safe web browsing

Know the 5 basic essentials for a safe web browsing

Mcafee antivirus is a frequently used software that protects your PC/MAC devices and data.

Every day, the online platforms are expanding, and we are easily forgetting that we need to consider some basic essential security tips that will help you with safe browsing as the data online is vulnerable to be accessed online. For this, it is always recommended to download the most promising security software such as McAfee via Mcafee.com/activate. It makes you feel safe by protecting your data from cybercriminals from offices, homes, or local coffee shops.

It is true to say that the cybercriminals use the internet to infiltrate the IoT along with the mobile devices that are connected. The harsh reality is hacks, phishing scams, malicious sites, malware are happening on daily basis and we need to stay aware of them. This world is hyper-connected and has left us exposed to far more vulnerabilities to get hacked. With the latest threats, the time to be proactive is about online safety. Here in this article, you will get to learn the basic essentials for safe web browsing, so lets, get started!


  • Secure your devices:  Make sure you have strong passwords or touch ID features to protect your data and devices from cybercriminals to steal sensitive information. With mcafee.com/activate you can opt for security measures in one place and it is important to acknowledge that your data is protected and there are no chances of it getting stolen.
  • Only use those apps that are authentic and trusted: The information about the user. You are collected via the apps they use. You need to use the apps that are genuine and trusted by the current users. Remember, if you download mcafee.com/activate it will block the apps that are fake. 
  • Be choosy about what wifi you are using: Remember, hotspots and public wifi networks are often unsecured which means anyone can see what you are doing on your device. You need to put a limit on the activity and avoid logging into an account that holds sensitive information. McAfee suggests you use a virtual private network on the mobile hotspot. 
  • Disabling wifi and Bluetooth when it is not in use: There are stores and other locations that use this information to track the movements when you are within the range. It is important to understand that both Bluetooth and wifi can act as entrances into your phone.
  • Keep your devices updated: It is important to have the updated software that works best to build a defensive fortress against the virus and malicious content. Remember, if you are no longer using the app, just delete it to make sure the devices are clutter-free and do not support the outdated apps.


In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that by now you are clear with the tips or essentials discussed in this article that will keep your data and devices secured while you are browsing online. However, we ahead recommend you to download McAfee antivirus via mcafee.com/activate to block the virus, malware, or Trojans.

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