Wolfgang Schaeffer Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

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Wolfgang Cecil Schaeffer, known affectionately as “Wolfie,” is a young and promising actor who has already begun making waves in the entertainment industry despite his tender age. Born on June 30, 2010, in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States, he has quickly gained attention for his natural talent and charming presence on screen.

Nickname: Wolfie

Fondly referred to as “Wolfie” by those who know him well, this nickname perfectly encapsulates his youthful energy and spirited persona. It reflects the warmth and approachability that he brings to his interactions both on and off the camera.

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Occupation/Profession: Actor

At just 12 years old, Wolfgang Schaeffer has embarked on a journey that many can only dream of – a career in acting. Despite his age, he has managed to capture the hearts of audiences with his impressive performances and the depth he brings to his roles. His dedication and passion for the craft shine through in every project he undertakes, making him a rising star to watch closely.

Gender: Male

Wolfgang Schaeffer identifies as male, and his performances reflect a growing understanding and exploration of the diverse range of characters that the acting world offers. He embraces the opportunity to step into various roles, each contributing to his personal and artistic growth.

Date of Birth: June 30, 2010

Wolfgang Schaeffer was welcomed into the world on June 30, 2010. This auspicious date marks the beginning of his life’s journey, which has led him to his current path as a burgeoning actor with limitless potential.

Age: 12 years old

At the age of 12, Wolfgang Schaeffer possesses a level of talent and maturity that belies his years. His ability to connect with audiences of all ages highlights his innate understanding of human emotions and storytelling, setting the stage for an extraordinary career ahead.

Birthplace: Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

Lynchburg, Virginia, holds the honor of being the birthplace of Wolfgang Schaeffer. This picturesque location in the United States has played a part in shaping his background and perspective, contributing to the unique essence he brings to his acting roles.

Currently lives in: Los Angeles, California, United States

Currently, Wolfgang resides in the heart of the entertainment industry – Los Angeles, California. This city of dreams serves as a backdrop to his professional pursuits, allowing him to be in close proximity to the opportunities that will further his career.

Nationality: American

As an American citizen, Wolfgang Schaeffer takes pride in his nationality. His cultural roots and experiences have woven themselves into his identity, influencing his performances and allowing him to connect authentically with the stories he portrays.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Cancer

Born under the Cancer zodiac sign, Wolfgang Schaeffer exhibits the qualities commonly associated with this sign. He possesses emotional depth, empathy, and a strong intuitive sense, which undoubtedly contribute to his ability to breathe life into the characters he portrays.

Physical Measurements:


Wolfgang Schaeffer’s height is a distinctive aspect of his physical presence. Standing tall at 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 meters) or 160 centimeters, he possesses a stature that complements his youthful energy and charisma.

Body Weight:

Maintaining a healthy balance, Wolfgang’s overall body weight is approximately 45 kilograms (99 pounds). This weight aligns with his age and height, showcasing his commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Wolfgang Schaeffer’s body type can be classified as a mesomorph. This classification indicates that he naturally possesses a well-defined musculature and a certain degree of athleticism. His physique is characterized by a balanced combination of muscle and lean mass.

Body Status: Fit

With a mesomorph body type, Wolfgang’s commitment to fitness is evident. His body status of “fit” reflects his dedication to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, a factor that contributes to his overall physical appeal.


Hair Color: Blonde

Wolfgang Schaeffer’s blonde hair adds to his youthful charm. This distinct hair color complements his features and enhances his on-screen presence, making him easily recognizable and memorable.

Eye Color: Blue

His captivating blue eyes are a defining feature that draws in audiences and captures their attention. His eye color adds depth to his performances and accentuates the emotions he portrays on screen.

Tattoos: No

In keeping with his youthful and fresh image, Wolfgang Schaeffer does not have any tattoos. This aligns with his clean and unadorned appearance, allowing his natural attributes to take center stage.

Shoe Size: 5 [UK]

His shoe size, 5 in the UK sizing system, provides insight into his petite and youthful frame. This detail showcases his uniqueness and individuality.

Personal Details:

Qualification: Schooling

As of now, Wolfgang Schaeffer’s educational journey primarily encompasses his schooling. This stage of education marks his foundation for future endeavors and complements his artistic pursuits.



Wolfgang Schaeffer is fortunate to have parents who support and guide him. His mother, Catherine Schaeffer, and father, Brian Schaeffer, have played instrumental roles in nurturing his talents and aspirations.


Within his family, Wolfgang shares a strong bond with his older sister, Summer Schaeffer. While he doesn’t have any brothers, the sibling relationship he has with his sister has likely contributed to his personal growth and outlook.

Marital Status: Unmarried

As of now, Wolfgang Schaeffer remains unmarried, focusing on his blossoming career and personal development. This status allows him to fully invest his energy into his passions and endeavors.

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Children: No

Given his young age and unmarried status, Wolfgang does not have any children. His current priorities lie in his acting journey and personal growth.

Financial Aspect:

Net Worth: US$ 150-180 Thousand Approx.

Wolfgang Schaeffer’s net worth, estimated to be between US$ 150,000 and US$ 180,000, reflects the success he has achieved in his budding acting career. This financial standing underscores the potential he possesses and the promising trajectory of his professional journey.

In conclusion, Wolfgang Schaeffer embodies a youthful and vibrant image, with his distinct physical attributes and committed dedication to both his craft and personal well-being. His family’s support, educational foundation, and financial standing further contribute to his holistic development, shaping him into a talented actor with a promising future ahead.

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