Best 5 Secrets of Staying Motivated To Study | How to Study When You Are Not Motivated

Many students are demotivated toward their studies, especially when the exam period arrived. To keep them motivated through their academic journey, we come up with the best advice and tips for all the level students who want to achieve good grades for their professional degrees. Therefore this information is really useful, on how to study when you`re not motivated.

As a beginner, we also face motivation issues and there are days when I stress about just how much work it is pending and, on those days I seem to get nothing accomplished. So in this blog, we`re going to talk about the top five problems that come in the way of your motivation when you want to study.


Problem No 1

There`s So Much to Do


The basic problem we all have that there`s so much to do. For instance, you have 250 questions in your Question Bank, you have about 300 words to learn Lab report service you have this long thousand-page analysis to write and you don`t know where to begin now there are some scientifically proven techniques that you can use to overcome this challenge.


Solution 1

Salami Slices


Solution number one is called salami slices in a previous video where we gave you this timetable which you could follow just before your exams. We spoke about how you need to eat that frog the first thing on the lawn love morning and the frog in this case was your most important and challenging task now imagine if you were eating that frog in one go you would choke on it so the smarter thing to do is to cut it up into little salami slices now I`ve given you an example here of how to break up a task of right a thousand-word poetry analysis you can use this example to suit your requirements and adjust it but one tip that I want to give you is that the thinner the slice that you cut the easier it is for you to eat it and especially for creative tasks, this is a great technique because it gives the brain time to process and your answers tend to be more creative and interesting however the flip side is that you need to get to the task fairly early.


Solution 2

Swiss cheese Approach


Solution number two to overcome the first big problem of having too much to do is called the Swiss cheese approach. It`s a good technique for busy days let`s say you`ve got 500 words to learn for your SAT exam or you`ve got to come on top of all the current affairs, before your class exam now instead of leaving all of that for you to do at a later date how about you learn a few words every day or grab the top 5 headlines every day now this the way you`ll drill holes into that big chunk of Swiss cheese and before you know it half the task is already over.




Problem Number Two

Is How Does It Matter 


How far apart ahead the root of all the motivation is the feeling that our goals are not close to our hearts I know some of you want to be an engineer or a lawyer or some of you want a scholarship but the challenge is that these goals don`t connect deeply enough with us and therefore sometimes we wonder that we`re putting in all this effort and what is the whole long term impact of this. 


Find a Goal or a Larger Purpose

Than Ourselves


So the trick for us is to find a goal or a purpose that is larger than ourselves. Now, how do we do that at the first level are typically goals relating to your job, your salary your position, etc. At level number to come goals which are related to the family, you feel as though you`re doing something for your family and at level number 3 your goal is to do something for the larger community. It could even extend to global immunity and each time you cross the next level you become more resilient more passionate more motivated and more deeply satisfied. As well as share a little bit about our life, as professional writers we have a lot of content to upload on the Internet and social media platforms for you every single week. Now that means that every week we should be researching we should be talking to people and shooting editing, preparing, scripts, and doing all the post-production work. There are many times when I sit back and I see how it matters who`s going to bother better. Therefore we want each one of you to get authentic career advice of Term paper help UAE and you should not have to rely on any agents that mislead you or any of that, so I want to reach out to every student in the whole world and that goal motivates me to put up that video every single Friday, in fact, my family and friends often make fun of me by saying that one day they`re going to write a book about the life of you tuber and how I tend to be so single-minded about my work.


Problem 3



Problem number three is depression feeling a worthless feeling that you`re not capable of doing anything and also that every single one of your friends is getting ahead of you and you just don`t seem to be making progress we have a lack of self-belief and lack of self-confidence now this could be the most severe of all problems especially during your student years I did a video some time back on my journey with depression and some solutions on how to overcome it but here I want to give you just two quick solutions.





Solution 1



Write Diary Every Day


The first one is called writing a diary this is something that I practice and I`ve seen a lot of benefit with it and I seriously urge you to pick up a little diary and every single day write a few lines in it about how good you`ve been in that day how much progress you`ve made what wonder things you`re capable of doing and praise yourself applaud those little things that you do and sometimes go back and read the last week`s entries and you`re going to be filled with a little more self-belief in self-conviction than you were some time before you started writing that diary.


Solution 2

Candle Technique


Secondly that works for me is called the candle technique put a candle in front of you and pick up all the worries in your head and literally pour them into the candle you know your mind is filled with all these thoughts that just cannot allow you to focus on your work because this noise in your head is disturbing you so what I suggest is that before you start your work sit for 10 minutes in front of a candle and just pick up all that noise and put it away and say that somebody in the universe is going to take care of me I don`t need to take care of all my problems just put them away and say I don`t need to deal with everything right now I just need to research paper help service study one page of one chapter that`s about it now every time during the day where you face this feeling of hopelessness sit again with the candle and put your worries into it and come back and just focus on the now don`t worry about what will happen if you don`t clear the exam for an instance or something else that`s going to happen to you and just focus on what can I read that one page right.


Problem 4

I Feel Lazy


Now problem number four I`m feeling lazy life is so comfortable that I just don`t feel like putting in more effort I`ll give you a little secret the biggest cause of our laziness is a mobile phone and I`ll tell you one thing that works for me pick up this phone and keep it aside for three hours put it on silent and keep it away and you`ll be surprised at how productive you get and do this multiple times in your day tell all your friends and family that if I don`t pick up the phone don`t worry I haven`t died, I`m studying and we`ll get to you whenever I answer the phone some other proven techniques to get that laziness out of our system is to hydrate more often exercise in Grounds Guys and the next thing is that when you wake up in the morning right the first thing in your mouth should be a fruit because the sugar in the fruit is going to raise your metabolism and one more trick that I`m going to give you is for you to sit at your study place and focus every single day at the exact same time now I know in the beginning we won`t be able to sit down but even if you can`t force

yourself to sit for 20 minutes or twenty-five minutes on day one and slowly every day go and sit at the same time at the same place and try to study and sooner you`ll be able to hack your brain into believing that that is study time just decide this moment that you`re going to be excellent at what you do you know the biggest enemy of the great is the good a good job good grades good this now get out of that mediocrity and aim for excellence and together this together with the purpose that you choose greater than yourself will make you a completely new person tomorrow. 


I Can`t



Problem number five is I can`t concentrate you know there are times when my concentration span is as limited as that of a goldfish and I sit with this book and I read it four times five times six times over and I just don`t seem to be retaining anything that I`m reading now there are a few scientific techniques that have helped me and I wanted to share them with you. 



Breaking down The Text


Now if you read this entire chapter like a story and it`s not even half as interesting we are sure to fall asleep on our books you can look at every single page or block of 500 words and put down three possible questions that you think your examiner could ask you from that cv writing service content and when you`re making your notes use the QA technique and you want to go back and check out this video and then scientific study skills to see what the take but actively interacting with your content and engaging with it it`s the only way that will help us to concentrate.


Get Creative


The second technique that helps you concentrate is to get creative one day when you`re reading the text. The next day tries to make acronyms flashcards mind maps diagrams go online and look at some more engaging and interactive content and vary the types of different learning that you do for the same piece of content and the third technique to help us to concentrate better is to study in short breaks. Now they recommend periods of 25 minutes typically that you should study and take a 10-minute break but I recommend that you study for a bit longer 45 or 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break simply because some of our exams tend to be longer so we need to build this the slightly longer period at which we can sit together but any which way after 40 or 45 minutes of 50 minutes take a short ten-minute break get up exercise hydrate and come back and study again and that`s all from me and hopefully, I`ve addressed all your problems and now you`re going to be super motivated and I know you`re going to rock your exams coming up.

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