What Is a VAT652 Form?

This form allows you to inform Revenue and Customs any errors that have been made in previous VAT returns that are above the threshold of reporting error. If you have made an error when you fill out the VAT form, it is important to inform HMRC promptly by sending a VAT652 form to The VAT error-correction team.

Fill out the VAT652 form and send this form to HMRC`s VAT error correction team. The team will send you an automated response via email following the receipt of the form by HMRC. HMRC will then send you a letter that will inform you whether the amount you calculated is correct, as well as any taxes or interest that you might be liable to.

How Do I Claim My VAT Return?

You can fix the mistake by changing your logs. Make a note of the reason behind the error and then enter the correct VAT amount within your VAT accounts for that time period. A correct VAT figure will be displayed like the rest of the VAT tax return.

How do you Correct VAT Errors and Adjustments?

you can correct the error by amending your records. Simply keep a clear note to show the reason for the error, and include the correct VAT figure in your VAT account for the same period. The correct VAT figure will then work its way through to your VAT Return, as normal.

How do I submit VAT652?

Send the completed form to the VAT Error Correction Team for your region. The relevant address can be found at www.hmrc.gov.uk or in Notice 700/45 or by calling their Helpline on 0845 010 9000.

What Should I Put in the VAT652 Form?

Any errors that were discovered in previous VAT returns should be noted when filling out the forms. HMRC will require:

  • How the error happened
  • The period of VAT during which the error was committed.
  • if there was an error in the entry tax error or an exit tax error
  • the amount of VAT set over

How did you Figure out the Error?

It is also necessary to include the total value of your error to determine if you have to pay back the tax or have to pay more. If the error suggests that you have already claimed more VAT than you should or not paying enough tax, you could be required to make payments for interest on what is owed.

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