Ms Word vs. Scrivener for Writing Services

Comparison of Ms Word & Scrivener, tools for professional writers. Ms Word is for general writing works whereas Scrivener is restricted only for writers.

The Great Comparison of Senior & Junior Software

As it is said “old is gold” there is nothing wrong in this saying as older things are evergreen in terms of their features, use, concept, role, and functions whether a person or thing. As they get older they attain the respect of senior and are more worth full or somewhat multi-functioned as they complete their time. In the computer world, Microsoft word software also a senior of all and has been in use since we’ve opened our eyes, I still remember when I first started using a computer and typing how I was taught to use this software.

It is a broadly used commercial word workstation designed by Microsoft in 1983. Microsoft Word is a part of the Microsoft Office group of production software, but can also be purchased as an individual product. Now many writing software has been developed for general or professional writing services among one is the Scrivener which was developed by Literature and Latte in 2007. Both MS and Scrivener are widely used, but the majority of people including me perhaps haven’t seen the world outside the Word.

Let’s compare and contrast both Ms Word and Scrivener software together.

Ms Word vs. Scrivener

The Microsoft Word is a graphical processing word that enables the users to type and save documents. It is a very helpful and universal tool to make documents as required with the following features such as grammar checker, word count, provide synonyms, compare files, and formatting. Furthermore, it allows inserting a picture in the documents; we can make tables and can print with different options like Hp, Sony etc.

This word software can also be purchased individually, but it’s usually installed in the computer by Microsoft Company along with their other software and can also be accessed via windows and Macintosh operating system. Unlike the Ms Word, Scrivener is writing software that is specially designed for authors, writers to write rich text, web pages, and Metadata etc. It offers templates for fiction, non-fiction, or screenplay manuscripts after writing which they can send it or approve it for the final formatting to a customary word processor.

Few significant features of Scrivener include a hyperlink (in the centre of each part of the text), snapshots (save the copy of image or document for changes), photos, URL, and allow files to be dragged on the edge.

Now you would be wondering which software shall we use for our writing, or which one is better for writing works, right? I am going to enlist the pros of both, then you decide which one suits you best, shall we start? Scroll down;

The Pros of Using Ms Word:

  • Ms Word has one primary and interesting feature that is “What you see is what you get” in short form it is WYSIWYG, the purpose of this tagline is that users are allowed to change their writing styles according to their choice by just clicking it from options such as (Arial, Italic, or Bold) while in other software you especially have to add an option of changing.
  • It provides the templates for any platform, document, or discussion here.
  • In case if you get puzzled by changes of your Ms Document, or by mistake if you mess up your work, a quick “Undo” can get back to your initial position.
  • It also enables us to compare our files with changes, detect grammar or spelling error and helps in changing formats as well.

The Pros of Using Scrivener:

  • This software was only and particularly developed for writers to write novel, play etc and with regards to it, offer all that functions which are required to make few things easier such as;
  • This software is designed in character Bio-sheet and novel templates.
  • It provides separate folders to run chapters and scenes along with footnotes type things and can be said an individual creative ability for writers.
  • In Scrivener, writers can easily change their character`s name with the click of a button.
  • Another interesting benefit is it keeps on giving a side by side review of Ms Word as well.
  • It stores all files together for easy access and references.

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