The Top 5 Tricks to Reduce the Word Count from Essay

Are you worried about the inflated word count in your essay? Well, relax and go through some of the highly effective tips and tricks to cut down your word count sensibly.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the increased word count in your essay? If yes, then it is not a big deal. Some students do not consider the word count of their essays and keep on scribbling information as much as they could. However, this results in the future bothering specifically at the time of submission. Therefore, the students must comprehend the true meaning of abridging the word limit of an essay by the assistance of essay writers UK and without exploiting the true essence of the text, cut down the word count. The best tips are discussed below that could help you in reducing the word count from the essays, so let’s have a look below.

Use easier and simpler sentence structure

The task of essay writing is given to the students with a designed objective of providing balanced and flawless information that does not go too broad or narrow. Therefore, when you sit to write your essays, you should focus on the word limit attached to it. This would make more sense to you and you would try not to go off-limits. Moreover, you should use simpler structures and formal sentences in the content so that it does not lose the meaning and becomes highly readable. Thus, you could improve your writing skills by using simpler structures and understandable phrases.

Avoid inserting too many determiners

The list of determiners is wide yet the primary ones which you have to escape are articles and demonstratives. You could frequently omit the that, and those from your text without disturbing the entire meaning. Additionally, these words are reused multiple times that could impact negatively and waver the engagement level of the readers. Therefore, avoid its usage as much as you could. Moreover, you could also reach online academic writers UK for better academics experience.

Use active voice

Choose writing the subject first and then the whole predicate afterward. This would make your text simplified and highly compatible. In this manner, you would get the opportunity to save your writing from getting destroyed. Therefore, active verbs would clean your text and make it more intriguing to read.

Delete adjectives and adverbs

An essay is supposed to be totally free from getting biased as they are objective and argumentative in nature. In this regard, you are expected to pay more heed towards the selection and application of relevant and authentic evidence that turn your text highly objective. If you would add too many adverbs and adjectives in the text, there are chances you could fade the purpose of the essay as the reader would get occupied in the strong vocabulary and adverbs. One of the best ways to get rid of this habit is to replace your adjectives and adverbs from supporting details and reasoning that include facts and figures, charts, graphs, and references.

Avoid redundancy and repetition

If you feel you have used some structures in your text that looks too wordy and overcrowded, delete them or substitute them with few words. Remember you have to focus on the aim of the essay, and if that is being accomplished with even a few paragraphs, then there is no need to make the text longer with redundant information. Erase all the excessive explanatory or descriptive phrases and sentences to clean your document. Once you are done with this job, your essay is all-set to get submitted!

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