The Student Week Celebration

Students follow a tough and hectic schedule in their academic career whether they are in school, college or university. Moreover, they have to deal with different Academic Projects and Assignment one after another during the entire academic year, and in order to maintain grade, they have to work hard and keep engaged in studies every time. Therefore, educational organisations dedicate a week to their hard-working pupils for giving honour and value to their effort that they make the whole year. For this purpose, they are invited to institutes without schools bags and offered different types of activities for making them happy. In short, the main reason behind celebrating student week is; to give the student a chance for having fun and to refresh their selves for further studies.

Student week is a special week that is designed for the student’s happiness. Therefore, it is entitled as student week plus pupils are given to freehand for engaging in different types of activities such as art exhibitions, dance and music performance, sports, and seminars. Schools also organised an award ceremony and different computation among students. They also announce student of the year during the student week celebration to capture market. For that reason, students wait for it excitedly and participate with enthusiasm. They also approach Essay Writing Service for getting ideas and suggestions to make their week memorable.

Why Celebrate Student Week?

As we all know that power nap gives us instant energy and improves our productivity. The same as student week is a power nap for the student. After spending a relaxing week, they get more energy to perform better at curriculum tasks. It is a grand get-together or meeting place for school celebration because students from different classes and even campuses come together for a celebration. Plus, it gives an opportunity to extend the social network and find new friends. Most importantly, while attending events of student week, they may learn many practical lessons like how to work under pressure, and how to adjust among different types of people. Their self-confidence boosts up and they make some unforgettable memories.

Why Discourage Student Week?

Celebrating a student’s week has some drawbacks and the first one is it is a time-waster. For sure, time is important for everybody but for students, it is crucial because they are at the learning stage, and at the time of learning take a one-week break can easily distract your focus. It is often seen that after spending a joyful week, students feel difficult to restart their studies because their attention has been diverted. Thus, they once again have to concentrate which takes time and energy. However, you may learn more about it from Essay Writing Service.

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