Sara Echeagaray Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Kids, Parents Net Worth 2023 & More

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Sara Echeagaray, often simply referred to as Sara, is a talented actress hailing from Edinburg, Texas, United States. Born on October 4, 2001, this 21-year-old Libra has made a significant mark in the world of entertainment with her remarkable acting prowess.

Transitioning from her hometown of Edinburg to her current residence in McAllen, Texas, Sara’s journey in the realm of acting has been nothing short of inspiring. Her American nationality serves as a testament to her roots, as she continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional performances.

Sara Echeagaray, the embodiment of versatility and grace, has earned her stripes in the entertainment industry. With a deep passion for the craft, she has consistently embraced the challenges that come with being a professional actress.

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Nickname: Sara

Sara’s friends and colleagues affectionately call her by her first name, Sara. This moniker reflects the genuine and down-to-earth personality that endears her to those who have the privilege of working with her. Sara, not only an accomplished actress but also a warm and approachable individual, embodies the perfect balance of talent and humility.

Occupation/Profession: Actress

As an actress, Sara Echeagaray has become a prominent figure in the entertainment world. Her performances on stage and screen have left audiences in awe, showcasing her dedication and talent. With each role she undertakes, Sara’s commitment to her craft shines through, delivering characters that resonate with the audience on a profound level.

Gender: Female

Sara’s gender, which is female, plays a crucial role in her artistic identity. She has utilized her femininity as a source of empowerment and expression, bringing unique and compelling female characters to life through her roles. Her work not only entertains but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring actresses.

Date of Birth: 4 October 2001

Sara Echeagaray was born on October 4, 2001, a date that marks the beginning of a remarkable journey. Her birthdate aligns with the zodiac sign of Libra, known for its balance and harmony, which is a fitting representation of the poise she brings to her roles.

Age: 21 years old

At just 21 years of age, Sara has already achieved a level of success that many aspiring artists can only dream of. Her youth and passion infuse a vibrant energy into her performances, ensuring that she continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Birthplace: Edinburg, Texas, United States

Edinburg, Texas, is the place where Sara’s incredible journey began. It’s the very soil from which her talent sprouted, and her connection to her birthplace remains an integral part of her identity.

Currently lives in: McAllen, Texas, United States

Sara’s current residence in McAllen, Texas, serves as the backdrop for her ongoing pursuit of excellence in the acting world. It’s here where she continues to refine her craft and make a positive impact within her local community and beyond.

Nationality: American

Proudly carrying the American nationality, Sara is a representation of the diversity and richness of the United States. Her experiences and work contribute to the cultural mosaic of the nation, making her an inspiring figure to many.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Libra

As a Libra, Sara Echeagaray embodies the qualities associated with this astrological sign – a love for balance, harmony, and a natural ability to connect with others. These attributes permeate her work, making her performances a harmonious blend of talent and empathy.

Sara Echeagaray’s Physical Attributes

Sara Echeagaray possesses a unique blend of physical attributes that contribute to her striking presence in the entertainment world. Her height, body measurements, and distinctive features define her as a multi-faceted artist.

Height in Feet, Meters, and Centimeters

Sara stands at a graceful 5 feet 5 inches, which equates to 1.65 meters or 165 centimeters. This height not only complements her on-screen presence but also enhances her overall allure.

Body Weight

Weighing in at 55 kilograms, or 121 pounds, Sara maintains a healthy and balanced physique that perfectly complements her body type.

Body Type: Pear

Sara’s body type is often described as pear-shaped, with a figure that accentuates her femininity and adds to her on-screen versatility.

Body Measurements

Sara’s body measurements are a reflection of her dedication to maintaining her physical condition. Her measurements stand at 32B-24-34, highlighting her well-proportioned physique.

Chest, Waist, and Hips Measurements

Her chest measures 34 inches, her waist 24 inches, and her hips also measure 34 inches, creating a harmonious and balanced body profile.

Shoe Size

With a shoe size of 5 in the UK, Sara’s petite feet are well-suited to the array of roles she undertakes, allowing her to seamlessly step into the shoes of her characters.

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Hair and Eye Color

Sara’s dark brown hair and matching dark brown eyes not only enhance her striking appearance but also give depth and intensity to her on-screen portrayals.


Sara Echeagaray’s body serves as a canvas for her self-expression, with tattoos that reveal a part of her unique story and personality.

Sara Echeagaray’s Qualifications and Family

While Sara Echeagaray’s talents as an actress are widely known and admired, there is limited public information available about her educational background and family life.


Sara is a graduate, but the specific details of her academic journey, including where she completed her schooling and graduation, remain undisclosed. Her focus on her career and artistic endeavors has understandably made her academic history a private matter.


Sara comes from a family with parents, but their names and identities have not been publicly disclosed. Similarly, details about her siblings, including brothers and sisters, remain unknown.

Marital Status and Children

As of the most recent available information, Sara Echeagaray is unmarried and does not have children. Her primary focus has been on her career and artistic pursuits, and her personal life is kept relatively private.

Sara Echeagaray’s Relationship Status

Sara Echeagaray is currently single, and there is no publicly known information about her previous dating history. As a public figure, she has chosen to keep her personal relationships and dating life private. This approach allows her to focus on her career and maintain a level of discretion when it comes to her personal life. Sara’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to her work continue to be the primary focus of her public persona.

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