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Kathleen Belsten, known to her legion of fans as “Loserfruit,” is a dynamic and influential personality in the realm of online content creation. As an Australian YouTube and Twitch sensation, Kathleen has carved out a prominent place for herself in the world of digital entertainment. With a moniker that has become synonymous with her online persona, she has established an enduring presence in the gaming and content creation communities.

Known as Kathleen Loserfruit The Great

Kathleen Belsten’s online alias, “Kathleen Loserfruit The Great,” is a testament to her undeniable impact in the online gaming and content creation sphere. This self-proclaimed title showcases her unapologetic, fun-loving, and charismatic approach to her craft. It reflects her ability to connect with a global audience and inspire a deep sense of camaraderie among her followers.

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Occupation/Profession YouTube and Twitch Star

Kathleen’s occupation as a YouTube and Twitch star is a testament to her immense talent and dedication in the digital realm. Her captivating live streams and video content have earned her a dedicated fan base. She has harnessed the power of these platforms to foster a community of like-minded individuals who share her enthusiasm for gaming, humor, and creativity. As a content creator, she has harnessed the influence of these platforms to not only entertain but also inspire others.

Gender Female

Kathleen Belsten’s gender, female, underscores the inclusivity and diversity that she advocates within the gaming and online content creation space. In a field that has traditionally been male-dominated, she stands as a shining example of how talent transcends gender boundaries. Kathleen’s success serves as a beacon for aspiring female content creators, proving that the digital world is open and welcoming to all with the passion and talent to excel.

Date of Birth 22 February 1993

Born on the 22nd of February, 1993, Kathleen Belsten entered this world with a destiny waiting to unfold. Her date of birth is a significant marker in her life’s journey, as it was the beginning of the story that would lead her to becoming a beloved figure in the world of gaming and content creation. This date has shaped her experiences and served as a foundation for her remarkable achievements.

Age 28 years old

At 28 years old, Kathleen Belsten has already accomplished more than many could dream of in their lifetimes. Her youth is a testament to the ever-evolving and dynamic nature of the digital world. With each passing year, she continues to evolve and grow, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to her content, ensuring that her influence remains relevant and vibrant for years to come.

Birthplace Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Kathleen Belsten, famously known as “Loserfruit,” hails from the vibrant city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Her roots in this culturally rich and diverse city have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her personality and creative endeavors. Melbourne, with its thriving arts scene and a deep love for sports, has provided a unique backdrop for Kathleen’s journey, infusing her content with the dynamism and creativity that the city is known for.

Currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Even as her popularity has soared, Kathleen remains deeply connected to her hometown. She currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where she continues to create content that resonates with her global fan base. Her choice to stay in Melbourne reflects her dedication to her roots and her commitment to inspiring the next generation of content creators in her local community.

Nationality Australian

As an Australian by nationality, Kathleen Belsten proudly represents her homeland in the digital world. Her content has, in many ways, become a global ambassador for the vibrant and diverse culture of Australia. Her uniquely Australian perspective, humor, and accent have endeared her to fans from all corners of the world, effectively breaking down geographical barriers and showcasing the global appeal of Australian talent.

Zodiac or Birth Sign Pisces

Kathleen’s zodiac sign, Pisces, is known for its imaginative and compassionate nature. This astrological detail offers a glimpse into her personality and the qualities that have made her such a beloved figure in the online community. Pisces individuals are often characterized by their creativity, empathy, and intuition. These traits are evident in Kathleen’s content, where she combines her gaming skills with a warm and empathetic connection to her audience, creating a unique and engaging online presence.

Loserfruit Height and Body Measurements

Loserfruit, also known as Kathleen Belsten, possesses a height of 5 feet 5 inches, equivalent to 1.65 meters, or 165 centimeters. Her overall body weight is 55 kilograms, or approximately 121 pounds. With a pear-shaped body type, her body measurements stand at 32C-24-35. Her chest measures 35 inches, her waist 24 inches, and her hips match her chest size at 35 inches, creating a balanced and healthy physique.

Loserfruit’s Physical Statistics

Kathleen’s height and body measurements highlight her well-proportioned physique, which complements her vibrant personality. Her 32C chest size adds an element of femininity, while her 24-inch waist emphasizes her slender and athletic build. Her 35-inch hips provide a well-balanced curve, giving her an alluring and confident presence. These statistics reflect her commitment to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, which undoubtedly contributes to her appeal as an online personality.

Loserfruit’s Shoe size, Hair Color, and Eye Color

Kathleen’s shoe size is 5 in the UK, emphasizing her petite and dainty physical stature. Her hair color is brunette, a rich and versatile shade that complements her striking features. Her eye color is green, adding a touch of uniqueness to her appearance and capturing the attention of her audience. These physical characteristics, combined with her engaging personality, contribute to her distinct charm in the world of online content creation.

Tattoos: None

Despite her bold and vibrant online presence, Kathleen Belsten does not have any tattoos. This choice to remain ink-free is a reflection of her personal preferences and perhaps a desire to maintain a clean and unadorned canvas, allowing her natural beauty and personality to shine through. In a world where body art is often celebrated, her decision to go without tattoos underscores her individuality and authenticity.

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Qualification: Graduated

Kathleen Belsten, widely recognized as Loserfruit, has achieved the qualification of graduation. While the details of her specific educational background, including the institution from which she graduated, remain undisclosed, her success as a prominent YouTube and Twitch star exemplifies that academic credentials are not the sole determinant of one’s potential and success in the digital age. Kathleen’s journey serves as a testament to the countless opportunities available for those who are passionate, driven, and innovative.

Educational Background: Schooling and Graduation

The specifics of Kathleen’s schooling and graduation locations are not publicly available. This enigma surrounding her early education adds an intriguing layer to her already captivating persona. Her decision to keep these aspects of her life private allows her audience to focus on her present achievements and the content she creates, reinforcing the notion that success is not bound by one’s past but rather shaped by their determination and dedication to their craft.

Family and Marital Status

Kathleen’s personal life remains largely shielded from the public eye. She is known to have parents, yet their names are not publicly disclosed. Similarly, the identities of her siblings, including both her brother and sister, are not known to the general public. Kathleen’s marital status is unmarried, and she does not have any children. This privacy surrounding her family and personal life underscores her dedication to maintaining a sense of mystery and distance from the intrusive aspects of fame, allowing her to focus on her creative endeavors and interactions with her online community.

Boyfriend Name: Marcus AKA Prestige Clips [2017-Present]

Kathleen Belsten, popularly known as Loserfruit, has been in a relationship with Marcus, who is also known by the moniker Prestige Clips, since 2017. Their enduring partnership is a testament to their shared interests and passions within the gaming and content creation world. While the couple has been fairly open about their relationship on social media, they also maintain a level of privacy, ensuring that their personal lives are not overshadowed by their online personas.

Previous Dating: Unknown

Before her relationship with Marcus, Loserfruit’s dating history remains undisclosed. Kathleen has maintained a level of discretion about her past romantic involvements, choosing to focus on her current relationship with Marcus and her thriving career in the digital entertainment industry.

Earnings and Net Worth

Kathleen Belsten’s precise earnings per episode or movie are not publicly available. However, her net worth is estimated to be approximately between US$ 350,000 to US$ 400,000. Her income sources encompass various avenues, including YouTube and Twitch revenue, brand collaborations, and merchandise sales. While her advertisement fees are not disclosed, her net worth demonstrates the financial success she has achieved through her dedicated and .

entertaining online presence.

Kathleen Belsten, better known as Loserfruit, maintains a thriving presence on Instagram under the username “loser_fruit.” Her Instagram account offers an engaging window into her life, both on and off-screen. With a substantial following, she shares moments from her gaming sessions, behind-the-scenes glimpses into her content creation process, and personal highlights. Her Instagram serves as a vibrant hub where fans and followers can connect with her daily adventures and stay updated with her latest projects.

Facebook: loser_fruit

On Facebook, Kathleen’s presence as “loser_fruit” extends her reach even further. Her page on the platform is a community hub where her dedicated followers can come together to discuss her content, share their experiences, and interact with one another. Kathleen’s engagement on Facebook highlights her commitment to building a close-knit community around her gaming and content creation endeavors. Her page acts as a space where her fans can unite in their shared enthusiasm for all things Loserfruit.

Twitter: loser_fruit

Kathleen’s Twitter account, identified by the handle “loser_fruit,” is a dynamic platform where she shares her thoughts, humor, and updates with her audience. Twitter provides her with a real-time connection to her followers, enabling her to engage in conversations, provide quick insights, and stay up-to-date with trends and current events. Her tweets reflect her unique blend of wit and gaming-related content, making her Twitter account an essential destination for those seeking to be part of her online journey.

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