New Trends in Academic Writing

Necessity is the mother of invention. This idiom fits well in idea generation based on a problem or social issue that needs to be addressed. While writing skills are popularly talked about, academic writing is talked about very last. It is because it is different than content writing. Moreover, from primary to university level, students learn different learning styles based on the nature of writing i.e. case study, essay, thesis, assignments, etc.

Research writing requires more than writing skills. It requires time, effort, and synthetic skills. As a result, we have seen immense growth in the writing services business where students buy master’s dissertation online and experts help them write a customized one. This growing trend has two folds of consequences. One, the business is growing and many people who have better writing skills offer their services in writing the assignments and different pieces of writing. Two, it has adversely impacted the students’ academic writing skills. They no longer put effort to write, let alone write academically!

However, academic writing has evolved over time. It is a general misconception that academic writing is monotonous. It is not! One can be creative in writing academically. For instance, writing styles have changed the pattern of writing academically.

Moreover, the role of technology is important to mention here. There is software that checks errors in content to support writers. Usually, academic writers had to review extensively and proofread their writing to ensure error-free content. This also has made students steer clear of academic writing and seeking third party help. However, with the help of this software, any grammatical and other errors are easily detected and modified. This is the core reason why students do not hesitate to take help from a dissertation provider.

Although academic writing is majorly formal yet one can blend academic writing with a tinge of informality using one’s creativity. However, it does not mean writing a thesis, assignment, or essay in an informal tone used in blogs.

Academic writing is associated with quantity as well as quality. Having quality content continues to dominate academia. Excellence, perfection, and quality in conjunction with software to check errors will flourish academia.

Finally, in the academic writing deductive approach of reasoning has also increased. This approach enables academic writers to hone their reasoning skills by basing their writing on intensive analysis accompanied by stats and facts. Being academic writing does not mean writing difficult and lengthy sentences. It means breaking down complex ideas to make it simpler and comprehensible for the reader. Thus, with the passage of time, spectrums of innovation have entered the domain of academic writing.

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