Let`s Discuss Some Rare Facts About Cowhide & Genuine Leather!

Leather has it is own significance in the fashion mirage. Its form really doesn`t matter but, if you all want to know the historical facts about leather, let`s dive into this insightful blog!

What is the difference between cowhide leather and genuine leather?

Animal hide is being used for thousands of years by humans as raw material. Cowhide is the one used most often in the industry for different types of manufacturing requirements. If you are wondering what exactly cowhide refers to, we have the answer to it right here. It is the hair and skin of a cow in its natural and unbleached form. It is primarily associated with the food industry but is also used for processing leather.

The term “leather” has its origins rooted in the tanning process which is used to make it. There are different ways of tanning leather-like vegetables and chrome treatment methods. There are certain clear differences between cowhide and other types of genuine leather. We are going to discuss them so they would be easier for you to identify when buying leather wear.

Origin of leather

Leather making is being practiced by humans for more than seven thousand years. The earliest records unearthed by archaeologists of artifacts made from leather date back to 2200 BC. Its flexibility and durable nature allow it to be molded into footwear, bags, articles of clothing, and much more.

The tanned skin of any animal is categorized as leather. The most common type is cowhide, but others include goatskin, calf and kidskin, deerskin buffalo, and pigskin. There are different tanning procedures an animal skin can go through to become leather. Vegetable tanning uses compounds taken from vegetable matter like tree barks. This is the oldest known tanning method used by mankind to process leather.

Another method is chrome tanning done by using chromium salts and sulfate. This technique is also called “wet-blue” at times as the leather appears pale blue before dying. The method takes as long as twenty-four hours and is best suited for being used by industries. In the modern day, this process is the most common method of tanning. The leather turns out to be more pliable and supple in comparison to vegetable tanning.

Origin of cowhide

Cowhide is one of the most commonly used leathers. The best quality ones are left undyed and close to their true appearance after being tanned. The method of tanning most often used on cowhide is the chrome process. It is used as raw material for a variety of products like apparel, wallets, furniture, and upholstery among other things.

Difference between cowhide and other types of genuine leather

Before we go further it is important to clarify that cowhide is a form of genuine leather itself. It is used plentifully by manufacturing industries and also in many authentic pea coats. Compared to other types of leather cowhide is easily available and more affordable. That does not mean that being cheaper is any less in quality. The reason behind it is that cowhide is a byproduct of the meat industry. Which makes it the most readily accessible raw material.

When it comes to providing value, cowhide takes the lead. It excels in the four major aspects which are texture, comfort, durability, and appearance. Shoes or real leather jackets made from cowhide are resistant to dirt and water. They are also considerably easy to take care of from other leather. This leather is one of the heaviest which increases its toughness and durability. It is also convenient to identify because of its pebble grain texture.

Clothing made from cowhide might feel stiff at the start but are quick to break in. Although most often preferred in its natural colors it is also dyed in a good number of shades. Because of its heavy build cowhide can keep you well protected during the cold months. Other leather types such as goatskin can be stretchier and more flexible than cowhide. It is also softer and smoother to the touch than cowhide. But as leather is primarily worn for warmth, cowhide wins in that area.

Sheepskin is another type of leather that is used in clothing items. A genuine shearling jacket can be much more pliable than a cowhide jacket. But it still does not possess the long-lasting strength of cowhide. Sheepskin has a finer grain when compared to the rougher texture of the cowhide.

One of the most important features buyers look for when buying leatherwear is comfort. An easy way to determine this before purchasing is by testing the weight of the genuine leather jacket online in America. The heavier it is, the more comfort is guaranteed. As mentioned before, cowhide is naturally the heavier material among other leather types. It also has the quality to mold itself around the wearer’s body. The more one wears it, will increase the level of comfort.

The properties of cow leather make it an ideal choice for motorcycle jackets or any other heavy-duty outerwear. A biker jacket manufactured from cowhide is at least 1.3 millimeters in thickness. Which allows the best protection against abrasions especially to the knees, elbows, shoulders, buttocks, and back. The dense fibers of the hide make it stronger and resistant to wear and tear. People who love to spend time cruising the highway or are in motorsports cannot do better than cowhide.

The versatility of the material is also another factor that sets it apart from other leather. Despite its original rough form, cowhide can be processed till it becomes supple and soft. On the other hand, it can also be made more rigid and hard to create products like gloves and bags. Versatility is one of the reasons it is the most popular of all leather types.

Final Thoughts

Cowhide is a great choice among other genuine leather types. It has all the factors to be used in creating an ideal clothing piece. It can be a very good choice when you are looking to invest in buying a leather jacket. Although it can cost more than goat or buffalo hide leather, cowhide is still relatively cheaper. And it does not lack in any of the qualities one needs in a jacket. By taking good care of it you can help it last even longer. This material has the potential to stay as the favorite piece in your closet for years to come.

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