7 Questions About Ecommerce Web Development You Should Answer Truthfully

Ecommerce web development is the fastest growing platform. Be truthful while answering these questions about ecommerce.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, brick-and-mortar retail is going through a challenging phase. But, ecommerce is thriving. Some ecommerce web development is seeing a surge in sales. Basically, it includes personal care, food and beverages, pharmacy and furthermore.

Moreover, this success provides job opportunities in ecommerce web development. Whether you`re giving or conducting an interview. It`s imperative to have a list of questions and answers. That you must prepare. But while answering that question, you need to be honest and truthful. As your career and future depend on that. A single mistake can upend all the efforts and hard work. 

Here is the list of 7 ecommerce web development questions. That you need to know how to answer. But while answering, be honest and truthful. It will help you to succeed in your interview. 

1- What are the main features of ecommerce web development?

It’s a philosophical question. Yet very important. While answering, think about every aspect of ecommerce web development. Try to highlight the importance of ecommerce. It includes improved sales, 24by 7 service availability and furthermore. 

2- What is the difference between ecommerce and traditional commerce?

ecommerce professional knows that it`s a platform to attract potential customers. And all that process happens online. While traditional happens in person. By this question, the hiring manager wants to know your grasp on the fundamental difference between the channels.

So while answering, think through:

  • What is the core difference between both platforms?
  • How would you increase the sales rate through both channels?

While answer highlights these points:

  • Ecommerce transactions happen automatically. While in traditional commerce, it happens manually.
  • Traditional commerce is specific to particular hours. But, ecommerce offer service 24 by 7.
  • Ecommerce is focused on the demand side. In contrast, traditional commerce keeps an eye on the supply side. 

3- How can ecommerce web development be helpful for organizations?

According to ecommerce website development company, ecommerce plays an essential role in organizational growth and success. It allows the organization to extend their business internationally. Moreover, it requires less investment and cost. 

4- How does ecommerce work?

Basically, ecommerce web development is booming. The reason is its offer convenient and easy buying and selling of goods and services. In this process, a customer goes to the website and selects the product they want to buy. Then they select the mode of payment. Lastly, the product is checkout and order. Later on, the ordered product information is exchanged with the customer with delivery logistics. The whole process takes 4-5 minutes. 

5- What are some technologies that have streamlined the ecommerce experience?

With this question, the hiring manager understands your experience in technology. In the field of ecommerce web development services, technology plays an important role. As we all know that technology is a building block for ecommerce. 

Try to highlight how technology has impact ecommerce in a positive way. For example, a tool like Later. It helps to schedule Instagram posts. Besides, it keeps an eye on the grid view. Moreover, technology like Virtual try-on is also trending. As it helps to reduce the chance of return and exchange process. 

6- How do you maintain a positive customer experience throughout an ecommerce business model? 

Basically, ecommerce is still commerce. Customers expect a personalized shopping experience. And that`s the sole aim of ecommerce web development. So maintaining a positive customer experience is vital for the business success. 

While answering highlights the concerns of customers. Such as they can`t touch or see the product by themselves, so they notice everything. That is where you need to:

  • Build a Community.
  • Upbeat your Social Media Game.
  • Follow an impactful Content Strategy.
  • Deliver great mobile experiences.
  • Move toward an omnichannel experience.
  • Create great product pages. 
  • Simplify the checkout process. 
  • Provide free and fast shipping.

7- In your experience, what are the essential ecommerce third-party partnerships to a successful ecommerce business?

In ecommerce web development, developing an end-to-end ecommerce experience is important. By this question, the hiring manager looks at your experience in working with ecommerce platforms. 

While answering, you need to highlight how to optimize online stores. And also share the importance of third-party integration for smooth running ecommerce business. 


This is a guide of 10 important and most asked questions. It`s the best time to be part of the world`s fastest-growing industry. Moreover, keep in mind that:

  • Always be prepared as it`s key to success.
  • Be confident while answering. Moreover, be honest with your answers.
  • Showcase your passion for ecommerce web development. For that, you need to stay ahead of the latest trends and techniques.

I hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful.

Happy Reading!

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