Gabe De Guzman Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of entertainment, few individuals manage to capture the hearts and minds of audiences quite like Gabe De Guzman. This multi-talented artist, known for his incredible dancing skills and charismatic acting, has been making waves in the industry since his early years. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the life and career of Gabe De Guzman, exploring his background, achievements, and the unique qualities that set him apart from the crowd.

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Full Name: Gabe De Guzman

Gabe De Guzman, born on 20th February 2001, is a name synonymous with talent and creativity. His full name, Gabriel Alexander De Guzman, reflects the depth of character and artistry that he brings to his work. At the tender age of 22, Gabe has already achieved remarkable success in the entertainment world.

Nickname: Gabe

While his full name exudes sophistication, Gabe’s nickname, “Gabe,” reflects his approachability and down-to-earth nature. It’s a name that resonates with his fans and friends, symbolizing the genuine connection he establishes with those around him.

Occupation/Profession: Actor and Dancer

Gabe’s career is a testament to his versatility as an artist. As both an actor and dancer, he has seamlessly navigated the challenges of the entertainment industry. His ability to excel in two distinct fields is a testament to his dedication and talent.

Dancing: A Rhythm in His Soul

Gabe’s journey in dance began at a young age when he discovered his passion for movement and rhythm. His dedication and countless hours of practice paid off when he became a standout performer on various dance platforms. His performances are a fusion of precision, emotion, and storytelling, leaving audiences spellbound.

Acting: Bringing Characters to Life

In addition to his dance prowess, Gabe has also made a name for himself in the world of acting. His ability to bring characters to life on screen is a testament to his acting skills. Whether it’s a heartwarming drama or an action-packed thriller, Gabe’s presence on screen is captivating.

Gender: Male

Gabe De Guzman’s gender, male, is just one aspect of his identity. What truly defines him is his passion for his craft and his ability to inspire others through his work.

Date of Birth: 20th February 2001

Gabe’s birthdate, 20th February 2001, marks the beginning of a journey that would lead him to become a rising star in the entertainment industry. It’s a date that holds significant meaning for his fans, as they celebrate the birth of a talented artist.

Age: 22 Years Old

At the age of 22, Gabe De Guzman has already achieved more than most people can dream of. His youth is not a hindrance but rather an asset, as it brings energy and innovation to his performances.

Birthplace: Murrieta, California, United States

Gabe’s roots can be traced back to Murrieta, California. This picturesque city in Southern California provided the backdrop for his early years and the nurturing ground for his talents.

Currently Lives in: Los Angeles, California, United States

Today, Gabe calls Los Angeles home. The entertainment capital of the world has embraced this young artist, providing him with opportunities to further his career and leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Nationality: American

Gabe proudly identifies as American, a nationality that has given him the platform to showcase his talents on a global scale. He represents the diverse and dynamic nature of American entertainment.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Pisces

Born under the sign of Pisces, Gabe De Guzman embodies the qualities often associated with this astrological sign – creativity, intuition, and a deep connection to the arts.

Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)

Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, or 1.75 meters, Gabe possesses a commanding presence. His height not only aids him in dance and acting but also makes him stand out in a crowd.

Weight: 70 kilograms (154 pounds)

Maintaining a healthy weight of 70 kilograms (154 pounds), Gabe strikes a balance between strength and agility. His physique reflects his dedication to staying fit, a vital aspect of his career in the entertainment industry.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Gabe De Guzman falls under the mesomorph category when it comes to body type. Mesomorphs are known for their naturally muscular and athletic build, which suits his roles as both a dancer and actor.

Body Status: Fit

“Fit” aptly describes Gabe’s body status. His commitment to fitness is evident in his well-toned physique, enabling him to execute demanding dance routines and perform with intensity as an actor.

Chest: 37 inches

With a chest measuring 37 inches, Gabe possesses the upper body strength necessary for dynamic dance moves and action-packed scenes in his acting roles.

Waist: 29 inches

Maintaining a trim waistline of 29 inches adds to Gabe’s overall aesthetic appeal. It complements his mesomorphic body type and contributes to his agility as a dancer.

Arms: 13 inches

Gabe’s arms, measuring 13 inches in circumference, showcase the strength required for his dance performances. These well-defined muscles are a testament to his dedication to his craft.

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Shoe Size: 9 [UK]

A shoe size of 9 in the UK sizing system is another aspect of Gabe’s physicality. This size is in harmony with his height and overall proportions.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Gabe’s dark brown hair complements his features and adds to his charismatic appeal on screen and on stage. It’s a natural attribute that suits him well.

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Gabe’s deep, dark brown eyes are windows to his emotions and artistic expression. They add depth and intensity to his performances.

Tattoos: Yes

In addition to his impressive physical attributes, Gabe De Guzman has tattoos that are symbolic and personal. These tattoos are a reflection of his individuality and add to his unique charm.

Educational Qualifications: Graduated

Gabe De Guzman’s journey in the entertainment world is complemented by his commitment to education. He has successfully graduated, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded approach to life.

Family Ties

Gabe’s family plays a significant role in his life, offering support and love as he pursues his artistic endeavors.

Mother: Florence De Guzman

Florence De Guzman is Gabe’s mother, a pillar of support throughout his life and career. Her encouragement and guidance have been instrumental in his success.

Father: Egay De Guzman

Egay De Guzman, Gabe’s father, has also been a steadfast presence in his life. His support and belief in Gabe’s talents have contributed to his confidence as an artist.

Sibling: Danielle De Guzman

Gabe De Guzman’s sister, Danielle De Guzman, shares a close bond with him. While he doesn’t have a brother, his relationship with his sister is cherished, and they have undoubtedly influenced each other’s lives.

Marital Status: Unmarried

At the age of 22, Gabe De Guzman is currently unmarried. His focus on his career and personal growth is apparent, as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his talents.

Children: None

As of now, Gabe does not have any children. His youthful energy and dedication to his craft leave ample room for future personal developments.

Financial Standing: Net Worth US$ 500-550 Thousand Approx.

Gabe De Guzman’s financial standing reflects his success in the entertainment industry. With an estimated net worth ranging from US$ 500,000 to 550,000, he has achieved financial stability at a young age, a testament to his talent and hard work.

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