How to calculate EMI for a used car loan

Your budget is crucial in deciding on the automobile, the down payment you can afford, and the loan amount you require.

You can return the loan in manageable EMIs over a predetermined period. The used car loan consists of the principal amount and rate of interest. These are combined to form the EMI. The EMI would be set throughout the term and paid in monthly installments. The second-hand car loan EMI calculator is a useful tool that assists you in determining the equivalent monthly payments you must pay the financial institution over the term of the car loan.

This online calculator is made up of a formula box with three sliders: Loan Amount, Loan Term, and Rate Of interest. After you enter your data, the second-hand car Loan EMI Calculator will display exactly how much you must repay the lending company monthly.

How Is EMI Determined?

A formula is frequently used to calculate EMI-

E = P x R x (1+R) n / (1+R) n – 1


Ø  E denotes EMI

Ø  P denotes the loan`s principal amount.

Ø  R denotes the loan interest rate.

Ø  N is the length of the loan.

Also, there is a variation in EMI due to the constant and floating interest rates.

 Interest Rates: Constant or Fluctuating

  • The constant rate of interest comprises a set EMI as well as a fixed interest rate. It follows a consistent EMI graph and does not vary.
  • Different EMI and interest rates are included in a fluctuating rate of interest. It uses various EMI rates based on the needs of the user. Get the most affordable vehicle loans in India. It adapts to the demands of the consumer. It expands the range of variation while also providing convenience.
  • It is important to consider your EMI options when getting a used car loan. You must consider your budget as well as other aspects. You must form a well-informed decision after considering all factors.

How to calculate EMIs with a second-hand car loan EMI calculator

To compute the EMIs for your loan amount, use the sliders to change the settings for the principal amount (P), time period (N), and interest rate (R).

  1. Choose the loan amount using the slider.
  2. You then choose the loan term in months.
  3. Adjust the interest rate by dragging the slider.
  4. The calculator will display the EMI, total interest, and total payment amount.
  5. Change the input sliders to recalculate your EMI at any moment.
  6. When you change the sliders, the EMI is computed quickly.

Advantages of Using the used Car Loan EMI Calculator

  1. This will assist you in getting your finances in check before applying for a used car loan.
  2. You have a good notion of the vehicle loan EMIs you`ll have to pay the lender.
  3. It assists you in determining the loan payback term. Choosing a shorter term helps you to pay back the car loan faster.
  4. This EMI calculator will assist you in calculating your EMI for the remaining balance time.
  5. The second-hand car loan EMI calculator displays precise information about the car loan.



Not only is a used car loan EMI calculator a free tool, but it also allows for unlimited use. If you want anything particular in the loan plan, like the interest rate, you can do additional calculations. Simply enter the rate of interest rate, and the amount of the loan to calculate the EMI.

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