Why is British Sign Language Important?

As the number of deaf people in the UK continues to grow, so does the importance of British Sign Language (BSL). BSL is the first language of many deaf people in the UK and is used by around 145,000 people1.

British sign language is the most commonly used sign language in the UK. It has been considered a distinct language by the UK government since 2003. The language has its own vocabulary and syntax, making it a proper language like all verbal languages.

British sign language consists of a mixture of facial and body gestures. It consists of two-handed alphabets, which makes it different from American sign language, for which you`d take ASL certification courses.

Want to know more about British sign language and why it is essential? We`ve got you covered. This article covers the importance of British sign language, which helps you make an informed choice about learning and using it.

 The Importance of British Sign Language 

Listed below are some reasons why British sign language, or BSL, is important:

  1. It connects deaf and hard-of-hearing people with their surroundings: British sign language consists of signs and body gestures that help people with hearing and speech disabilities as it involves communication without spoken speech or verbal words. It also helps those without disabilities communicate with the deaf and the mute. Therefore, undertaking a British sign online course helps both kinds of people connect with their surroundings without any obstacles and simultaneously helps them interact with each other.
  2. Helps reduce frustration: Inability to communicate with others might lead to pent-up frustration. Hence, it is important to let out thoughts and ideas by communicating. Using British sign language can be quite useful for people who cannot communicate with others through verbal language.
  3. Helps in achieving a new skill: It is always good to add new skills to your repertoire. Inculcating new skills will help you enhance your personality and excel in your personal and professional life. For example, if you come across a person with speech or hearing disabilities, you can easily interact with them with the skillset you have acquired through the British sign language certificate course.
  4. Helps you communicate with infants: Since infants are unable to communicate through spoken languages, they need a way to express themselves. Teaching them British sign language and learning it yourself can help both express thoughts and ideas and connect. Furthermore, it also helps reduce the frustration that arises due to the inability to communicate.


Since it has many advantages, you must learn British sign language online. If you are looking for a platform to help you learn the language, then Cudoo is the best choice for you. We provide more than 1300 courses that help you gain professional and personal skills. So, join Cudoo to access the best British sign language courses now!

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