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Today we are talking about the five biggest and most common problems that students face when they go to university to study abroad. Now we know that when students go abroad for the first time especially they face a host of different problems and today.

We are going to talk about the five most common and difficult problems of best speech writing service that students tend to face when they go to university to study abroad for the first time and we`ll also give you some great tips and strategies, on how to overcome those problems and to also help you enjoy your stay abroad and to maximize the study abroad experience but just a quick reminder that we have over 200 videos on chat including various topics on higher education including study abroad scholarships and admissions to League universities. So quickly go back and take a look at some of those videos and before we begin talking about the five most common and difficult problems that students face when they go to university to study abroad press the subscribe button and the bell icon right next to it and give us a thumbs up is.

Making Friends

Making friends now when we go to this imposing University in a foreign location and we see tons of international unfamiliar faces we tend to feel like oh my god I`m never going to fit in but remember every one of those students is feeling the same way as you so overcome that reluctance and put that first hand out in friendship. It`s now most universities tend to conduct international student orientations and you can take advantage of that the second most likely place to meet people is on team projects a third area that I quite like meeting my friends were in a team sport but if you are not the sporty kind you could even go for a hike or a camping tour or any adventure road trip experience and you`re likely to meet some really exciting people another way to meet friends is to enroll yourself in clubs and cultural activities and a 5th place where you`re likely to meet people is meal times.

Three Top Tips for Making Friends

Make friends from other countries
Push yourself out of your comfort zone
Meet friend face to face

The first one avoids joining this clan of students a ton of them from your own country that hangs out together now if you are an Indian particularly in your first week itself don`t go and enroll into that Garba club or the Bhangra club or the Indian food society. For example, now I know they sound really exciting but we can keep them for later my advice to you is in your first two weeks make three friends from the host country and three friends from any other country tip number two push yourself beyond your cab service comfort zone. I know we love to sit in our dorm and hang on to that laptop of ours but sometimes go out and attend nighttime activities of clubs maybe some international film screenings or even international alumni dinners and tip number three is please meet people physically avoid the temptation of making all your friends only on social media grabbing a cup of coffee before a class or even hanging out with people on weekends can go a long way in cementing those friendships and finally all that said about making friends remember that your career goals and aspirations are not the same as that of your friends. So avoid making just one or two friends and trying to sign up for all classes causes clubs and activities together explore individual preferences and, it`s alright for you to go and attend an activity all by yourself and you never know you might meet some really interesting people that you may not have otherwise.

Living Independently

Living independently the most common disappointment that most business plan service students face when they go to study abroad is that there is no mom to the rescue there are gentle reminders for doing your laundry or dishes for cleaning your house or even for helping you deal with your landlord for your housing rental.

5 Tops Tips for Living Independently


  • Create a weekly and monthly checklist
  • Take a local mobile phone plan
  • Take a good health insurance plan
  • Store your cash, 1-20, and passport in the locker
  • Pack light

The essential tip is to work on checklists so you want to create yourself a weekly checklist to do activities like your laundry or your grocery now you might want to put a reminder on your phone or you can set aside a couple of hours every Saturday to do these activities.

Moreover, I highly recommend that you check your credit card statement and your bank statement once every week check for any charges or even fraudulent transactions which by the way are quite common especially in the United States of America also create monthly checklists for activities like paying all your bills and your rentals, etc. And maybe you want to put those on auto-debit tip number two take a local mobile phone plan and use your apps off whether you do Whatsapp calling or Facebook Messenger or Skype or whatever you find convenient.

Tip number three is on your health insurance now which is a good plan for you to take up yeah you can ask your seniors and be if you find that a lot of your baby care service classmates especially the local ones are taking up a particular health insurance plan then you can go for that as well tip number four use a locker to keep your cash your passport and your i-20 and scan them and keep copies with you at all times and tip number five is to pack light because sometimes you need to vacate the dorm in the summer holidays or if you`ve taken an apartment you might want to sublet it.

Looking For a Job 

Problem number three is looking for a job not the best way to get a return on that investment that you`ve made to study abroad is to find yourself a job this could include part-time jobs and summer internships. Now most colleges have a career cell and they will give you all the advice that you need but it is ultimately your responsibility to go out and find yourself that job.

Top 4 Sources to Find Job

Career fair at your college
Networking events and meetups

Source number one is career fairs at your college go and talk to the people standing there and talking about that companies leave a visiting card with them and most importantly follow up on that meeting source. Number two for you to find a good job is networking events and meatus how about you go there and you meet the company representatives and ask them that what is that profile that they`re looking for when they go out to hire that`ll give you an idea online CIPD assignment service UAE of what courses you need to take up and what sort of projects and internships that you should have on your resume if you want to get hired by that company source.

Number three and perhaps the best resource that your college offers you if your professors now most of your professors are doing a consulting assignment with companies in the locality or that particular city. Now meeting up with your professors in the after-hours talking to them about your career not only gets you lead into jobs but also gets you very valuable mentorship and guidance, and the fourth source for you to get a good job is the network of alumni and alumnae sometimes go out of the way to help students from their alma mater now four quick tips that will help you find the right job is tip number one remember that any experience is a good experience. So take up any of these jobs even if they`re on campus it could be managing the cafeteria or researching under a professor it even could be writing for the college magazine tip number two they`re looking for two main things in that interview one is clarity of thought and reasoning and critical thinking abilities and the second is your communication skills tip number three apply for jobs early every country has its cycle of applications and recruitment so make sure you`re on time for that cycle and tip number four is especially important if you`re going to a country like the United States of America now there are some very strict visa requirements so please make sure that you`re on the right side of the law and you shouldn`t be working for even a single day on your student visa without getting the appropriate stampings done.

Bridging the Academic Gap

Another big problem is bridging the academic gap now chances are if you studied in a country like India in a local board like CBSC or ICSE etc. you`ll find that there`ll be a very big gap between the way you were taught in school in India and the way you`re taught in university whether it`s as a US UK or any other country. Now in school, you`ll find that the focus is a lot on rote learning and just a breadth of knowledge whereas when you go to university the focus is on the application of those skills now. I have talked to tips here to offer you on how you can bridge that academic gap now tip number one is when you go to university make sure you attend every single class does not miss a class because you`re not probably going to ever be able to make up for that learning on your own but tip number two is really important because we`re talking about something that you can do even before you get to the class which is take up a bridge course now you know in college you`re going all the way to study and at the end of it your GPA is super important every single course that you do contribute towards that GPA you don`t want to spend the first year of college just trying to catch up. So just being able to get together that wonderful piece of argumentative writing for example now here`s where a bridge course comes in handy there are a couple of bridge courses available that you might want to check out but the one that I came across recently which was very interesting and I wanted to talk to you about is called freshmen bridge and it`s by called or learning and the reason. I`m recommending this program to you is because I was very impressed by the credentials of the founders I was also very impressed by the program itself they have an online learning platform also they`ve already taught a huge number of students across various schools. Consequently, I`m dropping a link for you right here and one in the description box under the video so you want to check that out if you want to hit the ground running as soon as you enter your colleague.

Personality Development and Cultural Integration

Last but not least is personality development and cultural integration remember you`re going to study abroad for a particular purpose to gain a perspective on the world to have a greater understanding of diversity and to also develop yourself in many new ways tip number one every semester pick up three items or three things that you want to improve about yourself so for example in the first semester you decide that you want to improve your communication skills you could either join a debating Club or you could join a stand-up comedy group or you could join the Model United Nations Society.

Tip number two remember that every experience is a great experience going canoeing with friends is as important an experience as doing a lab project in science now embrace every new opportunity to help you become this well-rounded person tip number three is to find your  online dissertation Proofreading service in UK path now you may have left home to study mechanical engineering but at every opportunity that you get to try to take a course in art history or in music or even a writing program that gives you a cultural immersion remember that especially your undergraduate education should be broad-based and that`ll help you develop your personality.

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