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Every year bill and Melinda gates unconstrained their yearly letter detailing what we can do for better health and a healthier future this year`s letter is titled the year global including speech writing help UAE health went local and focuses on the impacts of Covid19. Among many important issues, the letter stresses how remarkable it is that a vaccine has already become available and equally stresses how important it is to understand that even on this accelerated timeline safety standards were not compromised we`ve covered this before emphasizing the roles of advanced technology previous research and concentrated resources in our ability to reach this milestone. So quickly however vaccine hesitancy remains elevated as the vaccine continues to roll out expected side effects are starting to appear some of the less prevalent but seemingly scarier ones receive heavy media coverage and there`s some concern that scientists and medical professionals haven`t communicated enough about these providing context with reports of side effects leaves less room for disinformation and scare tactics to infiltrate the conversation that`s the topic of this week`s healthcare triage.


Common Side Effects


Side effects are a common occurrence in the world of medicine the reason we do large trials with new medicines like those we did with the new coveted vaccines are not only to determine efficacy but also to detect side effects and determine if they are tolerable. “Overall the side effects of an approved drug are in most cases thought to be more acceptable than the effects of the condition or a disease that it treats” as reported by Wired and other sources people receiving the vaccine has experienced some this is not surprising.


Developing Companies Reported Vaccine 


The companies developing the vaccines have reported these as well trial participants experience symptoms including fever chills fatigue headaches and muscle and joint pain. While these symptoms are often mild and expected to pass within a couple of days other reactions have been reported that despite their relatively low levels of occurrence have people feeling a bit more alarmed these were of course reported heavily in the media and included things like severe allergic reactions and brief facial paralysis called bell`s palsy allergic reactions especially when severe can be scary but with proper monitoring, they can also be handled business plan writing very effectively.


Simple over Reaction Doesn’t Mean It’s Wrong


It`s important to note that these reactions are not a sign that something is wrong in your body, with the vaccine, they`re simply an overreaction of the immune system to a foreign substance a reaction that is not unfamiliar to us. Even in a context outside of medicine severe allergic reactions are known to occur in response to natural things too like eggs nuts and bees.


In recent New York Times Article



As pointed out in a recent best research paper writing in New York Times article around 1 in 10 Americans report an allergic reaction to penicillin and between 1 and 2 500 and 1 in 5 000 experience anaphylaxis which is severe and life-threatening allergic reaction despite this we and other pediatricians regularly prescribe penicillin’s because most reactions are minor and we can handle the major ones and the benefits outweigh the harms.


As Bell`s palsy It Is Just Temporary Weakness


As for bell`s palsy this sounds much scarier than it is it`s a temporary weakness or sometimes mild paralysis usually on one side of the face it appears suddenly and generally improves after a few weeks with or without treatment permanent and or severe cases are extremely rare it affects around 40 000 people in the united states each year and has been linked to viruses like herpes chickenpox and shingles mono mumps the flu and others importantly 25 to 35 per 100 000 people get bell`s palsy annually in the united states which is a rate more frequent than that reported for coven vaccine trials.


It Takes Times to Build Immunity


You`ve probably also heard of the nurse who got his vaccine and then tested positive for coveting about a week later before receiving a second shot he did not contract covet from the vaccine which does not contain any live virus. We know that it takes time for immunity to build up after the first dose and we know that substantial immunity is achieved only after the second dose. We also know that these shots are not a hundred percent effective they`re great but they aren`t a hundred percent great what we don`t know is when he contracted Cogan. It could have been before or after his first shot we haven`t been clear enough about any of this and of course, there`s the story of the nurse Tiffany Dover who fainted after receiving her vaccine there are even some rumors that she died. This is not true she`s alive and well and this kind of reaction is not all that rare in fact when she recovered she said it was common for her to pass out in such situations because she has an overly active vehicle response vasovagal syncope occurs when a trigger such as blood pain or emotional distress causes a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure that consequences in collapsing. This is more common than you might think and beyond the risk of a fall injury when fainting it`s harmless it`s happened to me multiple times in my life using data from their ongoing project aimed at tracking the public mood about covid19 vaccination.


As Kaiser Family Foundation


The Kaiser family foundation reported in December that 59 of respondents listed concerns about side effects as one of the major reasons they were hesitant to get the vaccine. We think better communication would help to mitigate this concern when dramatic side effects are not discussed in context it`s reasonable to expect that people will get scared it`s also unfortunately expected that some people will take advantage of that fear to stoke vaccine hesitancy and further, spread misinformation.


Important Information to Know


If we were more explicit about how these reactions compared to other allergic reactions we encounter in the united states each year that context could help people make more rational verdicts when they happenstance stories about severe side effects if we talk to people as online resume writing about their risk for allergic reactions and how to approach the vaccine if they`ve had matters in the past and talk to them about how to weigh the risk of vaccination with the risk of disease they might feel safer. For instance, I’ve said before we`ve had some communication issues throughout the pandemic let`s try and do better with the vaccine. Therefore we can end this making the vaccine available to as many people as possible is critical to that goal and is important for global health which as the title of the gates letter reinforces holds a deeper meaning now in the past year a global event has been reflected locally in ways most of us have never experienced before and of course large-scale equitable distribution of the vaccine will be critical. It`s also, something we knew would be difficult fortunately many are hard at work to achieve this including the gates foundation as detailed in their letter they`ve been working with partners on developing and manufacturing vaccines simultaneously rather than sequentially and are working with both manufacturers and partners to deliver the vaccines cheaply and widely as written by the gates Covid19 anywhere is a threat to everywhere.


Looking To Life after the Pandemic


Lastly, we`d like to touch on another major point in the gates letter looking to live after the pandemic. Specifically to prioritizing equity the lack of which has been laid bare by coveting 19 and preparing now to stop the next pandemic there are several important ways that we can achieve both of these objectives.

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