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According to our past experiences and our professional point of view, we have come up with the five ways that you can increase your organic traffic, it means increasing the number of essay writing service visitors, who are coming to your website to pay for it from Google search engine. A couple of months ago our experts did a seminar for the sake of students who want to excel in their career in SEO or digital marketing. One of the students raised the question that, if you had to recommend five things I can do right now to increase my organic traffic? What would you recommend? We appreciate that question had to think fast like okay. Therefore, we have come up with the five things that everyone can do right now easily and effectively to help you and boost your organic traffic to the next level.

Increasing Your Site Speed

Increasing your site speed is relevant to optimize your content or your website into the Google ranking. Additionally, there are a lot of benefits to increasing your site speed when your site loads faster for people or for your targeted audience that is clicking your link.

However, it`s also going to show Google that your website meets the criteria where you can run your page fast and efficiently. it`s faster than other sites it`ll give our end users the best experience cause it`s going to load like that so the first thing you should do is go to Google CIPD assignment help UAE  Page Speed insights it`s a free tool from Google, put in your URL there for your website and see what score it gives you to see. What errors it productivities make the changes. Fix those errors get your sites to speed up and once your site is crawled and indexed by Google you will rank higher in the search results so again I’ll link to more in-depth resources on how to do this but some of the main things you should be looking for are using a fast theme if you`re using Shopify make sure all of your media files like image are compressed and optimized for the web make sure you don`t have any apps that you`re not using just sitting on your store having a load times just take longer and longer in the background and any additional maybe tracking scripts or extra code you might have installed on your store over the days weeks or years could just be dramatically raising how long it takes for your site to load and again once you clean those problems up once you fix it once you optimize it you`re almost instantly going to see an increase in your organic traffic.

Customizing Your Top 20% of Product Pages

the second way to increase your xeventure organic traffic is by so here`s what you want to do go into Google Analytics which you should already have on your site go into content in the sidebar then click pages and what you`re going to see is a list of all of the pages on your website that people have visited what you want to do is sort them from most visits to least visits you do that just by clicking on sessions and you`re going to see which pages get the most traffic the reason I want you to start with the top 20 is that that is where eyeballs

already are that`s what people are already seeing and you can make some small tweaks on those pages that are going to get you pumped up to higher and higher in the rankings that are going to have the biggest impact on your search results in the shortest amount of time so what should you do to those top 20% of the product pages well one of the things you want to do is rewrite the descriptions if they`re not already unique to you into your store make them

unique if they already see if you can build them out and make them better you`re going to want to do things like installing the question-and-answer app so people can ask questions and you can answer them right on those product pages again build out how much information is there make it more of a complete page so Google sees is okay this thing is more valuable than competitors B C and D and so you`ll go to the top of some other things you`ll want to do if you haven`t already done on that top 20% of product pages is optimize your images again make sure they`re optimized for the internet make sure the files are compressed make sure you`re using alt image tags if you`re not doing that already and try to make those pages as perfect as they can be for what Google wants so that Google will reward you.

Creating Three To Five Anchor Blog Posts

Creating three to five what you would call anchor blog posts. So these are going to be posts that live on your blog, but it`s not like you`re going to start blogging every week or every day or anything like that. Instead, you`re going to figure out three to five amazing resources for whoever your Hnd assignment help service customer avatar is. Whoever is most likely to buy from you and what you want to do is not just make some 300-word blog post and put it up and hope Google starts sending you a ton of traffic, instead you want to find those top three to five different pieces of content or information or topics whatever you want to call. It that would appeal to your audience and you want to go out there on Google find out who already ranks for those search terms and you want to create something better than they already have.

So let`s just say hypothetically you`re selling stand-up paddleboards you find that you would want to rank for the keyword the ultimate guide to buying stand-up paddleboards with the goal you pick up secondary search terms like buy stand-up paddleboards and you go out there and you find some really good resources well your goal now has to be to make something better than the best that already exists a couple of options for how you can do this one of them is you can write it yourself you can create it as a coursework writing blog in Shopify yourself if you`re not a good writer or you just don`t want to do it you can outsource the task somewhere like up work you`re probably better off going somewhere like a community on Facebook where there`s a bunch of surfers and making a post in the group like hey I`m looking to create the ultimate resource on how to buy stand-up paddle boards or surf boards or whatever it is you`re selling and see if there are any freelancers that would be willing to collaborate on the project and write those articles for you of course, they would be paid for their time now another tip here as you`re making these pieces of content you want to thank us you`re writing them is there anybody in my industry not a competitor but maybe an influencer maybe somebody that hosts events maybe an organization like a trade organization where they can contribute to these posts that I`m putting together and what you want to do is reach out to them tell them hey I`m writing the guide the ultimate guide to buying a stand-up paddleboard I would love to hear your top three pieces of advice for somebody shopping for stand up paddleboard they email you their top three pieces of advice that get built into the content you have their name their website in there and then once it`s created you can reach out to all the contributors and they may say that we work together and create amazing content. I would appreciate it if you could share it as well so now you have these amazing pillar pieces of content on your website this anchor blog posts you have contributions from other influencers and authority figures in your niche and you have the potential of them sharing it as well what this is going to do is give your site another boost in Google it`s going to increase your organic search traffic now.

Write Guest Post

The fourth way to increase organic search traffic is to write a guest post with CV writing experts and this can be either free like you`re just doing it to make content for other websites. That`s related to your niche and this is a great way to just get links back to your website from other online properties for example, again if you were selling stand-up paddleboards maybe you find a blog for a surfer and you say, can I write an article for your surfing blog about how stand-up paddle boarding comes easy for surfers or again. Whatever keywords your audience is interested in whatever topics your audience is interested in creating those posts have other people publish them on their websites and in those posts they`re going to include your name and a link back to your store the more links you get from more relevant sites that already have authority the better Google is going to look at your site the higher you`re going to go up in the organic search results.

Become a Guest On

Lastly, we will give you the fifth way that us as professional going to recommend in this information for growing your organic traffic and that is to become a guest on other people`s shows. It’s kind of similar to writing a guest blog post except with this, you`re going to try to find people with YouTube channels or podcasts that are relevant to your niche or maybe you`re going to send them an email send them a DM, whatever possible. If you can go on their show be interviewed talk about whatever it is that you do whatever niche you`re in Share your story and your views about your perspective. Just you know talk about whatever it is you do share value for their audience and when they post either that YouTube video or that podcast online they`re going and it going to link again back to your site. However more links Google sees from relevant websites the higher you are going the more bump up in the organic search results and boost your traffic even more now let me just build on that a little a bit because you might be thinking that sounds great but I just am in this niche where I sell these products and I don`t know anything about it that`s fine what I would recommend you do in that scenario is either start your own YouTube channel as your company or your own podcast where what it is you do is basically, interview others so maybe at a start you`re bringing on your sales reps for different brands and you`re asking them common questions that you get from your customers maybe you`re interviewing other influencers in the space and you`re asking them again about their story or about their answers to questions that your customers usually ask you about the different question which you have to answer them in your FAQs sections or any other format and putting that information out there on the Internet in any medium where your target audience is. So the word gets spread Google now sees this podcast that links back to your site and the more you do things like that the better your site will rank.


All the five things we mentioned above just talked about is gain these are just five different ways that you can go ahead and start getting organic traffic very early on honestly if you put together a strategy that did everything we just said within a 30-daytime frame you can do all of this and you can see results like CDR assignment help UAE there`s a lot more you can do and some of these strategies you should be used consistently over time like guest blog posts like either going on other people`s shows or hosting your show that`s something you`ll continue to do but within 30 days there`s no reason why you can`t see a huge spike in organic traffic by doing the five things I just talked about.

As always guys I hope you got value from this podcast if you did please let me know either by leaving a like if you`re watching the video version or by leaving a review over on Apple podcasts if you`re listening and as always if you want to know more about how we build highly profitable semi-automated online stores are sure to visit Europamundo drop-ship webinar com to get a two-and-a-half-hour free training where I show you exactly how we build these businesses I will post a link in the description for that and with that being said guys I will talk to you in the next episode of the podcast thank you hey what`s up guys here again and we got some real value out of that video you just watched if you did you should definitely check out this one or this video right here I do two new ones every week you`ll see a subscribe button right here and if you want my free training and that is two and a half hours long a value with 237 niches click this button right down here it`ll take you to where you need to go.

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