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Samuel John Nivola, widely known by his nickname “Sam,” is a talented British-American actor who has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his remarkable performances. Born on September 26, 2003, in the City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom, Sam Nivola has quickly risen to prominence despite his young age.

At just 19 years old, Sam Nivola has already made a significant impact in the world of acting. His dedication to his craft and natural talent have earned him critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

Occupation/Profession: Actor

Sam Nivola’s profession as an actor has been a defining aspect of his life. From a young age, he exhibited a deep passion for the performing arts, and he has diligently pursued his dreams. His commitment to honing his acting skills has led to his involvement in a variety of projects that showcase his versatility as an actor.

Sam’s choice of roles reflects his dedication to his craft. He has portrayed characters with depth and authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. His ability to immerse himself in diverse roles demonstrates his range as an actor and sets him apart in the competitive world of entertainment.

Gender: Male

Sam Nivola identifies as male and has been an inspiration for many young aspiring male actors. His success serves as a testament to his talent, hard work, and determination in an industry that can often be challenging to navigate.

Date of Birth: 26 September 2003

Born on September 26, 2003, Sam Nivola’s birthdate aligns with the zodiac sign Libra, characterized by qualities such as balance, charm, and creativity. These traits may very well contribute to his success in the entertainment industry, as they align with the attributes often associated with talented actors.

Age: 19 years old

At the age of 19, Sam Nivola has already achieved significant milestones in his acting career. His youthfulness and fresh perspective bring a unique energy to his performances, making him an actor to watch as he continues to mature and develop in the industry.

Birthplace: City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Sam Nivola’s roots trace back to the vibrant and culturally rich City of Westminster in London, United Kingdom. This city has a storied history and has been home to many great artists and performers. It is here that Sam’s journey as an actor began, and it undoubtedly plays a crucial role in shaping his artistic sensibilities.

Currently lives in: Brooklyn, New York, United States

While Sam Nivola was born in London, he currently resides in the bustling city of Brooklyn, New York, in the United States. Brooklyn is known for its artistic community and diverse culture, providing an inspiring backdrop for an actor to thrive. Sam’s decision to live in Brooklyn further demonstrates his commitment to his craft and his desire to be part of a thriving creative scene.

Nationality: British-American

Sam Nivola proudly embraces a dual nationality, reflecting both his British heritage and his American experiences. This duality adds depth to his identity and allows him to connect with a broader range of audiences, bridging cultures and perspectives through his work.


  • In feet: 5 feet 9 inches
  • In meters: 1.75 meters
  • In centimeters: 175 centimeters

Sam stands at an average height, which is well-suited for the entertainment industry. His 5 feet 9 inches stature provides him with versatility in portraying various roles and on-screen dynamics.

Body Weight:

  • In kilograms: 68 kg
  • In pounds: 149.6 lbs

Maintaining an optimal body weight is crucial for actors, as it allows them to adapt to different roles and physical demands. Sam’s weight of 68 kilograms (149.6 lbs) indicates a healthy and balanced physique, contributing to his overall appeal as an actor.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Sam Nivola’s body type falls into the category of mesomorph. Mesomorphs are typically characterized by a naturally athletic and muscular build, making it easier for them to develop and maintain muscle mass. This body type can be advantageous in the entertainment industry, especially for roles that require physicality and athleticism.

Body Status: Fit

Maintaining a fit physique is essential for actors who often find themselves in physically demanding roles. Sam Nivola’s commitment to fitness is evident in his well-toned body. His dedication to staying in shape contributes to his ability to take on diverse roles with confidence.

Chest Size: 38 inches

A 38-inch chest measurement is indicative of Sam’s upper body strength and well-defined chest muscles. This attribute can be particularly beneficial for roles that require physicality and charisma.

Waist Size: 29 inches

With a waist size of 29 inches, Sam Nivola possesses a lean and proportionate midsection. This waist measurement complements his overall physique and allows for a wide range of costume options for his roles.

Arm Size: 12 inches

Sam’s 12-inch arms reflect a balanced and athletic build. Maintaining toned arms is important for actors, as it allows them to handle action sequences and portray characters convincingly.

Shoe Size: 9 [UK]

Sam Nivola’s shoe size is 9 in the UK sizing system. This information provides insight into his physical proportions and helps costume designers and filmmakers select appropriate footwear for his roles.

Hair Color: Brown

Sam’s brown hair is a defining feature of his appearance. His hair color can be styled to suit various roles, demonstrating his adaptability as an actor.

Eye Color: Brown

Brown eyes are often associated with warmth and depth, and they add character to Sam Nivola’s overall look. His expressive brown eyes are an asset in conveying emotions on screen.

Tattoos: No

As of the available information, Sam Nivola does not have any tattoos. This allows him flexibility in portraying characters with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, as tattoos can be significant visual elements in character development.

Qualification: Graduated

Sam Nivola has successfully completed his education and holds a graduation degree. While specific details regarding his academic pursuits may not be readily available, his graduation is a testament to his commitment to both his education and his acting career.

Schooling at Saint Ann’s School

During his formative years, Sam Nivola attended Saint Ann’s School, which is a prestigious educational institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and artistic development. This educational background likely played a crucial role in nurturing his passion for the arts and may have provided him with a strong foundation for his acting career.

Family and Relationships:

Sam Nivola comes from a family with a strong connection to the world of acting. His mother, Emily Mortimer, is a renowned actress known for her exceptional performances in film and television. She has left a significant mark on the entertainment industry with her talent and versatility.

His father, Alessandro Nivola, is also an accomplished actor with a diverse body of work in both film and theater. Alessandro’s contributions to the acting world have earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Siblings: May Rose Nivola, Penny Mortimer, and Elsie Pearl

Sam Nivola is not alone in his family; he has three sisters named May Rose Nivola, Penny Mortimer, and Elsie Pearl. While he may not have any brothers, his sisters likely share his creative genes and may have played a role in fostering his love for the arts.

Marital Status: Unmarried

As of the available information, Sam Nivola is unmarried. This status allows him to focus on his burgeoning acting career and personal pursuits without the commitments of marriage.

Children: No

Sam Nivola does not have any children at this point in his life. This aligns with his young age and the early stage of his career, during which he may prioritize building his acting portfolio and establishing himself in the industry.

Girlfriend: Possibly Single

While specific details about Sam Nivola’s current relationship status are not widely known, it is possible that he is single. Actors often maintain a level of privacy regarding their personal lives, and Sam may choose to keep his romantic relationships out of the public eye to focus on his career.

Net Worth: US$ 500-600 Thousand Approx.

Sam Nivola’s estimated net worth falls in the range of US$ 500,000 to US$ 600,000, approximately. This figure reflects his growing success in the entertainment industry and the financial rewards that come with his acting career. As he continues to take on challenging roles and expand his portfolio, his net worth may continue to grow.

In conclusion, Sam Nivola’s educational background, family connections in the entertainment industry, and personal life details provide insight into the multifaceted aspects of his life. His dedication to his career and his growing net worth are indicative of a promising future in the world of acting.

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