Questions to Avoid Red Flags When Purchasing an Academic Paper / Dissertation

Does the company guarantee grades? Since grading a paper is often at least partially subjective and dependent on a large number of factors (professor and university standards, client’s understanding of the assignment, peer performance, etc.), steer away from any company which claims to guarantee a certain grade.

CIPD assignment said  It is beyond their control and thus unethical and an open endorsement of contract cheating in the detriment of improving your academic level.


Do the assignment help services offer a money-back guarantee? This may sound like good security to have, but how a money-back guarantee work in principle? Ultimately you are paying for an academic writing service, regardless of the outcome. Just like guaranteeing grades, who will determine whether the paper is to standard or that a refund is in order? You may think it will be you, but the reality is the terms and conditions will be pulled out and you will be left without a refund, and poor quality work. So, I recommend my assignment help.


Does the company employ qualified writers? A great essay writing service comes down to the writers that the company works with. The higher their academic qualifications (MA, Ph.D.), the greater the quality of the output and naturally, the higher rates they will require to write papers (it is hard to believe that a UK Ph.D. holder would be willing to spend days or even weeks of his time preparing an assignment for as little as £100-150). Companies who charge very little for their services normally cannot afford to employ highly qualified writers and resort to hiring students to write their papers instead. So if it is a quality you are interested in, paying a heftier price gives you a better chance of benefitting from the work of an actual Ph.D. holder experts.


Does the service have a professional vibe? A competent, professional, and trustworthy company should treat your call with respect and promptitude, invest time in understanding your needs and preferences, and not try to pressure you into making a hasty purchase. According to the UK’s top writers, the best companies to work with will assign you an account manager who knows the details of your assignment (important information can be easily missed when passed along through the grapevine of a call-center). If the company you’re considering is difficult to reach, pushy, insensitive to your needs, or shifty about their status and practices, you are better off taking your business somewhere more reliable like great assignment help.


Does the company offer a reasonable number of free amendments? As many as 78% of essay writing companies offer free amendments after the delivery of the purchased paper. However, legitimate businesses will place some limitations on this offer, such as a set period of time (usually 7 days, depending on paper length and complexity) during which you can request modifications. Should you come across one of the 28% of companies who boast unlimited amendments, be aware that not only are you unlikely to actually receive this service (it is not feasible), but you are almost certainly dealing with a shady offshore company. 15writers states that None of the businesses that offer unlimited amendments that we have analyzed are registered to the UK or even provide any identifying information.



Is the company an outright scam? You may have heard that when an offer seems too good to be true, it’s because it usually is. Many players in the essay writing industry will try to entice you with low prices and incredible offers, but a large number of these online academic services are little more than scams. Though they advertise under different names and logos, they have the same owners and employ the same writers. Thus, if you were delivered a low-quality paper or were not delivered anything at all by one of these companies and you rightfully decide to take your business elsewhere, you run the risk of hiring the exact same people under a different name. In order to avoid getting scammed, look out for companies with the same unrealistically cheap rates, identical contact forms, identical website structures, etc and use homework help.

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