Pros and Cons of Media

As time passes, we are comparatively become more and more dependent on the media to get the day-to-day updates about the current political, economic, fashion, trends, and also celebrities update through media. Media is very well aware of the fact that they are more powerful and influencers that everyone believes in what they broadcast or telecast on television. People blindfolded believe them, and if they display any negative news or statement about the current political personnel or derail the government, people considered it true. That is the reason every media is racing and fighting for public preference and wants to become the first choice of the public. Media considered them as the cornerstone or third person of every democracy or controversy. Media can be identified for carrying positivity as well as negativity in itself. Let`s have a look at the positive impacts.


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Pros of Media

Attuned to several media channels to get the minute-to-minute update about the world is a very ordinary and simple routine nowadays because people are stuck in their houses but want to know if there any improvement or betterment started or they have stuck more. The world’s severe issues like global warming, COVID 19, deforestation, mental health, economic breakdown, inflation, political disruption, and so on need to focus, and one must be updated. The reporters and broadcasters risk their lives to get all the information from 100 feet below the sea or the highest peak of the mountain or in front of a natural disaster. They courageously, heroically, and fearlessly perform their duty and bring out the most relevant news and updates. Media houses play a vital role to provide updates on all the topics and keep us up-to-date.


Awareness Provider

Many events are taking place around us, and we are unaware of it. When we switch the channel and play the news channel, we get all the in-depth coverage which helps to develop and grow awareness of the events. Such as new law and order publication, etc. saturating and well-maintained media site makes a big difference, as everything converted into digitalization and everyone engaging in that, media build its place to provide minute-to-minute updates and news through a digital platform. People travel by bus or car, having coffee in the café or attending a meeting in the office, everyone can access the updates through a mobile application or social media application or even through Googling it, they get all the fresh content and news.


Boost Social Skills

Day-to-day updates and fresh new content make people conversational and socially active by talking and passing their opinions and review and thoughts on the latest and hottest update. People often talk on buses and even in the office about the latest situations and crises and hence interact with each other and share reviews accordingly.


Cons of The Media

Media keep people up-to-the-minute and advanced awareness of the future scenarios, but more things make media a foe and villain of the story, some of which are.


Missing of Ethics

To getting everything first, media persons often time miss their ethics and journalistic ethics and hence did not respect the privacy of ours during the collection of updates. Many celebrities and famous personnel more often have to face ceaseless reporting and harsh behaviour to splash the most catchy cover page. A heart-wrenching example death of Princess Diana justifies the topic because the accident which took the Princess’s life happened when the reporters chasing the car and caused a crash.


Portraying Negativity

Several media houses hire reporters and media persons having a good body, tall, cute, thin, and could be an example of a good and perfect body. This presented the fact that most of the teenagers dreaming of having such perfection and obtains complexity in them. They admire these personalities and become bulimic to make them fit in the new concept of perfect appearance. Thus, this propaganda growing and imposing and encourage a negative practice of body shaming.


Biasness in the Reporting

Media houses make their news attractive and create controversy by showing one side of the story. Just before big events like elections, media houses exaggerated every type of news to portray a negative or positive image. According to a new launch concept, some media houses support a specific political party, and they contribute by displaying a positive image of that politician and an adverse image of the opposite party. This business is reported to be spread like a fire in the woods.


Hence the media houses play a pivotal and central part in our society that can`t be denied because they provide us with the latest hottest updates of the world and make us aware of our surroundings. On the other hand, media can destroy someone`s career and life by adversely reporting and telecasting about them because they did not go out to find out the truth; instead, they believe what the media told them, and this makes media more powerful and authoritative.

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