Grow Your Online Business in 2022 | Best Digital Marketing Tips

As digital marketing experts, we are going to share with you the number one strategy to grow your online Dissertation business. So if you want to generate more leads more clients more customers and more sales for your online business you`re going to want to stick around because this is the same strategy we’ve used in all of our online businesses for the last many years as well as what I suggest all our clients and all our students do the same. So let`s get to it, the number one place to learn proven marketing strategies to grow your business online. Fine, let`s talk marketing and specifically the number one marketing strategy you want to be used if you want to grow your online business.

We’ve been involved in the online business world for the better part of 10 years now and over that time we have seen a whole lot of things including grown several different very profitable online businesses and also worked with and consulted and essentially seen behind the scenes of hundreds. If not thousands of other online businesses as well so we know what works and what doesn`t and that`s why I can sit here today and confidently say that if you want to grow your online business you`re going to need a strategy that encompasses three different things. The three things that we are going to be sharing with you right now are:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Ascension

We are going to going to break down each one of those, so you can see how to deploy it into your own business. Before we dive into the specifics of each one though it`s really important to know that each one is required each one is mandatory and you`re not going to be able to grow your online business unless you have each element of the traffic of conversion and ascension in place and properly utilized so make sure not to skip any points or to jump ahead without going through the right process.


Alright so the very the first piece of the puzzle is of course traffic now traffic has to do with people with eyeballs and essentially with the attention you need to be able to answer the question and does everybody who could buy from your business know that you exist and if the answer is no then you`ve got some marketing to do specifically. We need to get you some more traffic now in the online business world.

The more clicks on your website the more visits to your website it`s essentially somebody engaging with your content or looking at your social media profile or anything like that so the first thing you need to ask yourself when you`re trying to grow your online business is, are you getting enough traffic are you getting enough visitors to your website are you getting enough people to engage with your content are you getting enough people to watch your videos or to comment on your posts or anything like that if the answer is no well then you`s got a traffic problem but that`s okay because most businesses have a traffic problem this is why the vast majority of pretty much all marketing focuses on traffic.

It focuses on getting more attention on getting academic writing service more leads on getting more eyeballs and getting more clicks on getting that initial surge of people to your website into your offers because without that well nothing else really matters there`s an expression that I love which is if you want to get people to pay you to need them to first pay attention which is why traffic is all about generating attention. It`s getting awareness it`s getting your stuff in front of the right people and that`s the key you see it all starts with the right people after all a million of the wrong people and it wouldn`t do anything to grow your business and yet if I could give you just a hundred or a thousand or maybe even 10000 of the right people.

It would be a total game-changer this is why the first step is identifying who your ideal target the market is that ideal customer avatar that you want to serve and that`s best positioned to be served by your company by your online business. So who is your ideal target market what are their demographic details like their age and their gender and their income and their occupation what their geography is. Details like what city and what state and what province or country do they live in what are their psychographic details like what are their values and their attitudes and their lifestyles and their opinions and what groups are they a part of. Once you`ve got that down well it`s time to try to figure out where they spend their time online essentially where they`re active and where they`re present online.

So that you can go there and pretty much ignore everything else, see the reality is you don`t need to be everywhere you don`t need to do everything you just need to be active and present where your ideal target market is active and present going to save you a ton of time and a ton of energy.

Hence that`s the big thing when it comes to talking about traffic but there are a few more details that I want to make sure you understand as well which is essentially the difference between search traffic and discovery traffic, now search traffic is very much what it sounds like it`s traffic that`s going to come to you through the use of some kind of a search engine. Whether we`re talking about Google or Yahoo or Bing or YouTube or any of the search platforms are places where somebody goes to the platform with a specific question or a specific problem in mind.

They type in whatever they have and then hopefully your website or your video or your page comes up this is why SEO or search engine optimization is still a very valid and very real traffic strategy even today, the other kind of traffic you want to be leveraging and essentially implementing in your business is discovery traffic now. Discovery traffic is platforms like Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and YouTube to a certain extent where essentially someone`s not necessarily searching for what you`ve got but you`re going to still have a way to get it directly. In front of them through the use of some creative marketing strategies so let`s talk about those creative marketing strategies now specifically the difference between paid strategies and organic strategies or not paid you to see when it comes to actually both search and discovery platforms but we`ll just talk about discovery, here well you have an option to put your content directly in front of your ideal target market Merry Maids using paid advertising like Facebook ads or Instagram ads or YouTube ads or LinkedIn ads pretty much any of the advertising platforms this is great because it allows you to laser focus in your message on directly who it is that you`re trying to appeal to which means you`re able to generate as much traffic as you want. Simply by paying more money now paid advertising is great but it tends to stop when you stop paying for it makes sense which is why it`s also great to have an organic strategy or a non-paid marketing strategy organic marketing is simply creating content and then hoping that it gets found by your market.

Now of course there are things you can do to strategically position that content to be found things like making sure that it`s relevant and relatable to your market including relevant search terms or hash tags or things like that the point of the matter is organic content is stuff we`re not paying for which is why it`s typically good to have a nice mix of both now when it comes to content marketing you`ve got a lot of different ways that you can go here but our biggest recommendation are you start with one kind of long-form content essentially some kind of content that an ideal target market or an ideal customer would be willing and sort of interested in consuming for anywhere from three minutes up to 30 minutes and maybe even for up to a couple of hours the best forms of content for this are video and audio specifically through a YouTube video or a podcast I’d love to be able to talk about the benefits of long-form blogging and writing long in-depth articles.

But the reality is they`re just not getting the attention that they once did which is why I really want to push you in the direction of more video or more audio content and probably more video content because you just have so much more flexibility there alright so that`s enough traffic talk now let`s say that you are getting the attention and the eyeballs and the clicks to your website and your videos and your content.


Well, the next step is all about speech writing help UAE conversion you see conversion is what happens after the click, if someone visits your website someone visits your landing page. Someone watches your content well what are they doing next or what are they not doing what you wish.

They would you see it`s one thing to be able to generate a hundred clicks or a thousand clicks or a million clicks. It`s another thing entirely to be able to take those clicks and to turn them into leads and into clients and into paying customers for your business, this is why one of our biggest pet peeves in the entire world of marketing is marketing that focuses on vanity metrics things like likes or comments or shares or subscribers because the reality is you can`t deposit likes in the bank so the first step here is to figure out what kind of conversion you want someone to take whether it`s a hard conversion or a loft conversion. Let me explain a soft conversion is something like signing up for an email list or downloading a lead magnet or registering for a webinar or something that typically doesn`t involve a very high commitment.

Typically it doesn`t involve any money at all the point of a soft conversion is ultimately to warm them up to nurture them and to get them to the hard conversion later and the hard conversion, of course, is some kind of sale this is where you would come directly out and essentially say I have this thing you have this problem give me money and I will solve your problem, of course, you make it a whole lot prettier than that but that`s the basics of it now when it comes to different conversion tools whether we`re talking about soft offers or hard offers you got several different choices including things like lead magnets or downloadable PDF or cheat sheets or blueprints or guides or things like that you`ve got webinars or VSLS which stand for video sales letters again a slightly higher level of commitment also a whole lot more work to produce. Then of course, you have sales pages that are pretty much exactly what they sound like a page designed to make a sale now while there isn`t a one-size-fits-all approach like how you should always use a webinar or always use a lead magnet or always use a VSL or anything like that the reality is that the more expensive your offer or the more commitment. It`s going to require well the deeper the level of conversion you`re going to require for example if you just want someone to download a simple lead magnet so you can get their email well you probably don`t need to put it on a one-hour webinar with all kinds of fancy sequences and hooks and things like that on the other hand if you`re business plan service selling a multi-thousand dollar consulting package you`re probably not going to just be able to send them to a simple post with a few simple words on it.

Though you`ll probably need to warm them up and ultimately have that lead to a phone call or some kind of person-to-person communication, the point is you need to find and kind of reverse engineer the right conversion tool for you and your business but regardless of what kind of online business you have regardless of what price the point you`re selling you`re going to need some kind of conversion mechanism alright so now you`ve got traffic dialed in you`ve got a conversion tool.


Well it`s time to move on to the third and another incredibly important piece which is ascension essentially once people opt-in once they make that initial purchase once they sign up for your Molly Maid webinar or make that sale or whatever it is what are they doing next or like I said before what are they not doing next that you wish they would if your entire business is built off transactional relationships kind of one and done type of interactions well you don`t have a lot of room for scale and it`s really hard to build a long-term sustainable profitable business this is why your marketing doesn`t stop once the sale is made or once the opt-in has been done or once the webinar has been registered for rather this is just the beginning or I guess a new beginning now ascension problems typically stem from one of three different issues or all three if you`re pretty unlucky problem number one

Not Having Anything Else

is not having anything else to sell them again this is that transactional relationship where you sell them something once and then they`re pretty much good to go and you never see them again problem number two is not making what you do have to sell irresistible enough to them or not positioning it in a way that gets them to take action which is kind of a conversion problem so we won`t talk too much about that one and problem number three is not staying top of mind once that initial opt-in or registration or sale has been made. So they forget about you so let`s talk about number one first not having anything else to sell them the question you want to be asking yourself.

All the time in your business is what`s next what else could I possibly sell them or what else do our customers or our clients have problems with that. Our website could be the one to help solve for them, for example, let`s say that you sell running shoes well could you also sell shoelaces or shoe cleaner or shoe insoles or something to carry their shoes with I guess that`d be called a shoe bag a shoe carrier shoe the backpack could you sell them courses on running or training for a 5k or a 10k or a half marathon or a full marathon could you sell them other health-related things like nutrition for runners or supplements or energy drinks or electrolytes or protein powders anything like that the list is pretty much endless the point here is you always want to be thinking what`s next or another way of putting it is what else.

Not Making It Irresistible Enough

Pleasing point number two is not making it irresistible enough or not wrapping it up in a way that leads to conversions. Like what other kind of conversion tool could you use could you send them to a different webinar could you offer a different lead magnet does it need a follow-up sales call or something like that and then point number three is the one that I see all the time which is simply not staying top of mind or not having enough touchpoints or points of contact with your professional cv writing help customers, or with your clients after they make that initial sale or even that initial registration or opt-in the reality is that in the world of marketing out of sight is out of mind which means they`re going to forget that you exist they`re going to forget that you have all these other things to offer and they`re either not going to buy at all or worse they`re going to buy from your competitors there`s another really crazy thing that happens to us as humans which is that we associate a frequency with trust meaning the more that you can show up time and time again in front of your customers and in front of your clients whether their current clients or past clients or even potential clients well the more you can show up in front of them the more they`re going to trust you now there`s a number of different ways that you can increase touchpoints but two of our absolute favorites by far are:

Well, people still check their email a lot and retargeting which is simply running paid advertising like Facebook ads or Instagram ads but only to your existing customers well the reason I like that is that it`s just such an incredibly cost-effective way to stay top of mind and to stay in front of your customers for pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional advertising but here`s the thing whether we`re talking about traffic or conversion or ascension the single underlying element the single guiding principle that makes all of this effect is having those proven marketing fundamentals that proven marketing foundation in place that makes all of this work.

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