How to Take Notes in Class | The 5 Best Methods

Do you know what the best system for taking notes in class is? Luckily for you, I did the research and it turns out that five different note-taking systems are generally accepted to be pretty darn good.

Do you know what the best system for taking notes in class is? Luckily for you, I did the research and it turns out that five different note-taking systems are generally accepted to be pretty darn good. It is for sure, I will be representing these note-taking systems with a different type of video game because it is creative and effective in learning as well as easy to understand.

  • The outline method
  • The Cornell method the mind map method
  • Mind map method
  • The flow method
  • The write on the slides method

Outline Method

At the top of the list, the method we have to learn is the outline method. I chose this to represent it because the outline method is straightforward, based on hierarchy, disciplined, and overall very simple. You couldn`t get simpler than the outline method unless you were just a straight-up academic writing service writing paragraph notes down. An outline method helps you to maintain hierarchy and bullet points to make it easy for your notes which could be very easy to appreciate. To take outline style notes you simply create top-level bullet points of all of the main points in the lecture.

Next for the best result you maintain or add a lower level bullet point. If you’re taking outline notes on paper, it’s a good idea to either space out your main bullet points or summarizes them at the top of your professor goes through them. Additionally, make other and respective bullet points that are more comprehensive down the line. Though, if you’re taking these notes on a computer then it could be beneficial for your because you can smoothly check your lectures in your word file and do changes to it if you want from time to time. Experience says that writing on note bad is the best option as a student.

Cornell Method

I`ve chosen this method because it represents multiple sections for note-taking. It divides your paper into three different sections. You will see two columns and the one column is called the cue column on the left and the other hand the note-taking column. Below those two columns, you can easily add the box which you say description or summary box.

If you want to write in the normal style you can use the right column for this. But, this is where Digital marketing the Cornell method departs from other note-taking systems. These are meant to help you review later. Moreover, you can write your whole topic summary in a summary column. These two sections of the Cornell method, the summary, and the cue column, they’re both designed to help you build reviewable notes the first time you write them.


Mind Map Method


Mind mapping is a perfect note-taking system for students who want to deal with their notes in an organized manner. That doesn`t make any sense at all. Either way, I chose Dhalsim to represent the mind mapping system because he’s a meditator and he’s always focused on improving his mind. To begin a mind map, you simply take a blank piece of paper, draw a circle in the middle of it and add the main topic of the lecture. Ultimately, there are not many branches for mind mapping but still, it does an essay writing service my class notes but I have used them for blog post topics before. When I want to write a blog post on all the ways you could save money in college I wanted to make sure I could cover all my bases. I created a mind map. Building a mind map helps me organize all these topics and as a result, I was able to create a more comprehensive list in the end.

The Flow Method

The fourth note-taking system is the flow method. This system was invented by the Scott writer whose perhaps best known for a professional computer science curriculum in a single year. Scott uses what he calls holistic learning and his approach is opposed to the rigid transcribing style of the outline method. His fighting style is that of basically a wild animal and it’s the complete opposite of more disciplined fighters like Guile. That’s very efficient and worth taking the way of taking notes. As you take your notes, your goal is to create an original document of a travel agency that represents your mental image of the subject. Professional reviews about it. As you take notes, you can go back to earlier points, add details, draw on arrows and little offshoots, and create something that is your own. The main point is to learn as much as can for students who need to involve in their professional degree. This system can boost your learning to the next level and make you eligible to achieve good grades.

Lazy Man’s Way of Taking Notes (Write on the Slides Method)

The lazy man’s way of taking notes is effective as every student want. To represent this note-taking method, I chose Zangief because; do you think I put a whole lot of thought into these things? If your professor lets you download the lecture slides before class, then it can be pretty convenient to just go print them off at the computer lab and write directly on them.

It’s kind of like Sound Cloud where people can leave comments at specific times during an audio file. Slides are an effective way of producing your content in your note-taking paper. Those are the real strengths of the method. You don’t have to write as much because the slides do it for you. You get a timeline view for your notes. Those are in my humble opinion the best assignment writing help five note-taking systems out there. Which one’s right for you? Hey there, thanks for watching my video on the different note-taking systems you can use. If you like this video, I would appreciate it if you could give it a like and share it with a friend who may be not as good at taking notes as you are the charity’s a good thing right If you want to hear more videos every single week on being awesome in college, including more videos on how to take better notes, which I’ll be having come out in the next couple of weeks, then hit the subscribe button up in the corner.

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