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Monica Barbaro, born on 17th June 1990 in San Francisco, California, United States, is a renowned actress known for her captivating performances on both the small and big screens. Despite the bustling nature of the entertainment industry, Monica has managed to carve a niche for herself, solidifying her presence as a talented and versatile artist.

Nickname: Monica

Often referred to simply as Monica, the actress has gained popularity not just for her acting prowess but also for her charming and amiable personality, which has won her a dedicated fan base.

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Occupation/Profession: Actress

Her dedication to her craft has propelled Monica Barbaro to take on a diverse array of roles, showcasing her ability to effortlessly embody characters with depth and authenticity. Whether portraying complex emotional narratives or dynamic action sequences, Monica has proven her mettle as an actress capable of tackling diverse and challenging roles with finesse.

Gender: Female

In an industry where gender dynamics continue to evolve, Monica, as a female actress, has championed the portrayal of strong, multidimensional female characters, contributing to the ongoing conversation about gender representation and equality in the world of entertainment.

Date of Birth: 17 June 1990

Born on the 17th of June in 1990, Monica embodies the traits often associated with her zodiac sign Gemini, exhibiting a curious and versatile nature that reflects in her choice of roles and her approach to her craft.

Age: 32 years old

At 32 years old, Monica continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities, showcasing a maturity in her performances that belies her youthful energy and passion for her art.

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States

Having hailed from the vibrant city of San Francisco, Monica’s upbringing in a culturally diverse and artistically rich environment has likely played a significant role in shaping her perspectives and approach to her career in the entertainment industry.

Currently lives in: Los Angeles, California, United States

Currently residing in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, Monica is situated at the heart of the film and television industry, enabling her to immerse herself fully in the creative energy and dynamic opportunities that the city offers.

Nationality: American

As an American actress, Monica’s work represents a contribution to the rich tapestry of talent that characterizes the American entertainment landscape, solidifying her position as a rising star in the industry.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Gemini

Monica’s identity as a Gemini reflects her adaptability and duality as an actress, allowing her to seamlessly transition between various roles and genres, showcasing her versatility and range on screen.

Monica Barbaro Height and Body Measurements

Monica Barbaro stands at an elegant height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters), showcasing a graceful and statuesque presence that complements her on-screen charisma. Her overall body weight is meticulously maintained at a healthy 60 kilograms (132 pounds), underscoring her commitment to a balanced and active lifestyle.

Monica Barbaro Body Type

The actress boasts a classic pear-shaped body type, which highlights her well-proportioned figure and emphasizes her slender waist and shapely hips. This body type accentuates her graceful and feminine silhouette, contributing to her captivating on-screen presence.

Monica Barbaro Body Measurements

With body measurements of 34A-25-35, Monica maintains a balanced and proportionate physique that embodies a harmonious blend of elegance and vitality. Her chest measures 35 inches, accentuating her graceful posture, while her waist, measuring 25 inches, exemplifies her dedication to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Furthermore, her hips, measuring 35 inches, complement her overall physique, enhancing her appeal on both the screen and the red carpet.

Monica Barbaro Shoe Size, Hair Color, and Eye Color

Monica’s dainty feet are adorned with size 7 (UK) shoes, emphasizing her petite yet powerful presence. Her luscious dark brown hair adds an alluring touch to her overall appearance, radiating sophistication and allure. Complementing her hair, her captivating dark brown eyes exude depth and intensity, further enhancing her on-screen magnetism and captivating the hearts of her audience.

Monica Barbaro and Tattoos

In keeping with her natural and elegant persona, Monica does not adorn her body with tattoos, allowing her natural beauty and captivating performances to take center stage. Her decision to refrain from tattoos emphasizes her focus on her craft and her commitment to portraying diverse characters with authenticity and sincerity.

Monica Barbaro’s Qualifications

Monica Barbaro possesses a degree in acting and dancing, which serves as the bedrock of her talent and versatility as an actress. Her academic background in both acting and dancing has undoubtedly contributed to her ability to seamlessly immerse herself in a variety of roles, showcasing her remarkable range and depth as a performer.

Monica Barbaro’s Educational Background

While details about her early schooling are not widely known, her pursuit of higher education led her to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, an acclaimed institution renowned for its comprehensive programs in performing arts. Her decision to pursue her education in such a prestigious institution reflects her commitment to honing her craft and acquiring the skills necessary to excel in the competitive world of acting.

Monica Barbaro’s Family

Monica Barbaro is a proud daughter of Heidi Wagner, her mother, and Nick Barbaro, her father. Her family, which includes her older brother, Michael Barbaro, and her older sister, Eva B. Duchovny, has been a source of support and inspiration throughout her journey in the entertainment industry.

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Marital Status and Children

As of her current status, Monica remains unmarried. This choice allows her to focus on her burgeoning career and the multifaceted characters she brings to life on screen. At this point in her life, she does not have any children, but her commitment to her craft suggests that she may someday portray motherhood in a captivating and authentic manner on the screen.

Monica Barbaro’s Relationship Status

Monica Barbaro is possibly single, with no confirmed reports of a current boyfriend. The actress maintains a private personal life, keeping details of her romantic relationships away from the public eye. Her focus on her career suggests that she is dedicated to honing her craft and exploring diverse roles on screen.

Monica Barbaro’s Previous Dating History

Details about Monica Barbaro’s previous dating history are largely unknown, as the actress prefers to keep her personal life confidential. Her discretion regarding her romantic past reflects her commitment to maintaining a level of privacy in the public eye, allowing her professional endeavors to take precedence.

Monica Barbaro’s Earnings

Monica Barbaro commands an impressive salary range of approximately US$ 10,000 to US$ 12,000 per episode for her appearances in television shows and movies. Her growing prominence in the industry and her ability to deliver compelling performances have contributed to her ability to command a respectable salary per project.

Monica Barbaro’s Net Worth

With an estimated net worth ranging between US$ 500,000 and US$ 600,000, Monica Barbaro has secured a solid financial foundation through her successful acting career. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to portray diverse and engaging characters have not only earned her critical acclaim but have also contributed to her financial success.

Monica Barbaro’s Social Media Presence

Monica Barbaro maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, where she can be found under the username “monicabarbaro,” allowing her fans to catch glimpses of her personal and professional life. Additionally, her official Facebook account, “officialmonicabarbaro,” and her Twitter account, “monicabarbaro,” serve as avenues for her to engage with her fans and share updates about her upcoming projects and personal endeavors.

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