Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Cost: What to Expect in 2023

You might be wondering about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Cost . You can pick and choose which Dynamics 365 components you want to purchase a license for

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with excellent customer relationship management (CRM) skills and experience. This platform incorporates renowned versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX. This  Dynamics 365 helps companies make more confident decisions based on data-driven insights and recommendations. Businesses can run more efficiently by streamlining and automating manual tasks with intelligent workflows.

Businesses simplify their tasks required for administrative services by using this Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite of cloud-based business applications. This keeps your workforce from focusing on what`s essential, like building and maintaining customer relationships and keeping up with promising business opportunities. Dynamics 365 offers flexibility, which is why many companies adopt it as their CRM.

Dynamics 365 also takes a modern approach to ERP functionality by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality (a combination of reality and virtual reality), and machine learning tools for enterprises. This solution offers several features like automated fraud protection, predictive sales targeting, product visualizations, virtual sales agents, mixed reality remote assistance, etc.

After looking at these features, you might be wondering about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Cost . You can pick and choose which Dynamics 365 components you want to purchase a license for, allowing businesses to build a custom platform that provides them with the precise functionality needed for day-to-day operations.

What are the main cost elements?

Companies must not only consider the cost of executing a particular solution, but also the cost of the effort required to get the business case approved:
Explain key business results
To get business requirements
To implement the solution
To license the software
Periodically update the solution to the latest version.
To support the ongoing maintenance of the software application.
You should also consider internal and external costs when preparing the business case.
Companies carefully consider the major costs of external providers, but do not accurately analyze internal costs such as resource requirements, business interruption, and the cost of not assigning experienced professionals to perform an activity if internal resources contribute to costs. project deliverables.
There are two versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 : Enterprise and Business . The former is the least expensive option and is intended for small and medium-sized organizations that include up to 99 employees, while on the other hand, the Enterprise edition is intended for organizations with 100 or more employees. The cost of Dynamics 365 depends on the version, the number of users, and their roles in terms of the software features they need to access to perform their roles and job functions.
In addition to role-based licences, there is a more popular app-based license, whereby you would spend a per-user price for individual apps, such as Dynamics 365 for Sales , Customer Service, Operations, Service Automation Project, or Customer Service. countryside.
By combining processes with the unstructured work of collaborative productivity (Microsoft 365) along with the structured workflow of business applications ( Dynamics 365 ), you can facilitate increased productivity where it is needed, empowering employees with the help of tools. of productivity that support daily business processes. Microsoft PowerApps is typically used in conjunction with Dynamics 365 and is also suitable for app-based licensing.

Dynamic 365 Business Central is available with 3 license types:

a) Essentials: £57.27 per user per month

  1. Financial administration   
  1. Supply chain management 
  1. Customer Relationship Management 
  1. Human resources management  
  1. Projects management   
  1. Warehouse management  

b) Premium: £81.81 per user per month

  1. Everything in Essentials 
  1. Service Management  
  1. Manufacture 

c) Team Members: £6.54 per user per month

  1. Read anything inside Business Central 
  1.  Update existing data and entries in Business Central (with some reasonable restrictions) 
  1. Approve or reject tasks in all workflows assigned to a user  
  1. Create, edit, delete a quote  
  1. Create, edit, delete personal information 
  1. Enter a timesheet for jobs  
  1. Use Power Apps / Power Automate use rights with Dynamics 365 license 

For  Dynamic 365 for Finance and Operations , a solution built for midsize and large organizations, costs start at £155.44/user per month on the Unified Operations plan and go up to £171.80/user per month for the full Dynamics 365 plan, it also requires a minimum of 20 licenses. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing – £613.58 per organization/month – 10 Dynamics 365 users minimum

Dynamics 365 Marketing – £1227.16 per organization/month – Less than 10 Dynamics 365 users

Additional licences:

Team Member – Perform basic processes and share knowledge.  

$8 per user/month

This Dynamics 365 cost breakdown is for the software only; it involves no configuration, installation, or additional products and services that may be required to successfully implement your preferred edition.  

The best way to implement Dynamics 365

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be calm and stable for some and can become very restless for others. This mainly depends on a few factors, such as the actual vs. anticipated cost of implementation, what is the team`s skill set to deliver, the complexity of the solution, how are the business stakeholders involved, administrative sponsorship, and more. 

Now let`s find out how to reduce the costs, not only of implementation, but also of updating and supporting the application in the long term. A guiding policy for implementing a COTS solution (third party solutions) is to configure rather than customize. 

It doesn`t mean you have to trade functionality; instead it would just be a different method to achieve the same functionality. This can be thought of as a guiding principle or policy, not just a method for implementing a Dynamics 365 application. Customizations can be made to achieve more complicated business requirements, and sometimes it is necessary for business stakeholders to choose the system. But, by understanding and following this principle, you will surely be able to minimize the cost whenever possible. 


Adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be your most important start on your digital transformation journey. Dynamics 365 provides you with some beneficial components that help you cover all perspectives of your business processes and operations. These components work independently and with seamless integration.  


Microsoft Dynamics products have undergone rebranding. You should start with the Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Project Plan from day one which should include some best practices, quality and speed, a structured and proven implementation methodology to keep your Dynamics 365 project on track. This article was intended to set some budget limits for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will help you plan for a successful CRM implementation, let`s get started!

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