Justin Derickson Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

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Justin Derickson is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Born on December 17, 1996, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Justin has carved a niche for himself in the world of acting. His journey in the world of entertainment has been nothing short of remarkable.

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Nickname: Justin

Justin, as he is fondly known in the industry, has a charismatic presence that captivates audiences. His talent and dedication have earned him a reputation as a rising star in the acting world. Whether it’s his infectious smile or his ability to portray diverse characters, Justin’s nickname is synonymous with talent and charm.

Occupation/Profession: Actor

Justin’s choice of profession reflects his passion for storytelling. As an actor, he has the unique ability to bring characters to life, making viewers laugh, cry, and feel every emotion in between. His commitment to his craft has led him to take on a wide range of roles, from dramatic performances to comedic ones, showcasing his versatility.

Gender: Male

Justin’s gender is a fundamental aspect of his identity, but it doesn’t define the depth of his talent or the impact he has in the entertainment world. As a male actor, he contributes to the rich tapestry of diverse talents in the industry, breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries.

Date of Birth: 17 December 1996

December 17th is a special day for Justin and his fans, as it marks the beginning of his incredible journey. Born under the Sagittarius sign, he embodies the traits of this zodiac sign, such as a love for adventure, a positive outlook on life, and a strong desire for personal growth.

Age: 26 years old

At 26 years old, Justin has already achieved remarkable milestones in his career. His youthfulness and energy bring a fresh perspective to the roles he takes on, making him relatable to a wide range of audiences. With each passing year, he continues to evolve as an actor and as an individual.

Birthplace: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Kelowna, nestled in the beautiful province of British Columbia, is where Justin’s journey began. The picturesque landscapes of this region may have played a part in shaping his artistic sensibilities. It’s a place that will always hold a special place in his heart, and it’s where his dreams of becoming an actor first took root.

Currently lives in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, another gem in British Columbia, is now Justin’s current home. This city is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its thriving entertainment industry. It’s where Justin hones his skills, collaborates with fellow artists, and continues to pursue his passion for acting.

Nationality: American

While Justin was born in Canada, he holds American nationality. This dual identity adds a unique layer to his personal and professional life, allowing him to connect with a diverse range of audiences and opportunities on both sides of the border.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit, optimism, and a love for exploration. Justin’s Sagittarius traits seem to be a driving force in his career, as he fearlessly explores the vast landscape of acting, always seeking new challenges and adventures in the world of entertainment.

Height: 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)

Justin Derickson stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch, or 1.85 meters. This stature not only adds to his on-screen presence but also reflects his overall commanding and confident demeanor. His tall frame allows him to embody a wide range of characters, from leading roles to characters with a commanding presence.

Overall Body Weight: In Kilogram – 78 kg, In Pound [lbs] – 171.6 lbs

Justin maintains a healthy body weight of 78 kilograms (171.6 pounds), which is well-suited to his height. His physique is a testament to his commitment to fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Justin’s body type is classified as mesomorph. Mesomorphs are typically characterized by a naturally athletic and muscular build, making them well-suited for physical roles in the entertainment industry. Justin’s mesomorph body type contributes to his ability to take on physically demanding roles with ease.

  • Chest [in inches]: 40 inches
  • Waist [in inches]: 31 inches
  • Arms [in inches]: 14 inches

These measurements provide insight into Justin’s well-proportioned physique. His chest, waist, and arm measurements are indicative of a balanced and toned body, which is often a desirable feature for actors in various genres.

Shoe Size: 10 [UK]

Justin’s shoe size is 10 in the UK sizing system. This detail may seem trivial, but it’s a practical consideration for an actor, as the right footwear can be crucial for the comfort and authenticity of a role.

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green-Blue

Justin’s brown hair and striking green-blue eyes are distinctive features that enhance his on-screen appeal. These features can be versatile assets, allowing him to transform into different characters with various looks and styles.

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Tattoos: No

Justin’s clean canvas of skin means he can easily adapt to roles that require specific looks or the absence of tattoos. This flexibility is an advantage in the acting industry.

Qualification: Graduated

Justin’s educational background includes graduation, indicating a commitment to both his craft and his personal development. Education can provide valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to acting roles and life in general.


Parents: Justin’s father’s name is Chris Derickson. While his mother’s name is not known, his family plays a supportive role in his life and career.

Siblings: Justin does not have any brothers, but he has a sister named Jordan Derickson. Family bonds can be a source of strength and inspiration for individuals pursuing careers in the entertainment industry.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Children: No

As of now, Justin Derickson is unmarried and does not have any children. His focus on his career and personal growth is evident in his current marital status.

Girlfriend Name: Possibly Single

Justin’s romantic life remains private, and he is possibly single at the moment. Maintaining a degree of privacy in personal matters is common for public figures like actors.

Net Worth: US$ 200-220 Thousand Approx.

Justin’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of US$ 200,000 to US$ 220,000 approximately. This reflects his growing success in the entertainment industry, and as his career continues to flourish, his net worth is likely to grow as well.

In summary, Justin Derickson is not only a talented actor but also possesses physical attributes and personal qualities that enhance his versatility in the industry. His commitment to fitness, education, and his supportive family contribute to his ongoing success as an actor with a promising future ahead.

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