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Iyana Halley, often simply referred to as Iyana, is a talented actress who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. She was born on 27 January 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and has since become a well-known figure in the world of film and television. Now at 29 years old, Iyana has an impressive body of work that showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Occupation/Profession: Actress

Iyana Halley’s chosen profession is that of an actress. Her passion for acting has been evident from a young age, and she has honed her skills over the years to become a highly sought-after talent in the entertainment world. With her talent and dedication, she has successfully carved a niche for herself in an industry known for its competitiveness.

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Gender: Female

As a female actress, Iyana brings a unique perspective and energy to her roles. Her ability to portray a wide range of characters and emotions with authenticity and depth has earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Date of Birth: 27 January 1993

Born on 27 January 1993, Iyana Halley possesses the innate talent and charisma that are essential for success in the entertainment industry. Her birth date places her under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, known for its independent and innovative nature, traits that are reflected in her work as an actress.

Age: 29 years old

At 29 years old, Iyana has already achieved a level of recognition and success that many aspire to in their careers. Her age belies the maturity and experience she brings to her roles, making her a formidable presence on screen.

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Iyana’s journey in the entertainment world began in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, where she was born. This vibrant city served as the backdrop for her early experiences and laid the foundation for her future in acting.

Currently lives in: Los Angeles, California, United States

Today, Iyana Halley calls Los Angeles, California, her home. The city of Los Angeles is often referred to as the entertainment capital of the world, and it is no surprise that Iyana chose to reside there. It provides her with access to numerous opportunities and connections within the industry, allowing her to thrive and continue her pursuit of excellence in acting.

Nationality: American

Iyana proudly holds American nationality, a symbol of her connection to the diverse and dynamic culture of the United States. This background enriches her ability to portray a wide array of characters from different walks of life, contributing to the depth and authenticity of her performances.

Iyana Halley’s Height and Body Measurements

Iyana Halley, the accomplished actress, possesses a distinctive physique that complements her on-screen presence. Standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches or 160 centimeters, she embodies the perfect blend of elegance and charisma. Her height of 1.6 meters places her comfortably in the realm of leading ladies in the entertainment industry.

Her Body Weight

Maintaining a svelte figure, Iyana Halley weighs 52 kilograms or 115 pounds, showcasing her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Her slender body type is often described as “banana,” characterized by well-proportioned curves that enhance her natural beauty.

Precise Body Measurements

Iyana’s precise body measurements of 32B-24-34 inches contribute to her striking on-screen presence. With a chest measurement of 34 inches, a waist size of 24 inches, and hips measuring 34 inches, her hourglass silhouette is both enviable and alluring, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.

Shoe Size, Hair, and Eye Color

Her petite frame is complemented by a UK shoe size of 5, underscoring her graceful stature. Iyana’s captivating features are further accentuated by her luscious black hair and piercing black eyes. These features add depth and intensity to her on-screen characters, making her performances even more compelling.

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A Tattoo-Free Canvas

In a world where body art is increasingly prevalent, Iyana stands as a tattoo-free canvas. Her natural beauty remains unadorned, allowing her to transform seamlessly into a wide range of roles without distraction or alteration.

Family Background of Iyana Halley

Iyana Halley comes from a close-knit family with loving parents. Her mother, Yolanda Halley, and her father, Manny Halley, have been pillars of support in her journey as an actress. Additionally, Iyana shares her name with her brother, Manny Halley, indicating the strong bond within their family.

Marital Status and Personal Life

As of now, Iyana Halley remains unmarried, focusing on her burgeoning career in the entertainment industry. She has not welcomed any children into her life and appears to be possibly single, as her boyfriend’s name remains undisclosed. Her previous dating history is shrouded in mystery, leaving fans curious about her romantic endeavors.

Earnings and Net Worth

Iyana Halley’s talent and hard work have contributed to her financial success. She earns an estimated US$ 2,000 to 3,000 per episode or movie, a testament to her growing demand in the entertainment world. Her net worth is approximated at US$ 600,000 to 700,000, reflecting both her financial stability and the lucrative nature of her career.

Advertisement Fees

While her acting career flourishes, specific details regarding Iyana Halley’s advertisement fees remain unavailable. This omission leaves room for speculation about potential future brand collaborations and endorsements.

Iyana Halley’s Social Media Presence

Iyana Halley maintains an active and engaging presence on various social media platforms, allowing her fans to connect with her on a personal level and stay updated on her life and career.

Instagram: @theiyanahalley

On Instagram, Iyana can be found under the handle @theiyanahalley. Her Instagram feed provides a visual journey through her life, offering glimpses of her work, travels, and personal moments. She uses this platform to share her experiences and interact with her followers.

Facebook: Unavailable

While Iyana Halley is present on Instagram and Twitter, she does not have an official Facebook page as of now. This choice reflects her selective approach to social media, focusing on platforms that resonate most with her and her audience.

Twitter: @theiyanahalley

Iyana is also active on Twitter, where she can be followed at @theiyanahalley. On this platform, she shares her thoughts, engages in conversations, and keeps her followers informed about her latest projects and updates. Twitter serves as a direct line of communication between Iyana and her fan base.

Debut in Television: “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez” (2013, as Patty Holt)

Iyana Halley made her television debut in 2013 on the show “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez,” where she portrayed the character Patty Holt. This marked the beginning of her journey in the world of television, and her performance garnered attention for its promise and potential.

Debut in Film: “True to the Game” (2017, as Bria)

In the realm of film, Iyana’s debut came in 2017 with the movie “True to the Game,” in which she played the role of Bria. Her transition from television to film was seamless, and her talent continued to shine, solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Iyana Halley’s social media presence provides fans with a window into her life, while her debut performances in television and film mark the beginnings of a promising career. As she continues to captivate audiences and expand her body of work, her online platforms serve as essential tools for connecting with her supporters and sharing her artistic journey.

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