Brainwash Yourself in 21 Days for Success ! Tips To Increase Your IQ

This time I want to discuss a concept that can change your life, one of the most valuable concepts that I learned as a writer is that, to reach the level of success self-confidence, and prosperity that you want you to have to brainwash yourself.

But the question is who`s doing the brainwashing believe it or not the world that we live in is always trying to brainwash in many ways. They are trying to infiltrate your subliminal mind like Florence Scovel Shinn once said “if you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else was running for you” the media wants to brainwash you certain religions want to brainwash you, advertising companies want to brainwash you. That`s why they spend over 20 billion dollars every year in marketing ads of essay writing service UAE just to get inside of your subconscious mind they know that once they become a part of your paradigm your belief system they have a slight level of control over your decision-making. After years of research, psychologists have finally understood how the subconscious mind works and how to penetrate it at will this is why regulatory the crowds aren`t hard at all Jim Morrison once said whoever controls the media panels the mind see once you have control over someone`s mind you control what they create in their reality so wouldn`t it be better if you were to brainwash yourself. After research and past experiences, I`m going to teach you how to successfully reprogram your mind and brainwash yourself to create the desired effect in your life. There`s nothing you cannot do with this knowledge if applied correctly you will successfully create happiness prosperity abundance fulfillment self-confidence and so much more but you have to be diligent in this exercise for this to work you have to be persistent and have a small amount of willpower.

Understand the Subconscious Mind

Imperative to appreciate how to successfully brainwash yourself you have to understand the subconscious mind your subconscious mind is tremendously powerful but also extremely vulnerable,

Facts about Subconscious Mind

  • your the subconscious mind is always on and footage what you are hearing and maxim it`s even picking up what you are not consciously aware of this is how subliminal mails work if you fall asleep with the TV on it hears everything being said and is listening.

  • It is a giant tape recorder records all of your life`s memories and experiences. It stores all events as mental movies and images in the mind.

  • It does not hear no or not if you say I will not smoke cigarettes the image that appears in your mind is cigarettes thus you`ll continue to think cigarettes for.

  • It cannot comprehend the future the subconscious only knows now the present is the only tense that exists that`s why if you have goals you should see them already accomplished.

  • Our subconscious controls 95% of our lives the subconscious forms our habits and we are creatures of habit 95% of the things you said and thought today you also said and thought yesterday that means the conscious mind is only in control 5% of the time.

  • The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between your imagination and an actual event that`s why you get scared with Goosebumps while watching a scary movie you consciously know that it`s not real but the subconscious the mind cannot tell the difference

  • Last but not least. repetition creates new beliefs in the subconscious mind say or think anything long enough and you will eventually start to believe it even if it`s a completely false spell with that being said you can recognize, how and why there is a war out for your mind.

Law of Attraction

Basic things they don`t tell you that on a significant level, you will factually begin to attract the very things you place confidential of your subconscious mind. Yes! You attract the thing that you think about most often this is sometimes called the law of attraction and it is very true and powerful universal principle. It states that you will draw to you the condition`s circumstances people and events that match your dominant filling thoughts and words your thoughts are a form of dynamic energy that attracts to you exactly what you think. Since the subconscious mind deforms our habits we usually think the same thoughts over and over again and this is why we get the same reality over and over again for us to consciously choose a better reality we must reprogram our subconscious thoughts this is why you need to brainwash yourself so how do we do it?

How Do You Brain Wash Yourself?

Write On Sheet of Paper

Take a sheet of CIPD assignment writing service in UAE paper and write down exactly what you want in full feature it can be everything from a lifestyle to a certain job to a precise car you want it might be anything just make sure that it`s crystal clear in feature.

Visualize Yourself

Visualize yourself already having and attaining your desired object make mental movies in your mind and play them out as if it`s already a reality remember the subconscious mind cannot tell the variance between a visualization and a definite event.

Stop Watching Media

Stop watching television shows or movies that contradicts your new belief since the subconscious mind is always influenced you want to give it the right influence only give your attention and energy to the things that complement your ideal lifestyle with Housekeeping services and the desired object go on a news fast for 30 days don`t watch the news at all you`ll notice how your vibration will begin to rise.

Create Short Affirmation

It creates short but sugary affirmation that suggests that you previously have your desired object for example if you want to become successful and create an affirmation such as I am successful if you want to be the monetarily stable start your affirmation, with I am wealthy continuously start your affirmations and the current tense. Such as I have or I am remembering the subconscious only operates in the present tense.

Create an Alarm to Remind

create an alarm on your phone that will remind you at a certain time to speak your chosen affirmation now for this exercise I would like you to only choose one affirmation set a five-minute timer on your phone and every day say your affirmation over and over again while you`re saying it images will start to appear in your mind regarding what you`re saying let them happen and feel the feelings while continuing to say the affirmation this may seem foolish at first but I assure you this is a sure way to drum any new idea inside of your subconscious mind do this for a minimum of 21 days.

Listen To Affirmations

Listen to affirmations or create your own that complements your desired goal make an mp3 and put it on your phone and listen to it on a low comfortable value. Although you slumber and put it on recurrence your subconscious mind is constantly listening and it`s completely susceptible in a dreamlike state you will begin to accept what you hear in the affirmations as your confidence system do this for a minimum of 21 days.

Talk About Your Needs and Desires

Begin to talk about what you desire as if it`s already a fact let`s say you`re having a conversation with a friend about your finances talk as if you are previously as wealthy as you want to be in other words use your head as a child and imaginary act as if remember your reality follows your imagination.

Maintain and Repeat New Habits

Always try to repeat new habits and beliefs that are shaped through repetition. Remember it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a brand new belief. If you follow these simple instructions which I mention according to my online resume writing experience, then you will successfully brainwash yourself for more tools to consciously take control of your subconscious mind transfer my free app the affirmation reminder you can find in your App Store. Right now and it`s free also purchase my best-selling book 222 Prosperity affirmations on Amazon. This book will successfully teach you how to reprogram your subconscious mind for Prosperity, and I hope you enjoyed this and I truly think, you use this evidence can and will transform your life.

Use This to Control Your Brain

There are so many people in the world and you may be watching this right now and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing is motivation and that`s not true because of the way that our minds are wired and the fact about human beings are that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or frightening or difficult our brains are planned to defend us from those things because our brains are trying to keep us alive and to change to build a business to be the best parent of a spouse to do all those things that you know you want to do with your life with your work with your thoughts you`re going to have to do things that are tough uncertain or scary which sets up this tricky for all of us, you`re never going to feel like it. Our minds are designed to stop you at all costs from doing anything that might hurt you

Why We All Have Habit Of Hesitation? 

We all have a habit of hesitating in many situations like in cleaning services. when you have an idea are you`re sitting in a meeting you have this incredible idea and instead of just you know saying it you stop and you hesitate now what none of us realize I that when you hesitate just that moment that micro-moment that`s small hesitation sends a stress signal to your brain it wakes your brain up and your brain all of a sudden goes oh wait for a minute wait why is he hesitating he didn`t hesitate when he put on his killer spiky sneakers he didn`t hesitate with the cool track pants he didn`t hesitate with the NASA tee shirt now he`s hesitating to talk something must be up then your brain goes to work to protect you it has a million different ways to protect you.

One of they are called the spotlight effect it`s a known phenomenon where your brain magnifies risk Y to pull you away from something that it perceives to be a problem and so you can truly trace every single problem or complaint in your life to silence and hesitation.

Best Exercise to Improve Your Brain Function?

The answer is that we know the most about aerobic exercise that exercise increases your heart rate. We know the most a bit the positive effect of side. There is a little bit of evidence that strength training can also be positive, but there is not much evidence there. Walking alone will improve your mood as well and you don’t have to become a triathlete. It is going to be something like 3 or 4times a week. Make use of it depends on where you start to form. It is not like if you have no activity at all then you suddenly have to increase 3 times a week immediately to get those effects. Or if you already have a good exercise routine you might have to increase even more to get the maximum benefits.

What Time Of Day Is Critical And Most Effective?

Early morning first thing in the morning exercise is beneficial because it is increasing all those neurotransmitters all those growth factors at a time right before you need to use your brain to learn and remember so contrast that with At the end of the day exercise you can still benefit from that but you`re not required to use your brain most of us after we go home after a workout so my recommendation is always to maximize the effects of exercise for your daily cognitive functions do it first thing in the morning.

4 Powerful Techniques to Increase Your IQ

Independent Studies

Independent study while advanced degrees offer an array of educational opportunities you can increase your IQ without spending thousands on an expensive program including HND assignment service in UAE in this day and age information’s everywhere if you don`t believe me, open a web browser type in any question you can imagine someone somewhere in the world will have an answer you`ll find research studies conducted on the topic books written by foremost specialists in the field classes trained by experienced professionals the modern world offers a a limitless supply of educational resources all you have to do is them many of the world`s most intelligent people found success outside of traditional academia they checked out dozens if not hundreds of books from the library they attended conferences listened to seminars and network with others in their the field they took benefit of online courses where they not only learn from the best but also honed new and exclusive skills the information’s out there the resources are waiting to be read engrossed and put into practice there`s only one hurdle standing in your way it`s the same reason that most people struggle to educate themselves without traditional schooling when you study on your own there`s no one telling you what to do there`s no one keeping you inline there`s no one forcing you to read book after book outside of the classroom learning is a game against yourself if you want to increase your IQ you`re responsible for your own education if you falter you won`t learn much but if you can stay self-disciplined you`ll discover an incredible habit that will carry with you for the rest of your life why is that well because independent the study teaches you to love learning you begin to crave new knowledge and synthesize that knowledge in ways that most people just don`t understand have you ever noticed the most intelligent people aren`t just good at one thing their encyclopedic brains excel in specific fields but they draw from a wide bank of information when you understand a myriad of subjects your brain processes information in more innovative ways you discover new solutions connections and perspectives which you never would have seen otherwise so if you`re interested in something anything just picks up a book read an article enroll in an online course each and every time you discover something new your cognitive abilities will grow a little bit more you don`t need teachers lectures and classrooms to build your intelligence with millions of educational resources at your disposal you can increase your IQ all on your own.

Musical Training

Musical training did you learn piano as a kid, most people played some kind of instrument growing up maybe you played in a school band or just learned a couple of songs on the guitar. These days you may only remember a few chords but childhood hobbies had a lasting impact on your brain a study from 1998 in the journal scientific correspondence discovered something incredible about musical training it turns out adults who play an instrument were better learners than almost anyone else imagine you`re sitting in class listening to a speech on American history or cell biology some students will recollect more material for do my uni dissertation than others, their memories are geared towards certain kinds of stimuli either verbal or visual if you have a strong verbal recollection you learn the best from lectures speeches and conversations you retain and process spoken language quickly and efficiently but if you`re a visual learner lectures aren`t your strong suit instead you prefer diagrams and displays which show information in a visual way so how do these two types of learning relate to music maybe you ask subsequently reading and remembering music adults with musical training demonstrated fantastic verbal memories in fact they`re spoken skills significantly outperformed everyone else in the education but they`re not bad visual learners either their visual scores continued on par with the average visual knowledge in other words musicians have a knack for both types of learning.

So what are these conclusions mean for you if you learn an instrument you may become a capable learner across the board absorbing both verbal and visual stimuli if you can learn in more varied ways your brain can process more information than the average person and appreciate subjects from a diversity of angles oh but that`s not all musical training does for your brain. A second study from 2009 in the Journal of Neuroscience found that music reconstructs the brain scientists call this brain plasticity means the structure of your brain can change in response to your environment if your environment is more musical, those changes become more dramatic your brain is the most susceptible to change during major periods of development like adolescence and young adulthood during these periods of significant growth musical training strengthens. The regions of your brain associated with learning memory motor skills and hearing skills not to mention it`s also expressively and imaginatively stimulating, so pick up the piano fish your old guitar out of the garage learn a song or two, or just fiddle with the strings you don`t have to be a world-class musician a little practice goes a long way.

Strengthening Your Hearts

The next one is strengthening your heart physical and intellectual performance go hand-in-hand a study from 2009 published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the sciences of the USA exposed a close relationship between intelligence and athleticism. We often think of brains and brawn as natural enemies but physical and mental fitness is a great way to surge your IQ. But not in the way most people think, lift weights and building muscles isn`t going to strengthen your brain but training your heart might in early 2009. Study with strong cardiovascular systems was some of the smartest, ways, why because the heart provisions the brain with oxygenated blood your brain needs that blood to think the process and retain the material. Oh and that`s not all the heart also connects with the brain in several different ways neurologically the two organs convey nerve impulses back and forth controlling essential bodily purposes your heartbeat, for example, stems from signals in the brain. The heart and brain also conversation information through hormones pressure waves and neurotransmitters, consequently even if your heart can`t think it plays an important role in all kinds of cognitive and psychological functions. So physical fitness isn`t just for athletes intelligent people need to encounter their bodies too and that way your brain gets the whole thing it needs to perform at its peak.

Mastering a New Language

Mastering a new language in our civilization language is everything we use language to express ideas concepts and philosophies we use it to tell stories and document our history to communicate and build relationships without language humankind would never have evolved into the global force that we are today that`s why understanding language is such a key component of our intellectual abilities people who understand language excel socially and professionally in our society so what`s the best way to improve your understanding of language learning a new language is a great place to start in a 2012 study from the journal neural image researchers found that bilingual adults have a huge neurological advantage over adults who speak only one language and learn software installation services, you see learning a new language is a lot like musical training it challenges specific regions of the brain on a regular basis forcing those regions to expand the basic significant regions are the hippocampus which controls learning and memory and the frontal lobe which controls problem-solving and language comprehension accepting a new language leads to a higher concentration of gray matter in both the hippocampus and the frontal lobe more gray matter allows for more complex cognitive developments and more development means a higher IQ on the best part of this powerful technique like all the others on this list is that you can start at any time there are dozens of classes tutors and books that can explain you a second language in just no time you can even use interactive apps on your the phone which turns language comprehension into an educational game by pleasing benefits of these resources you won`t just learn a few new tricks you`ll expand your brain and you`ll increase your IQ for years to come.

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