How to Write A Perfect Essay (Tips)

Several times, in their academic career, students think why do we get essays to write? The lengthy and heavily word populated paper, they do not get an suitable answer neither from their classmates nor from friends.


Several times, in the academic career, students think why do we get essays to write? The lengthy and heavily word-populated paper, they do not get a suitable answer either from their classmates nor from friends. Time passes and they get through their academic life and enter into a professional career. On the job interview test, they have to write long descriptions and have to format them into paragraphs in the whole test just like essay writing then they realize that those essays in their academic life were for warm up to get success in their professional career. On the job, they have to write official letters, presentations, business reports and of course the typical essays.

After their job interview test, they understand the importance of an essay and pray for their instructors who supported them for their writing skills. You can also get help online from essay writing service provider to increase your writing skills. However, the most common structure to write the essay is as follows:


This is the opening phase of an essay; here you have to write the greetings of an essay.


You have to give a short analysis of your essay here. The thing which you have to highlight in your mind is that this orientation phase should be brief and attractive.


Here you have to tell about your inspiration towards your decision about choosing your topic.


This is the original and formal representation of your introduction. Here, you have to write the contents, an overview of your essay and much more related to an introduction like acknowledgements and etc.


This part of the essay is the main argumentative paragraph; in here you have to write all claims, causes and their effects. You can also give some positive points of your essay here.

Para 1

This is the strongest paragraph in between all three paragraphs. Here you can write the most important arguments with which you have strong proves to claim with your essay.

Para 2

Less strong paragraphs, with thoughts, somewhat neutral thinking is placed here. This para has a low impact than the para1.

Para 3

This is the weakest argumentative paragraph. Here, you are required to put more usual paragraphs than the other two paragraphs. The arguments here have a very low impact but they are supportive to your essay.


This is the closing phase of the paragraph in an essay. You have to tell about the resulting talk to your essay here with the elaboration of your proposed essay

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