Ellie Thumann Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Married, Family, Height Weight, Bio

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While specific details about Ellie Thumann’s salary per episode or movie are not publicly available, her success as a social media personality and fashion influencer has contributed to her overall net worth. With an estimated net worth of approximately US$ 100-150 thousand, Ellie’s financial standing reflects the fruits of her labor and the impact of her engaging content on various digital platforms. Additionally, her potential earnings from brand endorsements and collaborations, although undisclosed, have likely contributed to her growing financial success within the digital and fashion industries.

Short Bio

Ellie Thumann, born on the 29th of October, 2001, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, is a notable figure in the realm of social media stardom. A vibrant Scorpio, Thumann has garnered significant attention for her endeavors in the world of fashion and vlogging. Currently residing in the buzzing city of Los Angeles, California, she has established herself as an influential presence in the digital sphere, captivating audiences with her distinctive style and engaging content.

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Known For

Ellie Thumann is widely recognized for her prominent YouTube channel, ElliexoxoFashion. With her charismatic personality and an innate flair for fashion, she has cultivated a dedicated fan base, earning accolades and admiration for her unique approach to style and beauty. Through her channel, Thumann has seamlessly bridged the gap between her passion for fashion and her natural ability to connect with her audience, offering a blend of informative and entertaining content that resonates with viewers worldwide.


As a dynamic social media star, Ellie Thumann has effectively carved a niche for herself within the digital landscape. Leveraging her creativity and keen fashion sense, she has successfully transformed her passion into a thriving profession. Constantly exploring new avenues to express her individuality, Thumann has cemented her status as a trendsetter, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their own unique sense of style and self-expression.


Ellie Thumann, a young and vibrant talent, identifies as female. Through her various online platforms, she has championed the empowerment of women and has served as a role model for individuals seeking to pursue their passions fearlessly, irrespective of gender stereotypes or societal norms.

Date of Birth and Age

Born on the 29th of October, 2001, Ellie Thumann is currently 20 years old. Despite her relatively young age, she has demonstrated remarkable maturity and a profound understanding of her audience’s needs and preferences, which has contributed to her meteoric rise within the digital space.


Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Thumann’s roots play a significant role in shaping her identity and creative endeavors. Her upbringing in the vibrant city of Phoenix has instilled in her a sense of dynamism and an appreciation for diverse cultures, both of which are reflected in her distinctive content and unique fashion choices.

Currently lives in

Having transitioned to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, California, Ellie Thumann has embraced the fast-paced lifestyle synonymous with the entertainment capital of the world. This move has not only facilitated her proximity to various opportunities within the fashion and media industries but has also allowed her to immerse herself in a vibrant and diverse cultural environment, fostering her growth as a content creator and influencer.


Ellie Thumann proudly claims her American heritage, serving as a representative of the dynamic and multifaceted cultural landscape of the United States. Her work embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation often associated with the American ethos, resonating with a global audience and transcending geographical boundaries.

Zodiac or Birth Sign

Being born on the 29th of October places Ellie Thumann under the enigmatic sign of Scorpio. Her passion, determination, and resourcefulness are emblematic of the defining characteristics often attributed to individuals born under this sign. This astrological connection further adds to the mystique surrounding her persona, contributing to the allure and intrigue that captivates her ever-growing audience.

Ellie Thumann’s Height and Body Measurements

Ellie Thumann, a prominent figure in the world of social media and fashion, possesses a statuesque height of 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8 meters. Her striking height not only contributes to her overall presence but also allows her to carry off a wide array of fashion styles with effortless grace. Transitioning to her body measurements, Ellie has a svelte and model-like body type classified as “Banana,” characterized by her balanced proportions and slender frame. Her body measurements are an impressive 34A-24-35, which further accentuate her ability to carry herself with elegance and style.

Chest, Waist, and Hips

Ellie Thumann’s physical attributes are noteworthy. Her chest measures 35 inches, accentuating her feminine charm and adding to her appeal as a fashion influencer. With a slim waist measuring 24 inches, she embodies the quintessential hourglass figure, allowing her to experiment with a diverse range of outfits that complement her silhouette. Her hips, mirroring her chest measurements at 35 inches, perfectly harmonize with her overall body structure, underscoring her innate sense of style and fashion acumen.

Shoe Size and Fashion

In the realm of fashion, every detail matters, and Ellie Thumann is well-aware of this fact. Her shoe size, which is 8.5 in the UK, indicates her penchant for footwear that not only complements her outfit but also provides comfort and style. Ellie’s shoe choices often serve as an extension of her fashion statement, underscoring her meticulous attention to detail and her commitment to a well-put-together look.

Hair Color and Eye Color

Ellie Thumann’s light brown hair exudes a warm and welcoming aura, contributing to her overall appeal. Her hair color not only complements her skin tone but also provides versatility for various fashion styles and looks. Complementing her hair is her hazel eye color, which adds depth and intrigue to her captivating gaze. Her eye color further enhances her ability to engage and connect with her audience, captivating them with her expressive and alluring eyes.


Unlike many individuals in the realm of social media and fashion, Ellie Thumann proudly flaunts a tattoo-free canvas. This absence of tattoos allows her to embrace a versatile range of fashion choices, from glamorous red-carpet looks to everyday casual wear. It also aligns with her identity as a role model, showing that one can achieve success in the fashion and social media world without conforming to every trend. Ellie’s choice to remain tattoo-free is a testament to her commitment to authenticity and individuality within the industry.

Ellie Thumann’s Family and Marital Status

Ellie Thumann’s strong family foundation has played an integral role in shaping her journey to success. Blessed with nurturing and supportive parents, Amy Thumann and her father, whose name is yet to be updated publicly, have been instrumental in fostering Ellie’s ambitions and providing her with the necessary guidance and encouragement to pursue her passions. Her mother, Amy Thumann, has been a steadfast source of inspiration, instilling in Ellie the values of dedication and perseverance, which have contributed significantly to her rise as a prominent figure in the digital space.


In addition to her supportive parents, Ellie Thumann shares a close bond with her siblings, creating a tight-knit family dynamic. Her younger brother, Will Thumann, and older sister, Erin Thumann, have been an essential source of companionship and camaraderie throughout her journey. Will, the younger of the siblings, has likely looked up to Ellie as a role model, while Erin, the older sister, has possibly provided guidance and support, fostering a strong sense of unity within the Thumann family.

Marital Status and Children

Currently unmarried, Ellie Thumann remains focused on her burgeoning career in the realm of fashion and social media. Her commitment to her craft and her dedication to connecting with her audience has been a driving force in her life, allowing her to channel her energy into creative endeavors and professional growth. With no children of her own as of now, Ellie has dedicated her time and efforts to building her brand and inspiring her followers, serving as a beacon of motivation for young individuals aspiring to make their mark in the digital world.

Ellie Thumann’s Relationship Status

Ellie Thumann, with a thriving career and a strong focus on her digital presence, is possibly single, with no confirmed reports of a current romantic partner. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to creating engaging content for her followers have taken precedence, indicating that she is wholly invested in her professional endeavors at this point in her life. With a private personal life shielded from the public eye, Ellie has maintained a level of discretion about her relationships, allowing her audience to primarily engage with her creative work and vibrant personality.

Dating History

Details about Ellie Thumann’s previous dating experiences remain undisclosed, leaving her romantic history a subject of speculation. With no confirmed reports or public knowledge about her past relationships, Ellie has managed to keep her personal life relatively private, focusing her energy on building her online presence and establishing herself as a prominent fashion and lifestyle influencer. This approach has allowed her to maintain a level of privacy, enabling her to navigate the public eye while staying true to her professional ambitions and creative pursuits.

Social Media Presence

Ellie Thumann’s active presence on Instagram, with the handle @elliethumann, serves as a direct channel for her to connect with her audience and share her latest fashion endeavors, beauty tips, and lifestyle inspirations. While her Facebook account remains unavailable to the public, her engagement on Twitter under the username @elliethumann further amplifies her reach, enabling her to interact with her followers on a more personal and dynamic level. Through her vibrant social media presence, Ellie continues to solidify her position as a prominent influencer, captivating audiences with her relatable content and infectious enthusiasm for all things fashion and lifestyle-related.

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