5 Easy ways to write a coursework:

What is Coursework? Many A–level and GCSE subjects consider coursework with exams because the coursework takes the main part in all over the grades. The coursework is more preferable by students. Because it provides a chance to the students so that they can show their academic skills and abilities other than the high pressure of the exam room. A GCSE and A-level is a kind of an essay or project. The objective of coursework is a choice of a student in which they can conduct their research about any topic. Coursework is just like a form of investigation and analysis. Most of the students usually work on coursework at home but sometimes it will be assisted by schools. There are some examples like English, Geography or Science course works. The English coursework is a descriptive essay, geography is based on reporting interpretation of data, and science coursework represent a form of experiments and scientific projects.

4 Main Rule of Writing a Coursework:

According to Ivory Research, before starting your coursework it is very important to understand the rules of writing coursework.

1. No plagiarism- always write coursework in your own words. All the information that gets must be true and relevant. Good research work will help you a lot.

2. Take guidelines from your teacher- You must take help from your tutor or teacher.

3. Check your word count- Always check that your appendices and bibliographies must be included within the word count.

4. Check the topic at first- Always choose a different topic for coursework from the exam topics.

5 Easy ways to write coursework:

1. Choose your topic:

You must choose that topic which you like more so that you can write on it with enthusiasm. If you choose a topic which you are working then you will focus more on it. Always try to write a coursework on the topics which have a vast scope. Do focus on research work and discuss your points accordingly. Moreover while writing coursework on your favorite topic it is too hard to keep within the word count. So you must concern with your teacher they will guide you in your selected topic with proper academic skills.

2. Plan how long it’s going to take:

Never delay coursework even if you are writing in a form of an essay or other work until the last minute. When you understand the deadlines you must include time with your first draft for comments from your teacher. You must work before the deadline so that you can easily cover all research work within the word count. Furthermore, take some time for corrections which will be based on the teacher’s feedback. And at last, you have to take some time to proofread as well.

3. Conduct your research and gathering data:

Do gather some research by using the right keyword and good searching skills. You can use resources such as the internet, books newspapers, articles, or any relevant resource which is genuine for your topic. You can also sum up some data by visiting online sites. After analyzing different resources thoroughly and write up your project.

4. Use supporting materials and graphics:

You can use some graphics and supporting materials including charts, images, and tables in your coursework. You can also use an appendix other than detail raw data. For example in a case that your coursework is based on the results of the survey. So you can provide an appendix and summaries in the body of the coursework as a raw response to a survey.

5. Footnotes and bibliography:

It is an essential thing that you must write coursework in your own words. Even if you are stating any quote you must use quotation marks. Because plagiarism is not acceptable in any kind of academic writing. You can use footnotes as the word processor will allow you to insert any statement. You can put just a number at the end of the sentence and the other one in the footer of the document where you can write the name of the author. Moreover, the page will attach along with the quote, and at the end of your work, you must include a bibliography with it.

After completing your first draft you must ask for feedback from your teacher. Then you have to check it before sending your coursework for submission. You have to read your document completely and check that it all makes sense or not. Check the word count that bibliography is within your word count or not. If it is exceeding then you must omit some extra information and proofread it. You can also format your paper such as fonts, line spacing, etc. Once you check all the documents then be ready to submit your coursework along with the great efforts.

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