Tyroe Muhafidin Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

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Tyroe Muhafidin is a young and talented Australian actor who has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Born in 2006, Tyroe is currently 16 years old, and his journey in the world of acting has been nothing short of impressive. His unique talent, dedication, and passion for his craft have already set him apart as a rising star to watch.

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Nickname: Tyroe

While Tyroe Muhafidin’s full name is quite distinctive, many of his fans and friends affectionately call him “Tyroe.” This nickname adds a friendly and approachable dimension to his personality, reflecting his down-to-earth nature despite his growing fame.

Occupation/Profession: Actor

At such a young age, Tyroe has already established himself as an actor of great promise. His dedication to the craft of acting and his ability to immerse himself in diverse roles have earned him recognition and critical acclaim. He has shown remarkable versatility in his performances, portraying a wide range of characters with depth and authenticity.

Gender: Male

Tyroe Muhafidin identifies as male, and this aspect of his identity has not only shaped his personal life but has also influenced the roles he takes on as an actor. His ability to authentically embody male characters has been a key factor in his success on screen.

Date of Birth: 2006

Born in the year 2006, Tyroe’s birthdate places him under the astrological sign of Leo. Leos are known for their confidence, charisma, and natural leadership abilities, traits that often shine through in Tyroe’s on-screen presence.

Age: 16 yea 2rs old

At just 16 years old, Tyroe Muhafidin has achieved remarkable success in his acting career, and his youth is a testament to his prodigious talent and potential for even greater accomplishments in the years to come.

Birthplace: Australia

Tyroe hails from the beautiful country of Australia, a nation known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. His Australian roots have undoubtedly played a role in shaping his unique perspective as an actor.

Currently lives in: Sydney, Australia

While Tyroe’s career may take him to various places for work, he currently calls Sydney, Australia, his home. Sydney is known for its bustling entertainment industry, making it a fitting base for a young actor on the rise.

Nationality: Australian

As an Australian citizen, Tyroe proudly represents his country on the international stage. Australia has a rich history of producing talented actors, and Tyroe is continuing this tradition with his remarkable performances.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Leo

Born under the sign of Leo, Tyroe shares some characteristics with this fire sign. Leos are known for their confidence, creativity, and passion, qualities that align well with Tyroe’s career as an actor. His Leo sign may also contribute to his ability to shine brightly in the spotlight.

Tyroe Muhafidin’s Height and Body Measurements

Tyroe Muhafidin is not only a talented actor but also possesses a striking physical presence. Here, we delve into his height, body measurements, and other physical attributes that contribute to his overall appeal.

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters)

Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, or 1.73 meters, Tyroe Muhafidin is of average height. This height provides him with versatility as an actor, allowing him to play a wide range of characters, from leading roles to character parts, with ease.

Weight: 66 kilograms (145 pounds)

Maintaining a weight of 66 kilograms or 145 pounds, Tyroe maintains a healthy and balanced physique. His weight is well-suited to his height, contributing to his overall fit and attractive appearance.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Tyroe Muhafidin’s body type is classified as mesomorph. Mesomorphs typically have a naturally muscular and well-defined physique. This body type is often associated with individuals who excel in sports and physical activities, and it can be advantageous in the world of acting, where physicality is sometimes required for roles.

Body Status: Fit

Tyroe’s commitment to staying in shape is evident in his fit body status. Maintaining physical fitness is crucial for actors, as it enables them to meet the physical demands of various roles and perform stunts or action sequences when necessary.

Chest: 37 inches

With a chest measurement of 37 inches, Tyroe Muhafidin possesses a well-proportioned upper body. This measurement contributes to his overall physical presence and enhances his appearance on screen.

Waist: 29 inches

A waist measurement of 29 inches indicates a trim and well-defined midsection. This measurement reflects Tyroe’s dedication to maintaining a healthy and balanced physique.

Arms: 12 inches

While Tyroe’s arm measurement may be on the smaller side, it’s worth noting that the ideal arm size can vary depending on the roles an actor takes on. Having a leaner arm size allows for versatility in portraying different characters, from action heroes to more subtle and nuanced roles.

Shoe size: 8 (UK)

Tyroe’s shoe size of 8 (UK) is consistent with his overall height and body proportions. Having appropriately sized feet is important for maintaining balance and stability, especially during physical scenes or performances.

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Hair Color: Dark Brown

Tyroe Muhafidin’s dark brown hair complements his features and adds to his charismatic appearance. Hair color can also be adapted for different roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Eye Color: Dark Brown

His dark brown eyes are often described as captivating and expressive. Eye color can play a significant role in conveying emotions and connecting with the audience, making his dark brown eyes an asset in his acting career.

Tattoos: No

As of the provided information, Tyroe Muhafidin does not have any tattoos. This allows him to easily transform into various characters without the need for extensive makeup or covering tattoos, further showcasing his adaptability as an actor.


Tyroe Muhafidin’s qualification status is listed as “Graduated.” While specific details about his educational background are not provided, this indicates that he has completed a certain level of formal education. Given his age and career in acting, it’s possible that he completed his high school education or pursued further studies in the arts.


Tyroe Muhafidin comes from a family with supportive parents. While their names are not disclosed in the available information, it’s evident that they have played a significant role in his journey as an actor. Their encouragement and guidance likely contributed to his success.

Brother’s Name: Tobias Muhafidin

Tyroe Muhafidin has a brother named Tobias Muhafidin. The bond between siblings can be a strong source of support and inspiration, and having a brother like Tobias may have influenced Tyroe’s life and career choices.

Sister’s Name: Not Known

While Tyroe’s brother, Tobias, is mentioned, there is no information available about any sisters he may have. This aspect of his family life remains private.

Marital Status: Unmarried

As of the provided information, Tyroe Muhafidin is unmarried. Given his age and career focus, this status is not surprising. Many young actors prioritize their careers before entering into long-term relationships or marriage.

Children: No

Tyroe does not have any children, which is consistent with his unmarried status. As a young actor, he is likely focused on building his career and personal life before considering family planning.

Girlfriend Name: Possibly Single

The information suggests that Tyroe Muhafidin’s relationship status is not publicly disclosed, leading to the assumption that he may be single. Many actors choose to keep their personal lives private to maintain a degree of separation from their public personas.

Net Worth: US$ 80-100 Thousand Approx.

Tyroe Muhafidin’s estimated net worth is between US$ 80,000 to US$ 100,000. This figure reflects his earnings from his acting career and any additional sources of income. As a young actor, his net worth is expected to grow as he continues to take on more roles and gain prominence in the entertainment industry.

In summary, Tyroe Muhafidin’s family background, relationship status, and financial status provide a glimpse into his personal life. While certain details remain private, his career achievements and potential for growth in the entertainment industry are evident, making him a promising talent to watch in the years to come.

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