Trevor Raine Bush Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

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In the dynamic realm of entertainment, where talents emerge and shine, Trevor Raine Bush stands out as a name to watch. With a Full Name that resonates with promise, a compelling Nickname, and a captivating Occupation as an Actor, Trevor Raine Bush has already made a significant impact in the world of showbiz. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the life and journey of this young male actor, born on the 5th of April, 2006, under the Zodiac sign of Aries, in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.

Full Name: Trevor Raine Bush

Trevor Raine Bush, a name that exudes charisma and artistic flair, is making waves in the entertainment industry. His journey began in Lexington, Kentucky, where he was born on April 5, 2006. From a young age, Trevor displayed an innate talent for performing, drawing inspiration from the vibrant arts scene in his hometown.

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Nickname: Trevor

Trevor Raine Bush is affectionately known as simply “Trevor” among his peers and fans. This moniker not only embodies his friendly and approachable demeanor but also signifies the close connection he has with his audience. Trevor is not just a name; it’s a brand that signifies talent, passion, and dedication.

Occupation/Profession: Actor

At just 17 years old, Trevor Raine Bush has already established himself as a prominent Actor in the industry. His dedication to the craft and his ability to breathe life into diverse characters have garnered him critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. His acting skills are well beyond his years, making him a sought-after talent in the entertainment world.

Gender: Male

Trevor Raine Bush, a young male actor, has broken stereotypes and carved his path in an industry known for its challenges and competition. His Gender does not define his capabilities; instead, it complements his ability to portray a wide range of characters with depth and authenticity.

Date of Birth: 5 April 2006

On the 5th of April, 2006, Trevor Raine Bush was welcomed into the world, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. A date that would become significant not only in his life but also in the hearts of his fans who celebrate his Birthday every year.

Age: 17 years old

Despite his youth, Trevor Raine Bush boasts an impressive resume that belies his Age. At just 17 years old, he has already achieved what many can only dream of in the entertainment industry. His talent and determination have set him on a trajectory towards even greater success in the years to come.

Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Lexington, Kentucky, United States, is not just a place on the map; it’s the Birthplace of a star. This charming city provided the backdrop for Trevor’s early life, shaping his passion for acting and his love for the arts. The cultural richness of Lexington undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his artistic development.

Currently lives in: Nicholasville, Kentucky, United States

While Trevor’s roots are firmly planted in Lexington, he Currently lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky, United States. This move has allowed him to further explore his craft and expand his horizons in the world of entertainment. Nicholasville offers a serene backdrop for him to focus on his career while staying connected to his Kentucky roots.

Nationality: American

Trevor Raine Bush proudly carries the Nationality of an American. His journey is a testament to the opportunities and diversity that the United States offers to individuals with talent and determination. As an American actor, he represents the rich tapestry of talent that the country nurtures and celebrates.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Aries

Born under the Zodiac sign of Aries, Trevor Raine Bush possesses the characteristic traits of this Fire sign. Aries individuals are known for their passion, energy, and fearlessness, qualities that undoubtedly contribute to Trevor’s success as an actor. His determination and drive align perfectly with the Aries spirit.

Physical Attributes

Height: 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)

Trevor Raine Bush is an imposing figure in the entertainment world, standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches. His height not only adds to his on-screen presence but also allows him to command attention in any role he takes on.

Weight: 70 kilograms (154 pounds)

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for actors, and Trevor’s dedication to his craft is evident in his well-maintained physique. At 70 kilograms or 154 pounds, he strikes a balance between strength and agility.

Body Type: Mesomorph

Trevor falls into the category of a Mesomorph, a body type characterized by a naturally athletic build. This body type is often associated with individuals who find it relatively easier to gain and maintain muscle mass.

Body Status: Fit

Fitness is a priority for Trevor Raine Bush. His Fit body status reflects his commitment to staying in shape, which is essential in an industry that often demands physical versatility.

Chest: 40 inches

Waist: 30 inches

Arms: 14 inches

These measurements provide a glimpse into Trevor’s physique, showcasing his well-proportioned chest, waist, and arms. These attributes undoubtedly contribute to his versatility as an actor.

Shoe Size: 12 (UK)

Trevor’s shoe size, 12 (UK), complements his height, adding to his overall stature and presence.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Tattoos: No

Trevor Raine Bush’s striking combination of Brown hair and Green eyes adds to his unique appeal. Notably, he does not have any tattoos, allowing him to transform seamlessly into various on-screen roles.

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Education and Family

Qualification: Graduated

Trevor has successfully completed his education, underlining his commitment to both his academic and acting pursuits.

Schooling: West Jessamine High School

West Jessamine High School served as the foundation for Trevor’s academic journey, shaping the individual he is today.

Parents: Yes

Trevor is blessed with a family that supports his dreams and ambitions. While his Mother and Father’s names are not widely known, their unwavering encouragement has been instrumental in his journey.

Brother: Brett Bush

Sister: Not Known

Trevor shares a close bond with his Brother, Brett Bush. His sister’s identity remains private, reflecting his commitment to keeping his family life out of the public eye.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Children: No

At this point in his career, Trevor Raine Bush is Unmarried and does not have any children. His focus is primarily on his burgeoning acting career.

Net Worth

Net Worth: US$ 100-110 Thousand Approx.

While Trevor’s star continues to rise, his Net Worth is estimated to be between US$ 100,000 and US$ 110,000. This is a testament to his growing success in the entertainment industry and his potential for even greater financial achievements in the future.

In conclusion, Trevor Raine Bush is not just a talented actor; he is a complete package. From his impressive physical attributes to his educational background and family values, he embodies the qualities that make him a rising star in the entertainment world. As his career continues to flourish, fans can expect to see more of Trevor on both the big and small screens, leaving an indelible mark in the industry.

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