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Thomas Nicholas Kuc, known for his versatility and charm in the entertainment industry, has solidified his place as a prominent figure in Hollywood. Born in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, on the 10th of October, 2002, he has rapidly emerged as a multifaceted individual in the acting world, showcasing his exceptional talents and skills.


Affectionately known as Tom or Thom by his friends and colleagues, Thomas Nicholas Kuc has fostered a warm and approachable persona, endearing himself to both fans and peers alike. His amiable nature and undeniable talent have propelled him to great heights in his acting career, with his moniker becoming a symbol of his affable and relatable personality.

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As an accomplished actor, Thomas Nicholas Kuc has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his captivating performances and dedication to his craft. Demonstrating remarkable versatility in portraying diverse characters, he has proven his mettle in the entertainment industry, solidifying his position as a sought-after talent with a promising future. With each role he undertakes, he exemplifies an unwavering commitment to excellence and continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of acting.


Bearing the mark of his masculinity with grace and confidence, Thomas Nicholas Kuc embraces his identity as a male with a compelling sense of self-assurance. His performances reflect not only his talent but also his ability to embody a wide spectrum of characters, showcasing the depth of his understanding of the human experience.

Date of Birth and Age

Celebrating his birthday on the 10th of October, Thomas Nicholas Kuc marks another year of life and accomplishments, reflecting on his journey with gratitude and humility. At 20 years old, he stands as a testament to the potential of youth, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks for excellence in his field.


Hailing from the vibrant and culturally rich city of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, Thomas Nicholas Kuc’s roots serve as a poignant reminder of his diverse heritage and the dynamic influences that have shaped his worldview and artistic sensibilities. The vibrancy and energy of his birthplace continue to inspire his creativity and fuel his passion for storytelling.

Current Residence

Now calling the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, United States, his home, Thomas Nicholas Kuc has embraced the dynamic lifestyle and creative energy that the city has to offer. Amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, he remains grounded, using his platform to not only further his own career but also to advocate for important causes close to his heart.


As a proud Brazilian-American, Thomas Nicholas Kuc embodies a blend of cultural influences, enriching his perspective and broadening his horizons. His heritage serves as a cornerstone for his identity, shaping his values and instilling in him a deep appreciation for diversity and inclusivity, both on and off the screen.

Zodiac or Birth Sign

Under the astrological sign of Libra, Thomas Nicholas Kuc resonates with the traits of balance, harmony, and a keen sense of justice. These characteristics, reflected in his personal and professional life, contribute to his ability to connect with audiences on a profound and emotional level, making his performances all the more relatable and impactful.

Height and Body Measurements

Standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches, or 1.78 meters, and measuring 178 centimeters, Thomas Kuc possesses a commanding physical presence. His well-proportioned figure, weighing in at 65 kilograms (143 pounds), reflects his dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. His mesomorphic body type is a testament to the effort he invests in sculpting and maintaining his physique, a fact further accentuated by his 38-inch chest, 30-inch waist, and 13-inch arms.

Body Status and Fitness

Thomas Kuc epitomizes the essence of fitness and well-being. His body status is best described as ‘fit,’ a result of consistent exercise and a commitment to a balanced diet. His 38-inch chest stands as a symbol of the strength he has built over time, while his 30-inch waist showcases his dedication to maintaining a lean and muscular physique. His 13-inch arms, though not overly bulky, represent a harmonious blend of strength and agility, perfectly complementing his overall body structure.

Footwear and Stylish Flair

With a shoe size of 9 in the UK, Thomas Kuc maintains a versatile footwear collection, which aligns seamlessly with his stylish persona. Whether he’s striding down the red carpet or embracing a more casual, everyday look, his choice in footwear consistently underscores his flair for fashion and penchant for staying on-trend.

Hair and Eye Color

Thomas Kuc’s distinctive features are further accentuated by his striking blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His blonde locks serve as a signature characteristic, adding a touch of uniqueness to his overall appearance. Complementing his fair hair, his bright blue eyes exude charm and captivate the attention of audiences and admirers alike.

Tattoos – A Clean Canvas

As an actor and public figure, Thomas Kuc’s body remains a clean canvas. Devoid of tattoos, his unadorned skin serves as a testament to his ability to transform and adapt to various roles and characters, without the constraints of permanent ink. It also reflects his commitment to versatility and the art of storytelling, allowing him to step into the shoes of diverse characters with a fresh canvas for each portrayal.

Qualification and Academic Achievement

Having completed his graduation in 2021, Thomas Kuc stands as a testament to the pursuit of academic excellence alongside his thriving career in the entertainment industry. His commitment to education, evidenced by his graduation, highlights his dedication to personal growth and the importance of a well-rounded foundation to support his professional endeavors.

Education and Early Years

While the specific details of Thomas Kuc’s schooling remain undisclosed, his journey in the realm of education serves as a testament to the formative years that have shaped his worldview and provided him with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of the entertainment world. Though the specifics of his educational institutions remain private, it is evident that his upbringing has played a pivotal role in his personal and professional development.

Family Background and Parents

Thomas Kuc comes from a loving and supportive family, with his mother, Anna Supera Kuc, and his father, Paul Kuc, serving as the pillars of his life. Their unwavering support has undoubtedly contributed to his success and resilience in the face of the challenges that come with a career in the limelight. Their guidance and encouragement have helped shape him into the individual he is today, both as an actor and as a person.

Siblings and Close Bonds

Although the identity of Thomas Kuc’s brother remains undisclosed, his sister, Alma Kuc, holds a special place in his life. Their bond, characterized by love and camaraderie, reflects the strong familial ties that have grounded and motivated Thomas throughout his journey. Their shared experiences and mutual support underscore the importance of family in shaping his values and principles.

Marital Status and Personal Life

With his focus primarily on his burgeoning career, Thomas Kuc remains unmarried, dedicating his time and energy to honing his craft and exploring the depths of his potential as an actor. His commitment to his work is evident in the passion and dedication he brings to each role, a testament to his unwavering determination and professional integrity.

Parenthood and Future Aspirations

At present, Thomas Kuc does not have any children. As he continues to carve his path in the entertainment industry, his dedication to his craft remains a priority. While his career continues to flourish, the prospect of parenthood may be a consideration for the future, serving as a testament to his desire to build a fulfilling and well-rounded life, both personally and professionally.

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Relationship Status and Romantic Endeavors

Thomas Kuc’s relationship with Ava Dalgaard has been a subject of public interest, reflecting the blossoming romance between the two. Their bond signifies a connection built on mutual understanding and shared interests, serving as a testament to the joys of companionship and the beauty of finding love amidst the demands of a bustling career.

Past Relationships and Privacy

While details about Thomas Kuc’s previous dating experiences remain undisclosed, his commitment to maintaining a private personal life underscores his respect for intimacy and personal boundaries. By keeping his past relationships out of the public eye, he demonstrates a commitment to preserving the sanctity of his romantic history, allowing his current relationship to take center stage.

Earnings and Financial Overview

With an impressive salary ranging between US$ 12,000 to US$ 15,000 per episode or movie, Thomas Kuc’s financial success reflects the recognition and demand for his talent in the entertainment industry. His dedication to his craft has translated into tangible rewards, underscoring his professional acumen and the value he brings to the projects he undertakes.

Wealth Accumulation and Asset Value

Thomas Kuc’s net worth, estimated at US$ 500,000, stands as a testament to his astute financial management and the fruitful culmination of his endeavors in the entertainment world. Despite his relatively young age, his prudent approach to wealth accumulation emphasizes his foresight and business acumen, positioning him as a prominent figure in the industry with a promising financial future ahead.

Social Media Presence and Digital Footprint

Thomas Kuc maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, under the handle ‘thomasnkuc.’ Through these digital channels, he engages with his fan base, sharing glimpses of his personal and professional life, while also utilizing his platform to advocate for causes close to his heart. His digital footprint serves as a testament to his accessibility and his ability to connect with audiences on a global scale.

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