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Robert Card, a retired military officer, hails from the picturesque state of Maine in the United States. Born on April 4, 1983, he has reached the age of 40. Currently residing in Bowdoin Center, Maine, Robert has spent a significant portion of his life serving in the U.S. Army. As a Caucasian American, he has made notable contributions during his military career, shaping the trajectory of his life. His dedication to duty and service has been a defining aspect of his life.

Personal Life: Divorced with Three Children

In his personal life, Robert Card has experienced the ups and downs of relationships. He is currently divorced, though the details about his ex-wife’s identity remain unknown. Despite the challenges in his love life, he is a father to three children, who are undoubtedly a significant source of joy and responsibility in his life. Balancing the demands of a military career and family life can be a challenging endeavor, and Robert’s story likely reflects this struggle.

Physical Attributes: A Man of 6 Feet

Robert Card possesses distinct physical attributes. Standing at a tall 6 feet (1.82 meters), he commands a noticeable presence. His green eyes and brown hair complete his striking appearance. These features might have served him well during his military service, reflecting the discipline and commitment required in his line of work.

Educational Background: University of Maine Alumnus

Robert Card’s journey to becoming a retired military officer was paved with education. He is an alumnus of the University of Maine, where he likely gained valuable knowledge and skills that would serve him in his military career. The experiences and education he received at the university would have played a crucial role in shaping his path.

A Life of Service: U.S. Army Career

The backbone of Robert Card’s life has been his service in the U.S. Army. His commitment to the nation and his unwavering dedication to the military are evident in his lengthy career. While specific details about his military service are not provided, it is clear that his experiences in the army have been an integral part of his identity, shaping the man he is today. Robert Card’s story is a testament to the sacrifices and contributions made by countless individuals who serve in the armed forces, protecting their country and its values.

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