Rachel Zegler Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Kids, Parents Net Worth 2023 & More

Rachel Anne Zegler, widely recognized by her full name, is a multi-talented actress and singer who has made a significant impact in the world of entertainment. Born on the 3rd of May in 2001, she is a young and exceptionally talented individual. At just 21 years old, Rachel has already achieved a level of fame and recognition that many can only dream of. Her birthplace is Clifton, New Jersey, a city located in the United States, and she currently resides in Hackensack, New Jersey. As an American by nationality, Rachel Zegler was born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is often associated with determination and practicality.

Nicknamed simply as “Rachel,” she has become a rising star, known for her remarkable performances on both the stage and screen. Transitioning from her background as a YouTuber and aspiring actress to a bona fide Hollywood sensation, Rachel Zegler’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Occupation/Profession – Actress and Singer

Rachel Zegler’s primary occupations are that of an actress and singer. In both fields, she has demonstrated her exceptional talent and versatility. Through her dedication and hard work, Rachel has successfully carved a niche for herself in the highly competitive world of entertainment.

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As an actress, Rachel has delivered captivating performances that have left audiences in awe. Her ability to embody diverse characters and convey genuine emotions on screen is a testament to her acting prowess. In addition to her acting skills, Rachel’s melodious voice has garnered her recognition as a singer. Her vocal range and musical talents have captivated listeners, earning her a dedicated fan base.

Gender – Female

Rachel Zegler’s gender is an essential aspect of her identity, and as a female, she has embraced her femininity with grace and confidence. In an industry that has seen increasing strides towards gender equality, Rachel’s presence serves as a source of inspiration for young women pursuing careers in entertainment. Her achievements underscore the importance of female representation in the arts and entertainment sector.

Date of Birth – 3 May 2001

On the 3rd of May in 2001, Rachel Anne Zegler came into this world, bringing with her a spark of talent that would later ignite the entertainment industry. Her birthdate is significant, as it marks the beginning of a journey that has seen her evolve from a young, aspiring artist to a celebrated figure in the world of film and music.

Age – 21 years old

As of the current date, Rachel Zegler is 21 years old. Despite her youth, she has accomplished feats that extend far beyond her years. Her age serves as a reminder of the incredible potential that exists within the young and passionate individuals of today, and Rachel embodies the notion that age is no barrier to success.

Birthplace – Clifton, New Jersey, United States

Rachel Zegler’s roots trace back to Clifton, New Jersey, a city within the United States. Her birthplace holds a special significance in her life story, as it’s where her journey began. Clifton, New Jersey, is a place that has undoubtedly shaped Rachel and contributed to her unique perspective and talents.

Residence – Hackensack, New Jersey, United States

Currently, Rachel calls Hackensack, New Jersey, home. This picturesque city in the United States has become the backdrop to some of her most significant life experiences and career milestones. Her residence in Hackensack symbolizes her connection to her roots and the support system that has been instrumental in her success.

Nationality – American

As an American by nationality, Rachel Zegler takes pride in her identity as a citizen of the United States. Her American heritage and background are woven into the fabric of her artistry and storytelling, enriching her work with a diverse cultural tapestry that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Zodiac or Birth Sign – Taurus

Born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Rachel Zegler exhibits the trademark characteristics of this astrological sign. Taureans are known for their determination, practicality, and unwavering commitment to their goals. These traits have undoubtedly played a role in her journey to success, as she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

Height – 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters)

Rachel Zegler stands at an elegant height of 5 feet 2 inches, which translates to approximately 1.57 meters. Despite her relatively petite stature, she has proven that her talent and charisma are boundless, captivating audiences with her performances on both the big screen and the stage. Her height has not hindered her ability to command attention, as she continues to make a significant impact in the world of entertainment.

Overall Body Weight – 51 kg (112 lbs)

Weighing a total of 51 kilograms, or 112 pounds, Rachel Zegler maintains a healthy and balanced physique. Her commitment to wellness and fitness is evident in her slender yet well-proportioned frame. Through her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Rachel has established herself as a positive role model for individuals seeking to prioritize their physical well-being.

Body Type – Banana

Rachel Zegler’s body type is often classified as a “banana,” characterized by balanced proportions and a slender silhouette. This body type is indicative of her lean physique and streamlined figure. Despite societal pressures to conform to specific beauty standards, Rachel has embraced her body type with confidence, serving as an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance.

Body Measurements – 30A-24-32

With body measurements of 30A-24-32, Rachel Zegler exudes an aura of grace and elegance. Her 30A bust, 24-inch waist, and 32-inch hips contribute to her overall slender and well-proportioned physique. These measurements underscore her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while embracing her natural body shape.

Chest – 31 inches, Waist – 24 inches, Hips – 32 inches

Rachel Zegler’s well-proportioned physique is accentuated by her 31-inch chest, 24-inch waist, and 32-inch hips. These measurements not only reflect her physical fitness but also highlight her dedication to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through her commitment to wellness and self-care, Rachel has become an embodiment of confidence and poise, inspiring individuals to embrace their natural body shapes.

Shoe Size – 5 [US]

Rachel Zegler wears a shoe size of 5 in the United States measurement system. Her petite shoe size is in harmony with her overall petite frame, complementing her graceful and elegant presence. Despite her small shoe size, Rachel’s impact in the world of entertainment is anything but small, as she continues to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of her fans and admirers worldwide.

Hair Color – Dark Brown

Rachel Zegler’s luscious locks boast a rich and captivating dark brown hue. Her hair color beautifully complements her warm and inviting personality, adding to her charm and appeal on screen and off. Rachel’s dark brown hair serves as a defining feature, contributing to her overall distinct and striking appearance.

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Eye Color – Dark Brown

With dark brown eyes that radiate warmth and depth, Rachel Zegler possesses an alluring gaze that captivates audiences and fans alike. Her eyes are a defining feature that enhances her on-screen performances, allowing her to convey a range of emotions with authenticity and depth. Rachel’s dark brown eyes serve as windows to her soul, reflecting her passion and dedication to her craft.

Tattoos – No

Rachel Zegler does not have any tattoos, allowing her natural beauty to take center stage. Her decision to refrain from tattoos aligns with her commitment to authenticity and self-expression. By choosing to embrace her natural appearance, Rachel has become a beacon of authenticity and empowerment, encouraging others to embrace their true selves.

Qualification – Graduated

Rachel Zegler has successfully completed her education, having graduated from her respective institution. Her academic achievements serve as a testament to her dedication and commitment to both her education and her craft in the entertainment industry. With her strong educational foundation, Rachel has been able to navigate the complexities of the entertainment world with confidence and intelligence.

Schooling – Immaculate Conception High School and New Jersey High School

Rachel Zegler received her early education from Immaculate Conception High School and New Jersey High School. These institutions provided her with the necessary academic tools and knowledge to excel in her chosen career path. The education she received during her formative years laid the groundwork for her future success and helped shape her into the accomplished individual she is today.

Graduation – Not Known

Although Rachel Zegler’s graduation details are not widely known, it is evident that she has completed her education, marking a significant milestone in her academic journey. Her graduation represents the culmination of her hard work and dedication, signifying her readiness to embark on her professional career in the world of entertainment.


Rachel Zegler is fortunate to have a loving and supportive family. Her parents, Gina Zegler and Craig Zegler, have played pivotal roles in nurturing her talents and encouraging her pursuit of a career in the arts. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in Rachel’s journey to success, underscoring the importance of familial love and encouragement in achieving one’s dreams.

Mother Name – Gina Zegler

Gina Zegler, Rachel Zegler’s mother, has been a pillar of strength and support throughout her daughter’s journey in the entertainment industry. Her guidance and encouragement have fostered Rachel’s growth and development, enabling her to navigate the challenges of the industry with resilience and determination. Gina’s influence in Rachel’s life has undoubtedly contributed to her unwavering passion for the arts and her continuous pursuit of excellence.

Father Name – Craig Zegler

Craig Zegler, Rachel Zegler’s father, has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration in her life. His unwavering belief in Rachel’s abilities has instilled in her the confidence and determination necessary to pursue her dreams relentlessly. Craig’s support and guidance have played a crucial role in shaping Rachel’s character and fortitude, reinforcing the importance of a strong familial foundation in the pursuit of one’s passions and ambitions.

Sibling – Sister’s Name: Jacqueline Zegler [Older]

Rachel Zegler has an older sister named Jacqueline Zegler, who has likely played a significant role in her life. The bond between the two sisters serves as a source of emotional support and companionship, fostering a strong sense of family unity and solidarity. Jacqueline’s influence has likely contributed to Rachel’s personal and artistic development, emphasizing the importance of familial relationships in shaping one’s identity and values.

Marital Status – Unmarried

As of the current date, Rachel Zegler remains unmarried. Her focus on her career and personal growth has taken precedence, allowing her to channel her energy into her passion for acting and singing. Rachel’s commitment to her craft and her continuous pursuit of excellence serves as a testament to her dedication and perseverance in the pursuit of her professional goals and aspirations.

Children – No

Rachel Zegler does not have any children at this time. Her current focus on her career and personal growth reflects her dedication to honing her craft and achieving her professional ambitions. Rachel’s determination to excel in the world of entertainment has allowed her to devote her time and energy to her artistic pursuits, laying a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

Boyfriend Name – Josh Rivera

Rachel Zegler’s boyfriend, Josh Rivera, is a prominent figure in her life. Their relationship is a testament to their connection and shared experiences. As Rachel continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, Josh Rivera provides her with invaluable support and companionship, emphasizing the importance of having a strong and understanding partner by her side.

Previous Dating – Unknown

While Josh Rivera is currently Rachel Zegler’s boyfriend, her previous dating history remains undisclosed. Rachel has maintained a level of privacy when it comes to her personal relationships, focusing primarily on her career and passion for acting and singing. This decision to keep her past dating experiences private underscores her commitment to professionalism and her dedication to her craft.

Salary Per Episode/Movie – Unknown

Rachel Zegler’s salary per episode or movie remains undisclosed to the public. As an emerging talent in the entertainment industry, her compensation for her work in films or television projects is a matter of personal and contractual discretion. Rachel’s focus has primarily been on her artistic pursuits, and her salary, like her previous dating history, remains a private matter.

Net Worth – US$ 250-300 Thousand Approx.

Rachel Zegler’s net worth is estimated to be around US$ 250,000 to US$ 300,000, approximately. This modest yet growing figure reflects her burgeoning success and potential in the entertainment world. As she continues to take on new roles and projects, her net worth is expected to increase, showcasing the promising trajectory of her career.

Advertisement Fees – Unavailable

Details regarding Rachel Zegler’s advertisement fees are currently unavailable to the public. The specifics of her financial arrangements related to endorsements and advertisements remain confidential. Rachel’s career path has been guided by her passion for her craft, and her financial matters have largely been kept private.

Social Media Presence – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Rachel Zegler maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. Her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts serve as a means to connect with her fans, share her experiences, and promote her work. These platforms have allowed her to engage with a global audience, reinforcing her growing influence in the world of entertainment. Rachel’s use of social media demonstrates her accessibility and relatability as an artist, bringing her closer to her admirers.

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