Why students are given homework and how they can complete it

Why students are given homework and how they can complete it

This article is about the homework given to the students which they find it hard to do.

 Students are being overloaded with assignments and projects in educational institutes. Teachers are taking so much work from the students in the class as well as at home too. Even the primary students are burdened with the homework. They don’t get “me time” at home and they feel so tired. All the educational institutes have some rules for their students. If a student has not completed his assignment on the given deadline, he would be punished in the class. Such behavior by teachers lowers the confidence in a student and he feels humiliated. With the fast-growing technology, the concept of education has changed. Students are provided with tabs in schools for research.


 Now first we need to understand why homework and assignments are necessary for students.


 1) Teaches time management: Homework, assignments, and projects teach students time management. When a student is assigned a project, they complete it within the time given to them. This makes them fast and builds the skill of time management in them. This time management skill is necessary for every stage of life.


 2) Teaches how to work independently: Working independently is an essential skill in today’s world. When you enter professional life, companies ask for candidates who can work independently.  This skill is taught in schools. When a student is given homework, he is expected to do it without any help. This makes him confident about his work and builds the skill.


 3) Helps teachers to determine their capability: Homework helps teachers in determining a student’s capability. It also shows how well the student has understood the topic and how much he can grasp. Every student has a different capability and pick-up. The IQ level of a student is also determined by their homework and projects.   


 4) Problem-solving skill: An assignment that is difficult to do requires a genius and smart mind. A student might face problems in completing that project. To solve those problems, he uses his mind. If he gets success in solving that problem, this makes him happy and he gets confident. This is how problem-solving skill is developed in students through homework and projects.


 5) Planning and decision making: If a team of students is given a project, there is a team leader. The team leader assigns a part of the project to every member of the team. Every team member has to complete their work within the given time. This develops many skills in students such as leadership skills, planning, decision making, working in a team, etc.


 6) Coordination between school and parents: Homework and assignments are a way of coordination between teachers and parents. Through assignments, parents come to know that what is being taught.


 How can students manage the burdened assignments?


 1) Give yourself time to complete an assignment: When you are given an assignment, set a specific time at which you must complete the assignment. For every assignment give yourself time. After the completion of your project, track the time. Once you start completing your assignments in a limited time, you’ll get free time at the end of the day.  


 2) Don’t go for perfection:  Someone stated that your results are 20% of the efforts you put in. He meant to say that don’t run after perfection. This applies everywhere for businesses, students, employees, etc. I would say that if you find your assignment hard, just do as much as you can. Competing with your classmates will be foolish of you. Every person has a different skill and talent. If you are not good at studies, maybe you are good at sports.  


 3) Do your homework as soon as possible: Most of the students are lazy in doing their homework and assignments. You should not be one of those. When you are given an assignment, make sure you complete it as soon as possible. For instance, you are given to write an essay, try to finish it on the same day you are given. 


 4) Don’t run away from homework: Every class has some students who run away from assignments and homework. When they are given an assignment, they try to avoid it. They either get absent on the day of submission or try to escape that class. Not completing their assignment causes them punishments in the class. Such behavior from students is intolerant of the teachers. So make sure you are not one of those students.


 5) Getting online help for your assignment: The digital and technology era has made things easier for people. Students can take the advantage of the internet as well. Multiple websites are providing assignment writing help to students globally. If you find your assignment hard or you need someone to help you out, you can contact their team. This will reduce your workload and you get a professional team to do your assignment.


 6) Remove distractions:  There are lots of distractions for the students. They get distracted easily. If they are at home, they get distracted by the noise of everyone talking. Parents asking their kids to get something also distract students. Along with this, there is a major distraction for students that are mobile phones. Since everyone possesses a smartphone nowadays so it causes distraction in your work. Every five minutes you get a notification or a message that diverts your mind and you feel like using your phone. To avoid such distractions, you got to be focused on your work. Keep your mobile in silent mood or switch it off. Sit in a separate room and close the door so that no one disturbs you.



Students across the globe carry heavy bags to schools/colleges due to workload. The UN education sector should look into this matter because this affects the mental health of students. Students should be given homework according to their class and age. Over burden can cause them mental illness. Playing is also an essential part of a student’s life. It helps them is growing physically and mentally.        



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