7 Daily Habits of High Performance Students

7 Daily Habits of High Performance Students

Education is one of the major steps for students that’s why all parents are trying to educate their children.

And i managed to transform my  grades into a 4.0 gpa habit number one when high performance students study they enter into a flow  state have you ever been so involved in a task where you`re so in the zone that you completely  lose track of time you can stay 100 laser focused on that one task for hours and you`re so focused  on that task at hand that you even forget to eat now this is a concept originally named  in 1975 by psychologist maharishi seminal outlining his theory that a flow state is a state  of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation it is a state  in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.Read About btec assignment help based on real- life around  work contexts and scenarios and can include. With the growing academic competition, it has become truly challenging for all the students to leave a good impression on the professor. 

 In an interview  with wide magazine cheek semi-high described flow as being completely involved in an activity for  its own sake the ego falls away time flies every action movement and thought follows inevitably  from the previous one like playing jazz your whole being is involved and you`re using your skills to  the utmost and when you`re in the state of flow you are completely focused on the task at hand you  forget about yourself about others about the world around you lose track of time you feel happy  and in control and become creative and productive and now imagine this imagine if you could actively  turn on this level of focus almost like flicking on a switch every time you sit down to study  what if i told you that you can train yourself to reach this flow state because that`s exactly  what high performance students are able to do they have trained themselves to enter this state  of flow where nothing else matters only the work they are doing in front of them. tefl assignment help It based on the lesson planning that you will learn about in the course. students are lookoing for tefl assignment service .so how do you  train yourself to enter into a state of flow so the first thing you need to do is find a quiet  study place it`s fairly obvious right clear away all distractions and yes that includes your phone  and any desktop notifications from instagram or facebook or emails or anything else.

That might  pop up or make noise to interrupt your thoughts i also find it helpful to have a clear desk even  if that means sweeping papers that i don`t need immediately into a folder to be sorted through  later and actually all the habits that i`m going to go through in this video will help you reach  that flow state and once you hit that flow state particularly when you`re able to just switch it on  every time you study it`s an absolute game changer and that`s how i was able to transform my grades  from a 1.3 gpa to a 4.0 gpa i was able to train myself to reach this state of flow whenever i  needed to and that leads us on to habit number two high performance students have a productive  daily routine now this is such an important step in being able to achieve peak flow it`s to create  a productive daily routine.

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