5 Copy Writing Exercise | How to Write Better Sale Copy

5 Copy Writing Exercise | How to Write Better Sale Copy

Emphasizes the secret to writing an effective copy is first to write bad copy and then fix it. Whether your brand new copywriting just started now or for any particular season you want to write thesis service, this exercise which is mention below can be very effective and valuable for you. Many professionals frequently used these exercises to improve copy. So if you are an entrepreneur or a freelance writer, looking to grow your business with crazy good copy, then you have to go through this exercise it`s beneficial for you. 

Create an INSPO File


All the great copywriters and marketers have an inspirational file, essentially a collection of screenshots, emails, sales pages, and products from other people`s businesses and brands. Create an inspiration folder like a TEFL assignment online on your mobile or your laptop because you never know when inspiration strike. This is very useful to go back later when you looking for new and creative ideas for future pieces. Make sure, the point is to take ideas and inspiration from different people and form the different platforms, not copying what other people are doing. 



As a copywriter, if an online thesaurus is not your best friend and to know your all deepest darkest secret, you are doing it wrong. Many professionals bring thesaurus to the final step of their coursework help writing process. After a complete copy, go through it and sprinkle it with some interesting and compelling language. Use powerful words which can bring emotions with actions, for instance, replace “scary” with (bone-chilling), “unaccepted” with (controversial). The important point is the word you use should be interesting rather than sound complex and confusing. 


Tests Your Hooks First


Just because we are copywriters that don’t mean we always know what hook and angle will convert the best. So test your hooks to your audience before you can commit to any particular in your sales copy. One of the best ways to test CV writers  is to spend dollars on multiple paid ads, either on Facebook or Google with different hooks to give value to your audience. Remember goals are to not making lead or sale conversion rate but add click-through rate (CRT). Your ads will tell you what hooks will be compelling to your audience and drives more clicks. 

Write Like Hemingway


So you heard this before that an average person read at seven grades level. One copywriting tool that we suggest is Hemingway editor which is a simple tool that can edit your words and make them more concise, impactful, and easier to read for everyone. 


Turn Feature into Benefits


One of the powerful and most effective things you can learn as a marketer and copywriter is the difference between features and benefits. A feature is planned built and executed to directly solve a common problem. So if you are stuck on those product features into super juicy benefits of speak rights you can easily jump up towards Google and ask yourself from a converter spreadsheet. 

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