Miles Butler-Hughton Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

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In the dynamic world of entertainment, where talent and charisma converge to create unforgettable moments on screen, one name stands out – Miles Butler-Hughton. With a career that’s already making waves in the acting industry, Miles is a name you’ll want to remember. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve deep into the life and career of this young British actor, from his full name and nickname to his birthplace, profession, and more. So, let’s get started with a closer look at Miles Butler-Hughton.

Full Name – Miles Butler-Hughton

Miles Butler-Hughton’s full name is a testament to his unique identity in the world of entertainment. Born with a name that carries a sense of grandeur, Miles Butler-Hughton is a rising star who is making significant strides in his career. But who is this talented individual beyond his name?

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Nickname – Miles

In the entertainment industry, a simple and memorable nickname often becomes a star’s brand. Miles Butler-Hughton, or simply “Miles,” as he’s affectionately known, is no exception. This succinct and catchy moniker has become synonymous with his growing reputation as a versatile actor.

Occupation/Profession – Actor

Miles Butler-Hughton has chosen a path that demands dedication, skill, and a true passion for the craft – acting. His choice of profession has placed him under the spotlight, where he’s been able to showcase his talent and immerse himself in a diverse range of roles.

Gender – Male

In a world that celebrates diversity, Miles Butler-Hughton embraces his identity as a male actor. His gender plays a crucial role in shaping the characters he portrays, adding depth and authenticity to his performances.

Date of Birth – 24 April 2001

Every journey begins with a single step, and for Miles Butler-Hughton, it started on the 24th of April, 2001. This significant date marks the beginning of a life that would eventually become intertwined with the world of cinema.

Age – 22 years old

As of the most recent information available, Miles Butler-Hughton is 22 years old. This age places him in a unique position within the entertainment industry – young enough to bring fresh energy to his roles, yet experienced enough to tackle complex characters.

Birthplace – Croydon, Surrey, England, United Kingdom

The birthplace of an artist often holds a special significance in their journey. For Miles Butler-Hughton, this place is Croydon, Surrey, England, a town that has witnessed the beginnings of his remarkable career. The United Kingdom, with its rich cinematic history, provides a fitting backdrop for his talents to shine.

Currently lives in – London, England, United Kingdom

As his career continues to ascend, Miles Butler-Hughton has chosen to call London, England, his current home. This bustling metropolis, with its vibrant arts scene, offers the ideal environment for an actor seeking to grow and thrive.

Nationality – British

Miles Butler-Hughton proudly carries the nationality of the United Kingdom, a country with a long-standing tradition of producing world-class actors. His British heritage adds to the diversity of talent in the global entertainment industry.

Zodiac or Birth Sign – Taurus

Intriguingly, Miles Butler-Hughton’s birth sign is Taurus. Taureans are often associated with determination, reliability, and a strong work ethic – qualities that undoubtedly contribute to his success in the competitive world of acting.

Physical Attributes

Miles Butler-Hughton’s physique can be classified as endomorph, a body type characterized by a natural inclination to gain and store fat. Despite this, his body status is undeniably fit, a testament to his dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Chest: Miles boasts a robust chest measuring 40 inches, adding to his on-screen charisma.
  • Waist: With a waistline of 31 inches, he maintains a proportionate and balanced physique.
  • Arms: His arms measure 13 inches, reflecting both strength and agility.
  • Shoe Size: Miles comfortably fits into size 10 (UK) shoes, ensuring he’s always ready for action.


Miles Butler-Hughton’s dark brown hair and expressive brown eyes are distinctive features that contribute to his magnetic on-screen presence. His natural and unassuming look has endeared him to audiences worldwide.

Personal Life

In the realm of personal achievements, Miles is a graduate, having completed his education successfully. He is the son of Emma Butler and, while his father’s name is not widely known, his brother Callum Hughton is an elder sibling who likely provides invaluable support and guidance.

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Marital Status and Family

As of the latest available information, Miles Butler-Hughton is unmarried and does not have any children. His focus appears to be primarily on his burgeoning acting career. He does not have any sisters, making his bond with his elder brother Callum all the more significant.

Net Worth

Miles Butler-Hughton’s career is not only defined by his talent but also by his financial success. His net worth is estimated to be between US$ 400,000 to 500,000, a testament to the demand for his skills in the entertainment industry.


In this detailed profile, we’ve uncovered the various facets of Miles Butler-Hughton’s life. From his physical attributes and appearance to his personal and family life, we’ve painted a comprehensive picture of this rising star in the entertainment world. His journey, while still in its early stages, is marked by dedication, talent, and a promising future. Keep an eye out for Miles Butler-Hughton as he continues to captivate audiences and make his mark in the world of acting.

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