Michelle Randolph Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Kids, Parents Net Worth 2023 & More

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Michelle Randolph, a prominent name in the entertainment industry, has captured the hearts of many with her undeniable talent and captivating on-screen presence.

Nickname: Michelle

Known simply as Michelle to her fans and colleagues, she has become a household name in the world of acting.

Occupation/Profession: Actress

Michelle Randolph has made a significant mark in the entertainment world as an accomplished actress. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to immerse herself into diverse roles have earned her critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

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Gender: Female

Michelle Randolph, a trailblazing female in the entertainment industry, has shattered glass ceilings and proven that talent knows no gender boundaries.

Date of Birth: 11 September 1997

Born on the 11th of September, 1997, Michelle Randolph entered this world with a destiny awaiting her in the spotlight.

Age: 25 years old

At the young age of 25, Michelle Randolph has achieved milestones that many aspiring actresses only dream of, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination.

Birthplace: Huntington Beach, California, United States

Hailing from the picturesque coastal city of Huntington Beach, California, Michelle Randolph’s roots are deeply connected to the sunny shores and vibrant culture of the Golden State.

Currently lives in: Los Angeles, California, United States

Today, Michelle Randolph calls the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, California, her home. This city of dreams has provided her with the perfect backdrop to pursue her passion for acting.

Nationality: American

As an American by nationality, Michelle Randolph takes pride in representing her country on both national and international stages.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Virgo

Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, Michelle Randolph embodies the traits associated with this sign, such as attention to detail, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

Michelle Randolph’s Height in Feet, Meters, and Centimeters

Michelle Randolph stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, which is equivalent to 1.65 meters or 165 centimeters. Her stature is not only graceful but also perfectly complements her overall appearance.

Michelle Randolph’s Body Weight in Kilograms and Pounds

With a body weight of 54 kilograms or 119 pounds, Michelle Randolph maintains a healthy and balanced physique. Her dedication to fitness and well-being shines through in her figure.

Michelle Randolph’s Body Type: Banana

Michelle Randolph is often categorized as having a “banana” body type. This classification is indicative of her slender and lean physique, characterized by balanced proportions.

Michelle Randolph’s Body Measurements: 32C-25-34

Her body measurements of 32C-25-34 highlight her hourglass figure, accentuating her curves and showcasing her natural beauty.

Michelle Randolph’s Chest, Waist, and Hip Measurements

Michelle Randolph’s chest measures 35 inches, while her waist is a slim 25 inches, highlighting her beautifully proportioned figure. Her hips are 34 inches, creating an attractive hourglass shape that accentuates her natural curves.

Michelle Randolph’s Shoe Size

With a shoe size of 6 in the UK sizing system, Michelle Randolph’s feet are gracefully petite, adding to her overall charm and elegance.

Michelle Randolph’s Hair Color

Her hair is a stunning shade of blonde, which complements her fair complexion and adds a touch of radiance to her appearance.

Michelle Randolph’s Eye Color

Michelle Randolph’s captivating blue eyes are a mesmerizing feature that draws attention and enhances her on-screen presence.

Michelle Randolph’s Tattoos

She sports a tattoo on her wrist, showcasing a unique and personal aspect of her personality that adds depth to her image.

Qualification: Graduated

Michelle Randolph has successfully completed her education, having graduated from her chosen academic path.

Schooling and Graduation Details: Not Known

Details regarding the specific schools or institutions where Michelle Randolph pursued her education remain undisclosed.

Family and Marital Status

Michelle Randolph comes from a loving and supportive family. Her parents, Amy Randolph and Matt Randolph, have played pivotal roles in her life, nurturing her talents and providing unwavering support.

Siblings: Brother and Sister

She has two siblings, with Landon Randolph being her older brother and Cassie Randolph her older sister. Together, they share a strong bond of family unity.

Marital Status: Unmarried

As of her most recent information, Michelle Randolph is unmarried, focusing on her career and personal growth.

Boyfriend: Gregg Sulkin (2018-Present)

Michelle Randolph has been in a committed relationship with Gregg Sulkin since 2018, and their love continues to flourish to this day.

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Previous Dating: Koa Rothman

Before her relationship with Gregg Sulkin, Michelle Randolph was known to have dated Koa Rothman.

Income and Net Worth

Michelle Randolph earns a substantial income from her acting career, with an estimated salary ranging from US$ 2,000 to US$ 3,000 per episode or movie. Her overall net worth is estimated to be between US$ 1 million to US$ 1.5 million.

Advertisement Fees: Unavailable

Details regarding Michelle Randolph’s fees for advertisements or endorsements are not publicly disclosed.

Social Media Presence

Michelle Randolph is an active presence on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life and career with her followers. However, she does not have official accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

In summary, Michelle Randolph has been in a relationship with Gregg Sulkin since 2018, previously dating Koa Rothman. She earns a substantial income per episode or movie, estimated at US$ 2,000 to US$ 3,000, and has an approximate net worth of US$ 1 million to US$ 1.5 million. While she maintains an active Instagram presence, her official accounts on Facebook and Twitter are unavailable to the public.

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