Lil Mabu Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Kids, Parents Net Worth 2023 & More

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Matthew Peter DeLuca, widely known by his stage name “Lil Mabu,” is a rising star in the world of rap music. Born on April 4, 2005, in the bustling borough of Manhattan, New York, he is now 18 years old and making waves in the music industry. His full name, though less recognized, reflects his true identity.

Nickname: Mabu

Among his friends, fans, and colleagues, Matthew DeLuca is affectionately called “Mabu.” This catchy moniker adds a personal touch to his public persona and symbolizes his unique style and personality as a rapper.

Occupation/Profession: Rapper

Mabu’s primary occupation and profession are in the realm of rap music. He has honed his lyrical skills and crafted his own distinctive style, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. With his talent and determination, he has firmly established himself as a rapper to watch in the industry.

Gender: Male

Matthew DeLuca identifies as male, which is in line with his birth gender.

Date of Birth: 4 April 2005

On April 4, 2005, the world welcomed Matthew DeLuca into existence, marking the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead him to become the rapper known as Lil Mabu.

Age: 18 years old

As of today, Lil Mabu is 18 years old, and he has already achieved a remarkable level of success in his career, captivating audiences with his music and performances.

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, United States

Mabu’s roots are deeply tied to Manhattan, New York, where he was born. This iconic city has a rich cultural history, and it’s no surprise that it played a role in shaping his artistic sensibilities.

Currently lives in: New York City, New York, United States

While he may have been born in Manhattan, Lil Mabu currently calls New York City his home. The city that never sleeps serves as an endless source of inspiration for his music, and it’s where he continues to evolve as an artist.

Nationality: American

Lil Mabu proudly represents the United States as an American artist. His music reflects the diverse and dynamic cultural landscape of the nation.

Zodiac or Birth Sign: Aries

Born under the sign of Aries, Mabu possesses the traits often associated with this astrological sign—determination, confidence, and a pioneering spirit. These characteristics have undoubtedly contributed to his success in the competitive world of rap music.

Lil Mabu’s Physical Attributes

Lil Mabu, the acclaimed rapper, possesses physical attributes that complement his stage presence and persona. Here, we delve into the details of his height, body measurements, and unique features.

Height in Feet and Meters

Lil Mabu stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches, which translates to approximately 1.78 meters. His height gives him a commanding presence on stage, allowing him to connect with his audience.

Body Weight

Mabu maintains a healthy body weight of 68 kilograms or 149.6 pounds. This weight, combined with his height, places him in the mesomorph body type category, characterized by a well-balanced physique.

Body Status

Known for his fitness, Lil Mabu keeps his body in impeccable shape. His fit body status is a testament to his dedication to maintaining his physical health.

Chest, Waist, and Arm Measurements

Mabu’s chest measures 38 inches, while his waist is a trim 29 inches. His arms have a circumference of 13 inches. These measurements highlight his lean and muscular physique, which is often showcased during his performances.

Shoe Size

Lil Mabu wears a size 9 in the UK shoe sizing system. His choice of footwear complements his style and enhances his stage presence.

Hair and Eye Color

Mabu’s light brown hair adds a touch of individuality to his appearance. His striking blue eyes captivate his fans and contribute to his distinctive look.


One of the unique aspects of Lil Mabu’s appearance is his tattoos. He proudly displays his ink, which serves as both a form of self-expression and a means of artistic storytelling.

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Lil Mabu’s Educational Background

Lil Mabu has pursued his education and graduated, with some details about his schooling and family background.

Schooling at Collegiate School

Lil Mabu received his primary education at the Collegiate School, a renowned institution known for its academic excellence and rich history. His time at Collegiate School likely played a pivotal role in shaping his early years.

Graduation Details

While it is known that Lil Mabu has graduated, specific details about the institution or field of study where he completed his graduation remain undisclosed. Nonetheless, his academic achievements, combined with his musical talent, demonstrate his dedication to both education and his burgeoning music career.

Family and Parental Background

Lil Mabu’s family is an integral part of his life. He is fortunate to have parents who have supported and nurtured his talents.

Mother: Jane DeLuca

Jane DeLuca is the name of Lil Mabu’s mother. Her role in his life has likely been influential in his upbringing and personal development.

Father: Peter DeLuca

Peter DeLuca is Lil Mabu’s father. His support and guidance may have played a crucial role in shaping Lil Mabu’s character and career.


While details about Lil Mabu’s siblings, if any, are not publicly available, his family bonds are a source of strength and support for him.

Marital Status

As of the latest information available, Lil Mabu is unmarried. His focus appears to be primarily on his music career.


Lil Mabu does not have any children at this point in his life. His career and personal pursuits may lead him down different paths in the future

Lil Mabu’s Relationship Status

Lil Mabu’s relationship status, earnings, and social media presence provide insights into his personal life and financial standing.

Girlfriend Status: Possibly Single

As of the latest information available, Lil Mabu’s relationship status appears to be “possibly single.” He keeps his personal life private, and any updates regarding his romantic relationships are not widely known.

Previous Dating History: Unknown

Details about Lil Mabu’s previous dating history remain undisclosed. His past relationships, if any, are not a topic of public knowledge or discussion.

Earnings per Episode/Movie: Unknown

Lil Mabu’s earnings per episode or movie in his career are not publicly disclosed. The financial details of his work in the entertainment industry are not readily available.

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Net Worth: US$ 1-2 Million Approx.

While specific income details are not disclosed, Lil Mabu’s net worth is estimated to be approximately in the range of 1 to 2 million US dollars. This estimation reflects his success and financial stability in the music industry.

Advertisement Fees: Unavailable

The fees Lil Mabu charges for advertisements or endorsements are not publicly available. His involvement in advertising campaigns, if any, is not extensively documented.

Social Media Presence

Lil Mabu maintains a presence on various social media platforms, offering fans a glimpse into his life beyond his music.

Instagram: Matthew

Lil Mabu can be found on Instagram under the username “Matthew,” where he shares photos, updates, and connects with his followers.

Facebook: Unavailable

Specific information about Lil Mabu’s presence on Facebook is not available at this time.

Twitter: Matthew

On Twitter, he goes by the username “Matthew,” using the platform to engage with his fans and share his thoughts and updates.

In summary, Lil Mabu’s personal life, including his relationship status and dating history, remains relatively private. While his earnings per episode or movie, as well as advertisement fees, are not disclosed, his estimated net worth reflects his success in the music industry. He maintains an active presence on Instagram and Twitter, providing fans with glimpses of his life and career.

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