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Jackson Brundage, a name that resonates in the entertainment industry, is a prominent figure known for his versatility as an actor and model. Born with the full name Jackson Timothy Brundage on 21 January 2001, this talented individual has managed to carve a niche for himself in the dynamic world of Hollywood.

Full Name: Jackson Timothy Brundage

Under the spotlight, Jackson Timothy Brundage stands tall with his full name, signifying a commitment to his craft and a determination to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. His journey in the realm of entertainment has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing not only his talent but also the resilience that defines his character.

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

A testament to his success, Jackson Brundage boasts a net worth of $1.5 million, a commendable achievement for someone so young. This financial milestone reflects not only his skill in front of the camera but also his ability to navigate the competitive landscape of the entertainment business with finesse.

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Date of Birth: 21 January 2001

On the 21st of January 2001, Jackson Brundage came into this world, marking the beginning of a journey that would see him evolve into a celebrated actor and model. This significant date serves as a foundation for the timeline of his life and career, a day that would be etched in the annals of his biography.

Age: 22 Years Old

At the youthful age of 22, Jackson Brundage stands as a testament to the adage that age is just a number. His accomplishments, both professionally and personally, underscore the fact that talent knows no age boundaries. With a long career ahead, he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

The bustling city of Los Angeles, California, witnessed the dawn of Jackson Brundage’s life. This iconic birthplace holds significance in the narrative of his journey, as Los Angeles is not just a location on the map for him but a part of his identity, contributing to the richness of his experiences.

Currently Live In: Los Angeles

In the present, Jackson Brundage calls Los Angeles home. This city of dreams and aspirations provides the backdrop for his continued growth and artistic pursuits. Living in the heart of the entertainment industry, he remains connected to the pulse of the business, ever-ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

Profession: Actor and Model

As an actor and model, Jackson Brundage seamlessly navigates the dual worlds of performance and visual aesthetics. His proficiency in both realms showcases a multidimensional talent that transcends traditional boundaries. Whether gracing the screen with his acting prowess or capturing hearts through his modeling endeavors, he consistently proves his mettle in the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry.

Years Active: 2006 – Present

Since 2006, Jackson Brundage has graced the entertainment industry with his presence, marking the inception of a career that continues to flourish to this day. From the early days of his career to the present, he has remained a constant force, evolving with each role and project. His journey through the years showcases not only his commitment to his craft but also the adaptability required to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Famous Role: Brandon in Television Series Friends with Better Lives (2014)

In 2014, Jackson Brundage earned acclaim for his portrayal of Brandon in the television series “Friends with Better Lives.” This role catapulted him into the spotlight, garnering attention for his exceptional acting skills and the ability to bring characters to life. The resonance of his performance in this iconic role echoes in the minds of fans and critics alike, solidifying his position as a noteworthy talent in the world of television.

Nationality: American

Proudly American, Jackson Brundage’s nationality is a defining aspect of his identity. As he continues to contribute to the American entertainment landscape, his work becomes a reflection of the diverse and dynamic narratives that define the nation’s cultural tapestry. Through his roles and presence, he embodies the spirit of American creativity and storytelling.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Embracing his Caucasian ethnicity, Jackson Brundage adds to the mosaic of diversity within the entertainment industry. His unique perspective and experiences contribute to the broader conversation on representation in media, showcasing the richness that comes from a tapestry of backgrounds. In a field that thrives on diversity, his ethnicity becomes a part of the broader narrative that celebrates varied stories and perspectives.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California, stands as more than just a birthplace for Jackson Brundage; it is his hometown, a backdrop against which his formative years unfolded. The city of angels not only witnessed his growth but also played a crucial role in shaping his artistic sensibilities. It remains a constant source of inspiration as he navigates the intricacies of the entertainment world.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Born under the sign of Aquarius, Jackson Brundage’s personality is infused with the traits commonly associated with this zodiac sign – innovation, independence, and a penchant for breaking conventions. These qualities likely contribute to his ability to breathe life into diverse characters, infusing each role with a unique and refreshing perspective that resonates with audiences.

School/High School: Independent West Ranch High School, Stevenson Ranch, California

Educationally rooted in Independent West Ranch High School in Stevenson Ranch, California, Jackson Brundage’s formative years were not just about honing his acting skills but also navigating the academic landscape. The discipline and dedication instilled during his high school years undoubtedly contribute to the professionalism he brings to his craft.

Education Qualification: Graduate

A graduate who has successfully traversed the academic journey, Jackson Brundage stands as a testament to the importance of balancing education with passion. His qualification adds another layer to his profile, showcasing a commitment to personal and intellectual growth alongside his flourishing career.

In essence, Jackson Brundage’s narrative is one of continuous growth and adaptation, marked by significant milestones and an unwavering dedication to both his craft and personal development. From his early years to the present, he remains a compelling figure in the entertainment industry, embodying the spirit of a true artist on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.

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